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  • Hackney town hall things to do in lower clapton

    A year in Hackney

    The great thing about having another half who doesn’t live with you is that you get to live like a local in two places rather than one. That means twice the local waterholes, more…

  • London

    3 London Foodie Faves

      Dirty Bones Dirty Bones is a burger and ribs shaped gem in the middle of swanky Kensington. Not that it isn’t swanky itself. The retro lamps, tiled tables and gaming machines juxtaposed with palms…

  • London

    A Chelsea Brunch

      11. Pimlico Road You know a restaurant is going to be good when you spot a good font on their website that highlights a photo of a perfectly instagram-friendly tiled floor. Yes that’s…

  • London

    Sunday in Shoreditch

      Weekend in Shoreditch, East London If you’re looking for some weekend ideas in East London then I’ve got one heck of a day for you! Today I’m profiling Shoreditch and although I’m sure that a…

  • London

    Calling all Carnivores!

    The Urban Carnivore Tour Roll up! Roll up! For the mega meaty Urban Carnivore Tour – a follow-my-leader feast for London’s meat munchers. (In short, JUST my kind of event.) The ‘leader’ of which I speak…