Festive Food and Furry Flourishes

burgundy outfit party night out strongroom barstrongroom bar shoreditch at christmas

burgundy outfit party night out strongroom bar

from where i stand nude pointed shoes

fun red party outfit next asos london

roll neck patent mini skirt outfit winter rich red colours

next pointed nude strap shoes

roll neck patent mini skirt outfit winter rich red colours

YEAH! burger christmas themed burgers

roll neck patent mini skirt outfit winter rich red colours

kimichi brussel sprouts at yeah! burger

roll neck patent mini skirt outfit winter rich red coloursYEAH! burger xmas menu lunch scotch egg burger


YEAH! Burger, Christmas Style

There are new burgers about at YEAH! Burger, Strongroom Bar tucked away in Shoreditch, East London and they’re dying to be tucked into! Last weekend we popped down to get our chops around the new burger incarnations just as the new menu dropped.

I opted for a Jesus Christ which was basically xmas dinner in a brioche bun (I’m a sucker for duck) and Kristabel went for YEAH! Burgers’ famous Scotch Egg Burger, the Ta-ducken, made up of a chicken-scotch duck-egg enveloping a turkey burger. It’s all the game for only the most meat hungry.

We also ordered some adventurously festive kim chi brussell sprouts which weren’t my fave (Strongroom Bar now have a fermenter), tasty crispy kale and gorgeous truffle fries and boy did we tuck in! I didn’t wear the most appropriate outfit for the feast, that fur pocket skirt wasn’t very forgiving on the stretch front but it made me feel festive. My new glasses certainly helped too – gold glitter frames from Red or Dead at Specsavers. Dame Edna would be proud!

Give YEAH! Burger a follow on Twitter for more of a look into their amazing inventions

or check out the menu here!


roll neck patent mini skirt outfit winter rich red colours barbour coat

asos patent look fur pocket skirt

roll neck patent mini skirt outfit winter rich red colours

radley keats envelope bag cream

specsavers red or dead gold glasses wavy hair

the old blue last pub london gold detail window

roll neck patent mini skirt outfit winter rich red colours barbour coatred or dead gold glitter frame glasses christmas spectacles

Like the look of YEAH! Burger? Take a look at their every day menu in my Foodie Faves round up!

What I wore for YEAH! Burger:

Skirt – ASOS / Top – Next / Shoes – Next / Coat – Barbour / Bag – Radley / Necklace – Rock Cakes / Tassel keyring – Boden / Glasses – Red or Dead at Specsavers


3 London Foodie Faves

dirty bones kensington london restaurant


Dirty Bones

Dirty Bones is a burger and ribs shaped gem in the middle of swanky Kensington. Not that it isn’t swanky itself. The retro lamps, tiled tables and gaming machines juxtaposed with palms creates a modern yet fun feel. Food wise, yes it’s American style and yes there are burgers but the atmosphere of the restaurant means you may as well be eating scallops.

We went for the salt and pepper squid to start and then opted for the beef short rib which was filling, dripped off the bone and tasty as. Obviously I had to go for The Burger too (the rules) but I’d vote to check out the other western specialities instead if you’re not bov’ed about burgers. One thing I implore you to do though is leave room for desert. Its imperitive that you order the peanut butter cookie cup/dream in a Kilner jar. Just bloomin’ do it.

And if Kensington is too far to travel then good news, they’re opening a new branch in Kingly Court in September!


dirty bones kensington london restaurant

dirty bones kensington london restaurant

dirty bones kensington london restaurant yellow lamp

dirty bones kensington london restaurant popcorn squid

dirty bones kensington london restaurant tiled table

dirty bones kensington london restaurant ribs burgers

dirty bones kensington london restaurant cookie icecream



YEAH! burger kings cross pop up london sign board


YEAH! Burger

If you haven’t heard about YEAH! Burger yet then you will soon. The Kings Cross pub residency pop up has just doubled its juicy, meaty output and set up shop at Strongroom bar in Shoreditch. The place is well worth a hang out anyway with it’s cute hidden courtyard and art feel.

