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Palácio da Pena

Orange and yellow pena palace sintra against a bright blue sky

Zara culottes and backless body at Pena palace sintra

Pena Palace – Sintra’s Colourful Palace

So we’ve established that Lisbon is colourful (take a look at my latest ‘A Rainbow Tour of Lisbon‘ post for proof)! But if you’re happy to spend a day away from the capital then Sintra is where it’s at. I’d been pining to go every since *that* post wishwishwish blogged years ago.

Quinta da Regaleira, where she shot, is one of the 5 palaces in the city of Sintra. There’s a lot to get through in one day and unfortunately my little gang and I only got the chance to marvel at one. But, oh my, what a palace it was.

Pena palace has had several new looks since it was first built as a monastery in 1511 (and before that a chapel). In the early 1800’s it was acquired by King Ferdinand II after being left to ruin by lightening and earthquakes.

Seeing its potential as a neat little summer house, he expanded it, added germanic and islamic influences and gave it it’s striking colour scheme; pink for the former monastery and yellow for the new palace. He spruced up the landscape, turning it into an exotic garden with over 500 species of trees. It’s now a part of a designated UNESCO World Heritage site and is one of Portugal’s most visited attractions.

The bus journey from the rail station and climb up the steep path are a bit of a trek but it’s so worth it. Grab yourselves a round trip but ticket for around 4 euros outside the station. Be sure to leave lots of time for inevitable photo taking and for wandering the stunning inside passages and rooms as well as for shopping around the centre of the town.

Pena palace sintra colourful blue walls tiles
Blogger at Pena Palace in colourful zara culottes and black leotard

blue tiled walls of pena palace

sitting in the ramparts of beautiful sintra palace in portugal places to visit for great blog photos
ASOS orange tassel rucksack at Pena Palace Sintra

Inside pena palace beautiful colourful tiles
Boden tassel sandals

pink room inside Pena Palace sintra

Visiting beautiful colourful pena palace in the summer in Sintra
Bright colourful yellow Portuguese palace in the mountains
Pena palace blogger outfit posing

yellow arches of sintras pens palace with the view on the horizonOrange floral culottes and boden swimsuit

Couple at Pena Palace SIntra Portugal looking out over the park and turrets


What I Wore in Sintra:

Culottes – Zara / Swimsuit – Boden / Sandals – Boden / Sunglasses – Boden / Necklace – ASOS (similar) / Bag – ASOS (similar)


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  • Claire August 15, 2016 at 11:09 PM

    Wow this place is so beautiful it is hard to believe it is real! <3

    Gisforgingers xx

  • Steph August 15, 2016 at 10:22 AM

    Your photos are amazing! I went there in April this year and it was so cool to see, although my photos don’t do it justice like yours do! Steph x