Last Call for Short Skirts

primrose hill london

primrose hill london colourful houses square

primrose hill london yellow door stripe top

primrose hill london

bright yellow heeled sandals next

primrose hill london orange bike

yellow door denim skirt legs

primrose hill london kids chalk drawings on the ground

primrose hill london

denim wrap skirt with D-ring detail asos


Stripes and Denim

Ok fine, I’ll accept September is here and it’s time to put my legs away. But I am not happy about it! It can’t only be me who’s totally disgruntled with this appalling excuse for a British summer can it? Seriously though, where the hell has the summer gone?

Rifling through my dress rail I see that about 50% of pieces that I pulled out of a suitcase enthusiastically 6 months ago, all intended to be thrown on the minute the sun came out, didn’t even get worn. Even that one freak day of 30+ degree heat was when I was inside all day at #TheBloggersMarket. I feel cheated!

I feel like I need to get my frustration off my chest; write a ranting letter to someone or tweeting angrily but no one can do anything about it. Luckily, I have one last chance to wear my summer outfits as I’m off to Australia in less than 2 weeks. Ok so I really can’t complain now can I?! More on Aus later!


stripe t-shirt and denim wrap skirt asos

primrose hill london green house and bicycles

primrose hill london

stripe t-shirt green crayon necklace

primrose hill london black railings

primrose hill london

Berkley road orange wall north london

primrose hill london apple juice novelty bag accessorize

primrose hill london cute grey figaro car

metal rings by magpie on the run

primrose hill london pastel houses


What I Wore in Primrose Hill:

T-shirt – ASOS / Denim skirt – ASOS / Heels – Next (similar) / Jacket – ASOS / Bag – Accessorize / Necklace – Hannah Makes Things / Circle ring, Twin bar ring, TeePee ring  – Magpie on the Run


24 Hours in Cologne

bright red wall and red german signposts

mirror menu hippy cafe cologne

lock bridge cologne germany metal love locks

bright green and red building cologne

green fold out chairs cafe wooden

church and houses cologne




What would you do with 24 hours in a new city? For me, it’s all about maximising my feet and getting exploring. Of course, when I’m discovering somewhere new, I’m colour-hunting all the way. Remember my colourful trip to Amsterdam? Following in the footsteps of ultimate colour-lover and traveller Will, having something to look for and find makes the discovery process all the more worthwhile. What would you be on the look out for?

The results of a quick Google of Cologne were very promising indeed; bright pastel-coloured houses in front of a church, a triple arching bridge that looked spectacular at night and of course the famous Rhine river. So when, on my first venture out of my Courtyard Hotel room with travel buddy Rosie, I didn’t find much beyond a huge outdoor play area, I knew there was more to find. Time to turn the other way!

Navigating a new city without internet required a bit of unexpected brain power but in hindsight that was no bad thing! It reminded me that my sense of direction is a trait worth patting myself on the back for, plus nearly getting run over by a lorry and loosing half the group in the Cathedral it made for an even more interesting adventure!

Here’s what I discovered when colour hunting in Cologne, Germany last week!


yellow bike parked courtyard cologne

colourful houses fountain man with dog cologne

green bike and yellow scooter in cologne

flower pots on a metal gate church cologne

german yellow postmans cart

cologne beach rhine river spit of sand

mooring ropes quayside harbour

rhine river boat cologne

blue bicycle with a brown leather saddle

blue pillars underground space

black and white walkways bridge cologne

Thank you to The Courtyard Hotel for hosting us for the night!

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