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Your most affordable flight to New York

New York view from the Empire State Building

Affordable New York City looking out over the view from the Empire State Building

This trip was sponsored by Primera Air and supported by the Moxy and the Pod hotels. Whilst I was required to write a blog post of my experience, all views are my own. Affiliate links have been used when linking to clothing and some travel info. 

The cheapest way to fly

New York City. It’s the dream destination but for us Brits, it’s not the always the most affordable, nor good on the environment. I visited the big apple for the first time for my birthday exactly a year ago and I did it as cheaply as I could, of course. It was pretty much expected that I’d need to fork-out £5-600 for a return and so this is what I paid. If only we could have fast-forwarded 365 days, we might not have had to.

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Interview: Jess Sims, freelance & former West Elm

Jess Sims interview social media manager at west elm freelance be more hive

[This post uses affiliate links to shops.]

In the second part of my series heroing talented peers from my Social Gals networking group, I chat to my social media manager friend in an interview with Jess Sims!

As we wander around Covent Garden (and ogle the new Bluebird store), Jess spills all the gossip from her former role, tells me all about her struggles going freelance and what she’s learnt along the way. Jess speaks her mind so grab a comfy seat for an insightful read into her predictions for the future of social media and her career so far.

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Visit Port Anotonio in Jamaica

[This post uses some affiliate links to clothing that I’ve worn in the trip and includes accommodation recommendations for nights or experiences that I have been gifted.]

Things to do in Port Antonio

So you’re planning a trip to Jamaica and you want an authentic experience. You want to travel around a bit, live the life of a local as well as kicking back and sampling some of the Island’s little luxuries.

If Port Antonio has tickled your fancy then let me tell you this one thing first – it’s wet.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, you’re ready to explore! Pack your brolly and some reliable trainers and note these places on your map.

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A lazy Spanish lunch with friends

Paid partnership with Campo Viejo wines


I’ll admit it. I’m terrible at being a host. Not in the sense that I leave my guests hanging for hours or that I only provide Sainsbury’s dips and tortilla chips (quite the opposite in fact, I have to stop myself going overboard) but more that I only ever invite friends over for meals about once a year, if that. #BadFriend

Campo Viejo (aka my hands-down favourite wine) asked me to show you how I can live my life a little more ‘uncorked’ – that’s to say, a little more spontaneous, a little more slow paced, a little more with friends, a little more… Spanish. After all, it’s all very well me picking up a bottle of their Rioja Reserva every weekend but if I’m just going to sip it in my dressing gown in front of the TV on a Friday night then I’m really experiencing it properly am I?

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