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5 Steps to Shiny-up your Home this New Year

new year home bedroom decorating plants shelf


Refresh your home and life this January!

There’s a lot of talk of renewal and resolutions now that we’re all ’20k 15′ and all that, so I’m jumping on the band wagon and having a little cleanse of my own. Giving your pad a spruce-up is the best start to the year. Come on, it’s time to refresh your home!


kitchen shelves kilner jars organisation


1 – Re-arrange your cupboards


Unless you’re a magic fairy, your kitchen cupboards are probably looking like a Jenga game stopped mid-play for fear of the dreaded tumble. This was a state typical of my kitchen with my main issue being tea overload. Yes, too many tea box/packets/sachets called for some pretty choc-a-block shelving.


A Christmas gift of cute cork stopper jars later and I was excited to get stuck in.

Buy kilner jars and change the alignment of your shelves so that the height of each shelf works for you. Rearrange your food by what you use the most. I put all my baking supplies on the top shelf, (because as much as I’d love to think so, I rarely get my Delia on) all my teas and drinks in the middle and the new larger bottom section for all my grains, herbs, tins and cupboard essentials. Now it makes sense!

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new year home bedroom decorating perfumes


2 – Cosify your bedroom


If you live in a Victorian conversion like me, chances are you can feel the north wind blow through the hairline gaps in your wooden windows as if there was no glass at all. Useless. Living in a rented house means there’s only so much calling up the estate agents and blasting that mini-heater that you can do, but when I heard about insulating films from my friend, there was hope!


Last weekends task was fitting Tesa Thermo Cover films for your windows. (Note: you won’t be able to open them whilst you have these affixed but come spring you can peel them off easily again.) Whilst the description of ‘simple to mount’ may not have quite fit the mark, (this is a two-man job) once you’ve got the hang of one of one window, the other ain’t so hard.

The light in the photo picks out the plastic so you can see it but most of the time you can’t make them out at all! Prettify your room with plants, candles and perfumes and no-one will ever know.

My second action was to maximise the radiators heat circulation around my room. I previously had a my clothes rail covering 3/4 of my rad. Bad idea Lucy. Whilst my T-shirts and jeans were getting toasty, I was shivering across the room. Now as I write this post I feel warmth. I am actually warm – hooray! Which brings me on to…


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new year home bedroom decorating desk space


3 – Re-shuffle your room to fit with now


Even if you’ve had the same bedroom for years you probably don’t use it in quite the same way as you did last year. I moved in in March and at last I’m starting to realise that the way I’d stored things or configured the furniture didn’t make good feng shui anymore.


I’ve swapped my clothes rail for my desk so that I can get more heat from my radiator and natural light from the window whilst working. The bonus is, now when I walk into the room, it looks larger as my line of vision isn’t obstructed by a busy mass of clothes anymore. I’ve also swapped my lamp bulb for an energy efficient daylight bulb for extra room-freshening ‘sunlight’.

You don’t have to go moving furniture of course. I’m also hitting my shelves and drawers, swapping things out of them to make more sense. My most-used items come to the top, boxes stack in my eye-line and awkward shapes go in the corner where they’re less viewed.

At this point it’s probably also useful to…


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new year home bedroom decorating dress rail


4 – Have a clear-out


Yes, we all know there’s nothing more therapeutic than ridding ourselves of objects we attached ourselves to in the past. It’s all about tomorrow (and next season now) so get yourself on Pinterest, trend reports and motivational guides then hit that rail and make an impact. Your local charity shop will thank you and ‘ooh! Look at all that new space you have to exhibit your new candle holder!’


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desk inspiration macbook pro, chocolate and colourful books on marble table

5 – And lastly, update your website!


Your room is in a state of equilibrium, the scented candles are calming you and your favourite blogs are full of year in rewiews. Now to get back online! Get inspired by looking at lots of different sources, magazines and books.


Analyse your website and note what you want to change. Get mobile. Create a private Pinterest board and get designing or contacting those coders. I am weehhhlll overdue a blog redesign so my main goal for 2015 is to get my graphics cap on!

Good Luck!


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  1. Oh my goodness, you have a simply beautiful space & this post was fantastic! 🙂
    Maeve // Thrift O’Clock

  2. Great tips – definitely need to get on this asap!

    Love your house too, super cute!

    Natalie x

  3. those advices are awesome!!thanks for sharing lucy <3

  4. Your room is just the loveliest Lucy and just so you! Very impressed with your cupboard organisation too – love the little mason jars, they just look so cute on your shelf.

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