On Your Marks!

Olympic Rings on Tower Bridge and Victoriana Ship

Club France mirrors

raining bin liners umbrellas England London 2012 outside

exchange Broadgate


So, the Olympics have arrived in my city! I remember when I was little at my gymnastics class, when my friends and I first considered that we might be able to actually go and watch the events in our own country: “Shall we go and watch the gymnastics together?” we wondered. Oh how simple it seemed back then, but how hard it actually was to get any tickets! Whilst I didn’t win any of my bids, I was treated to a pair of leftover women’s Volleyball tickets by my cousin who came over especially from France to get involved and feel the London Olympic spirit! We had absolutely no idea who we would see or where we would be sat, but by some miracle we found ourselves in the front row and watching Team GB play against Russia – what luck! It was just¬†incredible¬†to be a part of the huge mexican waves and watch one of the best volley teams in the world (the elastic and toweringly tall Russians) and of course to cheer on my home team.

But back to the beginning of the whole shebang – the opening ceremony! How did you watch it? I was determined to absorb the community spirit and see it among a crowd of strangers. Again, I was incredibly fortunate to have found a big screen in a grassy square in Broadgate, where I exchanged glasses with a randomer and giggled with an Irish man. The best bit? All the huge cheers for the queen and roaring belly laughs for Bean, not to mention all the little groups of people who stood up and cheered when their own home countries came out with their flags in the procession. It was an incredible experience! I hope you all loved it as much as I did and are excited for the games!

Earls Court Olympics London 2012

army outside Earls Court Olympics

Volleyball stadium crowd

Cleaning the court with brooms

Olympics Volley ball DR v Italy

Olympic Rings Earls Court

Cheerleaders and camera man

Team GB shake hands with Russia womens Volley

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