Don’t worry, I’ve tried the beef and chicken burgers and I can announce that they’re both excellent. As are the cheesy chips with cheese evenly distributed throughout the bowl (which any cc fan will appreciate is highly important.) There’s also word of a scotch egg burger running on the menu for 4 days longer whereby the brioche bun is replaced by half a scotch egg. Can it get any better?! No.


Carrie wishwishwish and kristabel iwantyoutoknow bloggers

YEAH! burger kings cross pop up london menu and drinks

YEAH! burger kings cross pop up london

yeah! burger bloggers

YEAH! burger kings cross pop up london chilli chips

carrie lucy and kristabel YEAH! burger kings cross pop up london

YEAH! burger kings cross pop up london

bloggers eating at YEAH! burger kings cross pop up london


chilango motel sign exterior mexican camden


Chilango in Camden is a quick lunchtime fix that makes you feel like you’ve splashed out in a restaurant. One of those hybrid sorts of fast food places that does filling, hot food and nice places to sit. The best thing about this Mexican? Other than the cheeky lunchtime frozen Margheritas, the decor wins by 100 points. Kitsch retro TVs and colourful piñata? I’m in!

Fill up on a Burrito or tasty tacos and be back to work 10 mins later. Not in Camden? Check out their 8 other London locations.


chilango mexican camden burritos and booze sign
chilango mexican camden quirky shelves pinata
chilango mexican camden menu

chilango mexican camden burritos

chilango mexican camden frozen margheritas

chilango mexican camden
chilango mexican camden lime
chilango mexican camden burrito chilango mexican camden margheritas

chilango mexican camden tacos

chilango mexican camden colourful drinks


A Chelsea Brunch

outside chelsea restaurant 11 pimlico road

chelsea black london railings

pink fur coat pink rucksack walking down the road

big planter terracotta pot ivy

bar 11 pimlico road bottles

grapefruit home made lemonade

white table red sofas chelsea restaurant


11. Pimlico Road

You know a restaurant is going to be good when you spot a good font on their website that highlights a photo of a perfectly instagram-friendly tiled floor. Yes that’s possibly the w**kiest thing I’ve ever typed but you know it’s true! The website told me that my camera would be pretty satisfied at 11 Pimlico Road and after a look down the ShinyThoughts-friendly menu (think burgers, flashy salads and sourdough bread) my tummy was going to be pretty chuffed too.

Spotting the ‘casual dining pub’ from across the road is like spotting your date from the other side of the room – the walk towards it feels twice as long and you can’t wait to just get there. The restaurant is just as swanky looking on the inside as out with it’s light-flooding windows, open plan room and that statement bar.

Enough perving on the marble tables and arty fashion book clad bookcases, let’s talk food. We went for the house dishes – the No.11 burger (obvs) and No.11 club sandwich with some cheeky sides. Don’t think of not ordering the truffled macaroni cheese by the way, it’s an absolute essential! The burger was just so flavoursome that I feel it may have knocked some of it’s sloppy rivals off of the top burger spots. It’s made me realise that as long as you have a brioche bun and fillings like those, who needs the that messy sauce? Yes, I went there.

We squeezed in desert of seasonal apple pie but didn’t realise this would be easily sharable. Oh well, we just had to scoff-i mean daintily nibble-the panna cotta too. Shame.

brioche bun burger london bacon knife

pot plants on a table restaurant

chicken avocado sandwich

tall flowers in blue vases

macaroni cheese, burger, avocado, chips lunch flatlay marble table

upstairs pub party sign

apple cranberry crumble with ice cream on wooden board

posh restaurants chelsea pimlico road

pimlico road, london

chelsea red brick terraced houses street


Getting There

They’ve won awards, are packed out on a Saturday and just LOOK at that website. So sophis’! Plus, a leisurely Chelsea brunch here is really quite affordable. Purse win! It’s just a short walk from Victoria station or an amble down from the legendary Kings Road, so the location isn’t half bad either. The short story? Take your mum, that friend that you play ‘grown ups’ with, or a date you want to impress and you’re guaranteed to feel pretty good about yourself.

