Sahara Desert: Dunes and Dromedaries

summer outfit in the desert tropical palm print
camels walking in the desert
view over the sahara desert in western sahara
expanse of desert outfit
camel with colourful saddle blue sky
new look jewel sandals in the rippling water fromwhereistand
asos palm tree print co-ord blazer and shorts
camels in the desert hello
view from the white dune over the lagoon in dahkla
holding camel lead in the desert
camel kiss
lagoon dahkla from white dune sahara

Gone to the desert. BRB.

Well, I certainly never expected to find myself in the Sahara Desert. Yet here I am prancing around on Dahkla’s famous White Dune and kissing camels.  These things happen! This isn’t the Sahara Desert you learned about at school though. This is a coastal taste of the tundra; a hint of heat whilst letting me keep my toes in the water. That’s the beautiful thing about this spit of Moroccan-owned territory, you get all of the sun as well as the sea.

Getting here by Jeep convoy (bouncing for miles over boulders and dunes) isn’t most glamorous way to travel, but once you step out and walk the mile-long stretch out towards the big sand mountain (spotting shells and beautiful sand patterns along the way), you soon see the true beauty of the region.

Once at the top of the dune, the view over the lagoon is stunning. Cast your eye along the expansive horizon and you can make out the craggy spine of Dragon Island too. After chilling out with the camels, it was time for lunch. Our starter was served in a hidden seaside bar by way of metal trays, lemons and fishing nets, featuring the most enormous fresh oysters I’ve ever seen.

As we bounced back to Dahkla town for a feast of kings, we were treated to the sight of a flock of pink flamingoes flying over our heads. Maybe this is really glamorous after all!

If you like the look of Dahkla, come and see the beautiful pastel coloured town!


driving in convoy in the desert by the coast
oyster shells and lemons
preparing oysters in dakhla
summer holiday outfit palm print shorts
view out to sea in he sahara desert
oyster bar dahkla colourful hut for eating fresh oysters
summer holiday outfit palm print shorts
blue steps morocco
seafood starter dish platter
moroccan tagine

What I wore in the Sahara:

Co-ord – ASOS (last season) / T-shirt – MillionHands / Sandals - New Look / Necklace – Monki / Sunglasses & Chain – ASOS / Earrings – John Greed



Thanks again to the Moroccan Tourist Board for the opportunity to discover the Sahara Desert!


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Discovering Dahkla

dakhla western sahara flats palm tree sky

dakhla western sahara blue table and chairs

blue sky deser sahara bright blue gates school

dakhla western sahara holiday outfit print

dakhla western sahara colourful sign

western saharan sweets in shop window

dakhla western sahara pattered rug outside houses town

souks in dahkla town

retro style telephone booth

dakhla western sahara printed joggers and printed asos jacket plus

dakhla western sahara

dakhla western sahara red flower


Remember Dahkla

Keep the name Dahkla written on a post-it note and stick it in your travel wallet, you’ll be needing it in a couple of years when friends ask you for new holiday destinations. Look out Marrakesh, you could soon have some competition! Last month, along with a lovely group, I was treated to an exclusive look at Morocco’s latest destination offering.

Previously reserved for hoards of Kitesurfers who head to the tiny spit right in the middle of the Atlantic to train and watch the annual championships, Dakhla showed us just how much potential a small pastel coloured city could offer. In the middle it really is, this is the closest I’ve come to the equator and I can at last claim that I’ve been to THE Sahara desert! Sand and sun later, let me first show you the pretty palm-tree lined town.

This is real Morocco at it’s best, along with daily markets, a small but jewel-like souk (my friends and I watched a young boy fashion a stone into a gold ring for us), secret beach-side oyster farms and incredibly friendly locals. I tasted Camel (yep, sorry Humpy) and what must be every type of crustacean, plus devoured many a nutty patisserie that could well have been jewellery.

Whilst the area is certainly in need of gentrification to accommodate any mass number of tourists, we had a lovely peaceful stay in our hotel where we fell asleep to the sounds of the sea lapping the shore. Note it down!


old man on a moped in the middle of the road in dahkla

dakhla western sahara palm tree

summer morocco ray ban sunglasses

dakhla western sahara looking out to see pier

bab al bahar hotel dahkla places to stay glass dome roof

holiday printed jacket outfit summer

dakhla western sahara beach edge

morocan rug green trainers


Thank you to the Moroccan tourist board for taking us on this very special and unique trip!


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Red, White and Blue

sitting in a cafe in cologne

bright red tables and chairs alfresco cologne

streets in cologne

red print neck tie scarf striped shirt

cafe in cologne red orange

navy blue outfit

red scooter parked in the street


Bomber Jacket Outfit

Welcome back to Cologne! The city where I spent a neat 24 hours exploring in the hunt for colour. On our second day, Rosie and I tucked into a lovely breakfast at the Courtyard Hotel we stayed in (we had a little party there the night before to celebrate their 1000th opening!) and headed off out to the colourful cafes by the river front that we’d spotted the day before.

It’s the perfect area to dine al fresco and watch the world go by. I made the most out of the empty chairs and made myself at home in my matching bomber jacket outfit – a get-up that I can only describe as a mixture between Sailor Moon, a Tesco cashier and a patriotic American (from Boston, apparently) on a school trip. Seeing as we found ourselves in sweet shops and were talking photos everywhere we went, we may as well have been!

Check out the rest of Cologne!


sweets handmade in cologne

art shop in cologne

cute shops alleyways in cologne

jeans striped shirt outfit

blue satin bomber jacket watch detail

sporty silver rucksack outfit

Thank you Courtyard for hosting us!

