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My favourite place in Sydney

  The Grounds of Alexandria It’s pretty rare that I’ll dedicate a whole post to one single destination but my most favourite place in Sydney feels like be it could 12 locations at once. Plus it’s just so awesome that it warrants it’s own, dedicated, hundred-photo post. Believe me! Before heading to Sydney, I swotted up on a …


A Day (or two) in Byron Bay

Visit Byron Bay! I’m getting all the happy feels thinking back to my trip to Byron Bay in September. The beach, the hippy town, the NRL final atmosphere, our cute beach house, the lazy beers… aah. If you’re planning a trip to New South Wales in the new year, hopefully this will inspire you to …


Halterneck at Sunset

  Golden Hour in Sydney There’s nothing like catching golden hour when you’re on holiday and there’s especially nothing like golden hour on Manly beach. Manly in Sydney is beautiful enough on a bad day but on this Saturday evening, the whole harbour came alive and showed its true romantic side. Perfect for shooting this …