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  • walking through colourful norrebro in copenhagen

    The painted walls of Cophenhagen

      Nørrebro You may be sitting at your desk/doing the commute in your woollens but bare with me whilst I reminisce about the summer just gone – namely my uplifting trip to Copenhagen my girlfriends (thanks…

  • Nyhaven at sunset in copenhagen colourful row of houses by the canal

    A Colourful Tour of Copenhagen

    A guide to my favourite places in Copenhagen I’ve decided I’m in love with Copenhagen. The closer 2017 comes (and its promise of warmer climes), the closer the prospect of another Copenhagen trip. As…

  • Style

    Colourful in Copenhagen

    Off-shoulder Stripes Copenhagen is my new favourite city and (just a word of warning) will likely become yours when you visit too. The positivity in the air is infectious so you can see why it’s…