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    5 ways to brighten up your February

    They’re blue, yellow, red, pink and green …and they’re coming to put the win back into winter. Stand back black, go away grey – there’s enough of you in the sky to wear you…

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    Pink in the Parc des Bastions

    Pink Fluffy Duster Mon Dieu! What a beautiful city Geneva is. The lake, the swans, the views of the French alps, the dramatic flags draping above footpaths, not to mention the deliciously pure air  (I…

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    Colourful Style: In an English Country… Garden

      Colourful Style : What to Wear in Country Gardens Because we always find ourselves in the situation where we’re visiting a country garden with our girlfriends but don’t know which dress to wear, right?…

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    Féminin I do hope you’re having a lovely, colourful weekend! Yesterday I took some snaps with my best friend and today I’m busying myself shooting clothes to sell on ASOS Marketplace and begrudgingly accepting…

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    Shiny January – Rework Your Sequins!

    Dressed Down Shine Welcome to January! Isn’t it just… grey?! If you have an extensive sequins collection like me, it’s probably feeling a little dejected in its post-Xmas/NYE hang-up-over. Don’t relegate your shiny pieces…