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Exterior entrance of Standen House, West Sussex

Wonderful London paper on an old vintage desk with retro telephone at Standen House

beautiful old rocking horse and snooker table in the Standen House billiard room

Taxidermy butterflies and vintage books on a table at Standen House

old wooden cabinet of shells and conchs

arts and crafts light fitting iron by Webb and Benson

 Always Crafty

I do have a penchant for the Arts and Crafts movement. That famous line by William Morris; “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” is one that I mutter to myself on those Sundays when I’m overdue a good clear out. The ethos of the movement, which strove to react against the somewhat frivolous use of over-adornment in Victorian interior and product design, and aimed to protect artisanal tradesmanship, was one that resonated with me when I first learnt about various design movements at school.

My appreciation for it undeniably stemmed from neighbours influence on my childhood. Their house, perfectly adorned with wood carvings, tapestries, beautiful crockery and the odd trophy wall of William Morris’ Bird and Pomegranate wallpaper was the perfect setting for teaching me how to embroider and create crafts when I was a wee tot.

The conservatory wicker chairs and plants at Standen House

Standen House conservatory wrought iron ceiling and bright flowers

tropical plants on a table in the conservatory room at Standen National Trust House

Moroccan lamp suspended from conservatory ceiling interior

Standen House

When flicking through the National Trust handbook on my birthday day off last month then, Standen House in West Sussex was an easy choice for me and my Dad (and trust me, that handbook has some gems and I’m huuugely indecisive!) Standen House was built in the early 1890’s by  Philip Webb for the affluent Beale family, and was furnished by his friend, the great William Morris.

The entire house pays homage to the Arts and Crafts movement with original light fittings (each one meticulously designed and fashioned by hand) still remaining in use today, ceramics by William De Morgan and metalwork by W.A.S Benson. It’s such lovely family home which showcases a rich and pure example of the style of the time and one that I could quite gladly inherit thanks very much.

Checkerboard and tea cups on the table in the living room at Standen House

Bedroom sink washing area in Standen National Trust house Arts & Crafts

Standen House bedroom and dining room

filigree arts and crafts bowl in the dining room at Standen House

Sadly, I was only able to get Instagram  shots of the stunning garden which features a quarry, quaint streams and views out on to the weir, and the education rooms which exhibit a fantastic archive of Morris and Co. prints, but you seemed to like them none the less!


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  1. Simply beautiful

  2. The comment you wrote for your Sunday clearing out, couldn’t have been more perfect! We love everything artsy. A beautiful crafty site, thank you! Home For Handmade

  3. aw, this place is full of magic, do you feel it too ?

  4. wonderful place ! 🙂

  5. Beautiful photos, Lucy.

    And, is that a library? If it is I want it!

    AJ xx

    Writer’s block and broken lenses

  6. Wow, this place is so beautiful <3

  7. I’ve been there so many times throughout my life- probably the first time was when I was about 4 or 5! I’m a NT veteran haha, despite only being 17. Gorgeous post, bringing back lots of memories.
    You should visit Charleston:, Monk’s House: and Kettle’s Yard: if Standen appealed to you! xx

    1. Wow Katie, thank you so so much! That’s awesome that you’ve been lots of times before! I can certainly see why you liked it! The scones and tea were brilliant afterwards too hehe Xx

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