Quick Trip to the City of Light

tour eiffel behind the trees paris

beautiful paris architecture gold gates

chinse new year lanterns center of paris

standing on pillar outside Notre Dame paris

Coat – Next / Scarf + Shoes – ASOS / Rucksack – Lazy Oaf

Bienvenue a Paris!

Welcome to Paris! Living so close to London whilst loving France, having friends and family in Paris aaand speaking French, means that I often tell myself that I should just pop over to Paris more. After all, we all know how easy and relatively cheap the Eurostar is, so what don’t I just bloody well get off my ass and do it? Looks like I needed a little more of an excuse than just seeing the sites though, for when I found out that my favourite band from Los Angeles were playing in the city and that my friends band were supporting, I was sold!

I’ll be telling you all about the gig, the band and who I met up with in future posts, but for now, ill get you in the mood with some beautiful architecture and sights that I saw on one of my wandering days around the center of town. Oh and a certain macaroon destination which I walked the whole stretch of rue st honore twice to locate! (the pistachio eclair was incredible!) There’s nothing quite like ambling about in your own company in such a pretty city!

paris tall buildings

Wheel paris les tuileries lake chairs

le Louvre through the gardens and tree

view of paris buildings park from le louvre

laduree macaroon tower valentines day paris window

Laduree pistachio eclair in box


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