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    The Effortless Slippers

     Grandad Slippers Oh Hej again! This is the last of my posts from sunny Stockholm where Kristabel and I went to scout out stylish city details for Moda in Pelle last month. As I’m sure you…

  • Travel

    48 hours in Stockholm

      Say Hej to Stockholm Lets fly back to one of my new favourite cities – the capital of Sweden! I could probably chat for as many hours about what I saw and did…

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    Monochrome in Stockholm

    Welcome back to Stockholm! As I explained in my last post, one of my best Blogging buds Kristabel and I visited the stylish Scandi capital last month to hunt out interesting places and details…

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    Moda in Stockholm

    Hej Stockholm! You may have seen by my Instagram feed that I went on a charming mini trip away to Stockholm recently. I was super duper excited to say the least, and it wasn’t…