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    ShinyThoughts of #TheBloggersMarket no.2!

      #TheBloggersMarket at The Hoxton Hotel Did you hear about #TheBloggersMarket? If you haven’t then remember the name now because it’s almost certainly coming back! Essentially, it’s a fun day out in London for girls…

  • ShinyThoughts

    #BlogBabes: Dunya from Dearest Deer!

      Dearest Deer! I hope you’ve all been enjoying my #BlogBabes series so far! In my 3rd post, I’m interviewing my dear friend Dunya, the relative youngest of the blogs but the most brainy of us all!…

  • Style

    The Secret Swap

    Ice Cream Sundaes and Surprises I’ll tell you now, my Blogging best friends and I are very lucky ladies. Very lucky ladies indeed. Last weekend, my little group of internet dwelling, perfect-pose striking friends…

  • London

    Make Your Weekend Shiny

    Cook, Bake, Make… With Friends! Did you have a fun weekend? If yours was a bit ‘meh’ and you didn’t particularly have a rave, then how about making it that bit shinier, happier, more…