What I Wore

 Bomber Jacket – ASOS Men / Blouse - Fashion Pills / Jeans – ASOS / Rucksack – John Lewis (similar) / Trainers – Superga / Socks - ASOS / Glasses – Max & Co. / Neckerchief – (similar)




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My SS15 Key Pieces to Wear Now

I’ve gathered together pieces from my wardrobe that are future fashion fodder and, coupled with my wish-list suggestions, will make your outfits the top of the trends. Here are my SS15 key pieces…

Seventies Stylin’

brown blouse printed cropped jacket brown boots bucket bag skinny scarf traveller outfit
There’s no hiding that the next big thing for SS15 fashion is the seventies trend. Just look to Saint Laurent SS15 for your how-to-style masterclass on this one. Oh yes, those wide jean hems are coming for ya along with fedoras, scarves and more chunky footwear (yess!)

I’m not often seen in brown tones but I’m sure glad that I kept a tan silk shirt throughout those seasons of neons! Matched with a cropped jacket that says ‘I’ve had an epic gap year’ and a worn-in bucket bag, it’ll give off a perfect balance of sophisticated-yet-free vibes.

I’m digging around for skinny scarves to drape around my shoulders and tie around my bag. Take note – they’re toted to be the accessory of the festival season!




The New Blue

seventies style indigo clean denim for 2215 trend guide


A major player in the seventies trend is denim and it’s time to clean up! We’re all a little over the ran-through–the-brambles-then-the-cat-mauled-my-jeans look and are instead detoxing with straight lines and mono-hued denim.

Key shapes include frilled shorts (and frills in general girls!), boxy culottes (they’ll be your wardrobe staple this spring), midi skirts, and the all-important flared jean. Top of my shopping list is a pair of indigo flares to wear with a denim shirt and snakeskin boots. You’ll be denimed if you don’t!



Shiny Shiny!

blue metallic skirt and silver t-shirt with silver sandals and a turquoise clutch ss15


Blue really is the hue this SS15. If not indigo then it’s got to be turquoise. Minty-blue tones are some of my favourite colours so I’m glad to be integrating these back into my summer looks. Look out for embellished party pieces, sheer and lace, and shimmering fabrics for a futuristic look.

Pair with even more shiny pieces (my fave!) like iridescent blouses and chunky sandals then grab your apple watch and step straight into the future!





Unplug and Hippie Out

seventies trend festival outfit flat sandals and rope belt with paisley dress


Trend forecasters predict that SS15 will be the apex of the see-saw for us tech-addicts so if the Apple watch sounds like a right lol and you’re scared you’ve become part of the checking-your-phone-40-times-a-day statistic then it might just be time to switch off.

Luckily there’s a whole trend to see you through this return to the simple life. Start by finding yourself a pretty paisley sundress and desert sandals. You’ll be wearing these every day so make them practical in sturdy leather.

Tip: You’ll need a sensible but chic rucksack to carry all your adventuring essentials and a couple of good books in. Choose a rope belt and knit yourself a crochet cardigan and you’ve got your authentic off-grid look down. “Omm”.





Sassy A-line Skirts

seventies style a-line mini skirt metallic and corduroy button up skirt

So you’ve got your head around seventies, futuristic and back-to-nature trends but what SS15 key pieces should we be looking out for now? For me, it’s all about mini-skirts! Whether floral print, metallic, textured or embellished, they’re the best break from flares your pins will get.

THE BUTTON SKIRT: This Spring, fabrics are all about weightiness so keep an eye out for suede and denim button-down skirts. My latest purchase was a corduroy version from the Urban Outfitters sale. Get yourself one now!



THE FEDORA: I’ve got a lot of wear out of my black fedora hat but it’s time to find a weathered looking brown one to pair with those seventies and off-grid ensembles.

JACKETS: The teenie-tinier the better! There are many to choose from this Spring: Sweeten-up in a lilac suede jacket, man-up in a fitted black and satin number or hit the road in a brown patched leather version. Full-on tassels optional.

Lastly don’t forget those culottes, shearling sleeveless jackets to see you into the warmer months, platform boots, authentic style kimonos, tennis style separates for when you’re feeling active, and anything small and suede. SS15, bring it on!


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24 Hours in Cologne

bright red wall and red german signposts

mirror menu hippy cafe cologne

lock bridge cologne germany metal love locks

bright green and red building cologne

green fold out chairs cafe wooden

church and houses cologne




What would you do with 24 hours in a new city? For me, it’s all about maximising my feet and getting exploring. Of course, when I’m discovering somewhere new, I’m colour-hunting all the way. Remember my colourful trip to Amsterdam? Following in the footsteps of ultimate colour-lover and traveller Will, having something to look for and find makes the discovery process all the more worthwhile. What would you be on the look out for?

The results of a quick Google of Cologne were very promising indeed; bright pastel-coloured houses in front of a church, a triple arching bridge that looked spectacular at night and of course the famous Rhine river. So when, on my first venture out of my Courtyard Hotel room with travel buddy Rosie, I didn’t find much beyond a huge outdoor play area, I knew there was more to find. Time to turn the other way!

Navigating a new city without internet required a bit of unexpected brain power but in hindsight that was no bad thing! It reminded me that my sense of direction is a trait worth patting myself on the back for, plus nearly getting run over by a lorry and loosing half the group in the Cathedral it made for an even more interesting adventure!

Here’s what I discovered when colour hunting in Cologne, Germany last week!


yellow bike parked courtyard cologne

colourful houses fountain man with dog cologne

green bike and yellow scooter in cologne

flower pots on a metal gate church cologne

german yellow postmans cart

cologne beach rhine river spit of sand

mooring ropes quayside harbour

rhine river boat cologne

blue bicycle with a brown leather saddle

blue pillars underground space

black and white walkways bridge cologne

Thank you to The Courtyard Hotel for hosting us for the night!

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