A rainbow tour of Lisbon

Red tram down a street in lisbon portugal with the sea behind it

asos africa jumpsuit and yellow next bag looking at the view in lisbon


Colourful Lisbon

Colour lovers, listen up! Lisbon is a hue haven, displaying pastel streets and patterned tiles at every turn. It’s the perfect city for colour hunting and to prove it, I’ve collated some of my favourite colourful Lisbon snaps into a spectrum. If you’re looking for a new way to discover Portugal’s capital, just let colour curiosity be your guide.


bright blue hand painted tiles azulejo lisbon portugal

Lisbon Portuguese sardines on painted tiles in a gift shop Dunya dearest deer blogger smiling lisbon tilesCute motor van 3 wheeler in lisbon streets



The majority of the famous azulejos (tiles) in Lisbon, it seems, are blue. This, coupled with references to the much celebrated fish, the sardine, the cities’ walls remind you of your proximity to the coast and add a sense of coolness in a land of scorching temperatures.

Green colourful lisbon tiles azulejo lisboa

Whitebait little fishes in the window cafe and green door in lisbonMiradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara green trees courtyard look out point view over Lisbon


Lisbon’s streets are fairly tree-less, unless of course, you’re in a courtyard or promenade in which case the Portuguese go all out. The Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara is THE look-out spot over the city. Take refuge from the heat under the lush trees by the fountains and then take to the side streets to spot beautiful geometric green tiles.

Yellow tiles azulejo in lisbon

Cute colourful tuck shop in Lisbon, portugal.

colourful lisbon graffiti wall mural paintingsMu gelato lisbon vegan ice cream


Another dominant colour in the city is yellow. Spot a big wall of it and you’ve got yourself the perfect selfie backdrop. Opposite Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara is a cute yellow and white striped ice cream parlour, Mu Gelato. Pop in for the creamiest sorbets in zingy flavours you won’t be able to choose from.

Largo da rosa pink streets of lisbon with blossom on the trees

exploring colourful pink streets of lisbon in an asos africa printed jumpsuit Pink houses rue de rosa lisbon bloggercolourful lisbon houses streets of Lisbon

Boden tassel sandals with colourful printed jumpsuit


With street names like Rua de la Rosa, you can be sure to catch your fair share of pink. The back drop to my outfit were walls right down the cute side street to the Memmo Alfama Hotel (where the views are top notch).

Dunya Dearest Deer looking at the view in lisbon, portugal


The colour of the roofs. Catch your breath, or have it taken away with stops overlooking the city. The pops of terracotta make for a beautiful view.

Colourful Lisbon. Correio red post box on colourful yellow tiles Bright red tram in Liso


The red tour trams are the most magnificent in the city (the regular trams are covered in advertising posters) so catch a snap of one of these creeping down the hill.

Lisbon lamps and purple flowers


On our visit in June, the flowers on the Jacaranda tree were just finishing their bloom, bringing a purple pop to  the roof tops of the square surrounding Estátua de D. Pedro IV.

Colourful Lisbon. Old Town, East Lisbon streets with colourful buntingceramic colourful birds hand made craft in Lisbon. Cute shop A Loja LisboaRua de Sao Paulo in Lisbon PortugalO! Galeria artwork for sale indie gallery lisbon portugal


All the colours of the rainbow!

As you wind around the more residential streets in the old town, you’ll start to spot colourful bunting and streamers zig-zagging across the lanes. I’ve yet to find the streets that Carrie and Miguel shot their incredible engagement shoot photos in but with more time, I may have been luckier.

When in the old town, be sure to pop to A LOJA Lisboa, a vintage and hand-made shop run by the sweetest French girl. Make space in your suitcase because there are some serious ceramics up for grabs. Next door is O! Galeria, a modern and affordable art gallery with prints you’ll want to bring back for your own walls.


What I wore in Lisbon:

Jumpsuit – ASOS Africa / Bag & Necklace – Next / Sunglasses – Boden / Sandals – Boden

  • miriam August 15, 2016 at 8:48 PM

    Lovely post!

  • Liz August 11, 2016 at 11:29 PM

    This is such a wonderful unique approach to a travel post! It’s lovely to see beautiful Lisbon through your photography and describing it with colours. Lush! Your jumpsuit is stunning as well!

  • Kim August 8, 2016 at 9:55 PM

    Just give me all the tiles! Amazing snaps Lucy.