Fave Frames: New Two-tone Glasses!

back to school pastel look grey maxi cardigan

silver river island skirt lipsy blue glasses tesco opticians

lipsy blue glasses tesco opticians

lipsy blue glasses tesco opticians out focus

lipsy blue glasses tesco opticians

Colourful Glasses!

Any of you lucky be-spectacled readers will likely nod in agreement with the following statement: Hearing that your glasses prescription has increased is the best news you’ve heard all week. Or the best news you’ve heard since you last placed your chin on one of those funny plastic Iron Man mask-esque pupil checking devices… You know, your heart does an extra little pump and your pupils dilate at the thought of choosing a new shiny pair of glasses. Of course, you try to conceal it, heaven forbid the optician may judge you for your enthusiasm. Anyway, to the glasses!


Needless to say, this happened to me a couple of weeks back and off I galloped to find a pair of glasses to replace my go-to trusty black pair. ‘These next frames’, I told myself, ‘will be colourful’! In an instant, I found them. All other spex were pushed aside, some only lightly came into contact with my nose, for these mottled black and pastel blue sassy spectacles were meant to be.

Not too showy, still defining the brows and subtly incorporating a unique touch of turquoise, (they also come in pink!) they’re pretty perfect to style with this cute pastel get-up, fit for going back-to-school. It’s not about your new shoes anymore, it’s all about the awesome eyewear!

kanken pink school rucksack with blue glasses back to school

grey marl cardigan turquoise earrings ginger dipdye hair

fjallkraven kanken pink coral mini rucksack

pink baby blue back to school

What I Wore:

Glasses – Lipsy at Tesco Opticians / Cardigan – ASOS / Sweatshirt – ASOS / Skirt – River Island / Shoes – New Balance / Rucksack – Fjallraven Kanken / Earrings – Junk Jewels

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  • katie October 22, 2014 at 5:54 PM

    your glasses are stunning. i’m kind of blind actually. i should wear glasses, i even have one, but i look so stupid wearing those so i don’t ;/ but looking at your photos i feel like i want to buy other beautiful pair <3

  • Rebecca October 22, 2014 at 4:17 AM

    I love cute frames and these are so much fun! The bright colours are fantastic.

  • Kristina @ Eccentric Owl October 21, 2014 at 4:04 AM

    Those are the cutest glasses! I definitely get excited to choose new frames, and I am SO aching to get new glasses since I sat on my favorite pair and uh… dropped my other ones in the yard and they got run over by the lawn-mower. My only pair left (thank goodness I had three) are super old and the prescription is not very good. Sigh. I LOVE the color on the frames, and the size of them. They look perfect on you!

  • Cindy | pee into the wind October 20, 2014 at 7:08 PM

    I’ve been considering getting hornrimmed glasses for a while, but this post is now making me seriously consider getting two-toned glasses!