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Tatty Devine Speech Bubble Necklace Making

tatty devine sign in monmouth street

lazy oaf kitty crop top outfit with cat suspender tights and skater skirt in shop doorway

tatty devine OPEN moustache acrylic sign on the door

inside the tatty devine shop on monmouth street

tatty devine pink flower necklace for spring

kristabel in tatty devine eyelash sunglasses selfie in the mirror

jars of name necklace charms at tatty devine with cute sign

say anything acrylic sign at tatty devine speech bubble necklaces

If you could Say Anything…

What would it be? What would it be?! For me, deciding what to get engraved on a little disc of white acrylic was a given – having a shiny thought hang around my neck was an easy choice!

Maybe you’d join Rosie and Harriet – the founders of speech bubble and name necklace makers Tatty Devine in their ‘no more page 3’ (thanks Olivia for your fab interview!) protest by having it scripted across your charm, or maybe you want to say this to someone. My personal fave though, save yourself some oxygen every time someone offers your a cuppa with this clever one! At a teeny £30 for a personalised slice of TattyDee made right before your eyes, you’d best get pondering your finest catch phrase.

Let’s get making!

tatty devine speech bubble necklaces on display

1 – Write it out – Use the nifty speech bubble letter template to work out the maximum length of your phrase

filing out name necklace form at tatty devine with moustache ring

acrylic sheets of coloured plastic at Tatty Devine for name necklaces

shiny thoughts name necklace CAD drawing on computer before laser cutting

2 – Watch the Tatty Devine ladies fit your phrase onto a template in Coral Draw on the computer. Don’t worry, they work to fit all the letters in whether short or long.

using a cotton bud to push in black acrylic paint into laser cuts at tatty devine

acrylic sheet on a vinyl cutter with cut out pieces

3 – Watch the laser cutter do it’s thaang! The process is super quick, just a quick whizz round the bubble shape then a little scrape on the surface for the letters. Next it’s time to black out your letters so you can see what it says! This is the clever bit. With a cotton bud, the girls push acrylic paint into the groves and the polish the excess off. Genius!

pencil pot with scissors and pliers behind the scenes at the tatty devine workshop

making a tatty devine name necklace, securing jewellery with pliers

4 – Next, the little speech bubble gets plucked off the cutter bed once the vacuum gets turned off. The protective film is removed and a metal loop popped through the hole for the chain to thread through.

i want you to know and shiny thoughts speech bubble tatty devine necklaces

Ta da! Kristabels and my new necklaces telling each other what to think! I’m absolutely delighted with my bubble, the simple monochrome palette and cartoonesque style fits right into my wardrobe so I’ve been wearing it every day. The chain is a perfect length and there’s no better way than this to get someone looking at your boobs.

Take a look at my post below to see what I’m wearing and the finished necklace on!

trying on a tatty devine necklace with a leopard top

Kitty Crop Top – Lazy Oaf / Necklaces – Similar on ASOS / Chain bracelet – Anna Lou of London

See next post for more outfit links!

If you fancy your own speech bubble necklace, just choose one from the website or pop into their shop in Seven Dials London! Thank you so much Tatty Devine on Monmouth Street, Covent Garden for having us!


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  1. Oh how fun! I love it! What a great idea.

  2. I love your necklace, rather cool

  3. Love your outfit Lucy, and so cool seeing how they make these!

  4. This post sounded like you had so much fun at TD’s workshop! I’ve been following Tatty Devine for months now on Instagram, and I ♥ their acrylic pendants and necklaces. Especially the speech bubble ones! 🙂 { }

  5. These are so cool. I especially love the Milk, one sugar necklace. Might have to invest in one of those!

  6. That is amazing! I’ll definitely be popping in next time I’m in London!

  7. wowwww! This is so cool 😀

  8. I love the necklaces! Simplicity at its best 🙂

  9. i love seeing how these are made! its so cool 🙂

  10. After I finally got a Tatty Devine name necklace a few months ago your post makes me think about gettin’ a speech bubble one, as well.
    And your colorful style made me smile! Forgotten is the pile of work, lurking in the corner. So, thank you for being you!

  11. These necklaces are so cute..and you two have the most perfect blog names for them. LOVE

  12. Oh Wow,

    The central shop is right near where i work! May have to pop in a get a custom necklace. Do you know how long it takes to get done?


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