Where Next?

In need of places to go in Chelsea after lunch? We headed down to the famous King’s Road, popping into The Saatchi Gallery (it’s free!) to ponder the works of pop art. We then ambled in and out of my favourite shops. Don’t miss Anthropologie, Bluebird, Kate Spade and if you’re hungry for dinner, there’s Big Easy too!

Thanks 11 Pimlico Road for the review opportunity!


London Day Out: Food and Theatre

crabbies ginger ale drink in a pub

the old crown burgers

alcohol bottles on a shelf in a bar

wooden bar stalls in a line

IPA beer taps and art deco lights the old crown pub

the old crown pub wine wooden door

the old crown pub carved staircase

the old crown burgers

courgette fries

It starts with Burgers…

What are you up to this weekend? What, no plans? Not to worry, I’ve got a London day out for you and I think you’re going to like it.

No.1 – It starts with burgers which is the only way I ever want to start a Saturday frankly. Bring me burgers in bed! (ok, not quite but by the time you’ve had a good lie-in, you’ll be just in time for lunch.) Make like me and get on yer bike (or a Boris will do) and cycle into the heart of London to The Old Crown pub where you can chomp a bespoke burger on a slab of cracked oak. The Ed Miliband burger anyone? Or how about the David Cameron?

After my mountainous meal, friends joined for catch ups and ginger ales, perfect. If you’re into a proper stacked burger with a brioche bun (erm, who isn’t?) then The Old Crown in Holborn is a place to add to your burger trail list!


No.2 – Lunch is followed by a jolly jaunt to an award-winning indie coffee shop. “Eww coffee” I hear the uncaffinated minority grumble. My dears, do give it a go as I did with a good quality mocha to ease you in. I’m still learning to love it too! We popped around the corner from The Old Crown to Wild & Wood coffee, voted one of the best in London where you can place your behind on lovely rustic church pews whilst nibbling pasties that look better than your Nans.


nike trainers bike

wild & wood coffee shop pastries in the window

wild & wood best london coffee shop holborn

burger bell bike



A Sing and Dance

No.3 – Fully fuelled on beans, amble into the west end to catch a matinee performance of a musical. A play I’d wanted to see for a while was Once which doesn’t bombard you with big cheesy ballads and crazed costumes. Don’t get my wrong, I love a big production but this is the perfect amount of sing-along-sass for a Saturday afternoon. I need to go and watch the film now to get another dimension on the plot but the musical certainly showed off a bunch of talented musicians and broadened my Irish vocabulary portfolio! Grab yourself some last minute tickets on Seatwave.

See the City

No.4 – Hey, guess what? It’s just light! (Just) Whilst still on a high-note high, pop into the old musical instrument shops around Cambridge Circus, even if just to gawp at the pretty, pretty guitars. SO pretty. Finish your afternoon with a cycle back through the back streets and see what you can spot.  I discovered Woburn Walk near Euston – cute!

london telephone box hanks music shop

phoenix theatre london once the musical signs

phoenix theatre once musical

phoenix theatre london interior

phoenix theatre london

once the musical stage set

music shop denmark street london

london cocktail club

See what else you can discover in London by bike ›

Thanks to Seatwave and The Old Crown for making my weekend awesome!


BBQ Boom – Pulled Pork and Other Stories

pulled chicken burgers

bbq food trend pulled meat american

american slaw coleslaw ideas

bbq food trend pulled meat american


A Food Journey to The Deep South

If you’re a right foodie like me (i.e have a constantly growing list of new restaurants you want to try, different friends who you call to try different cuisines with and chow down 3 courses in your cities’ new opening at least once a week) then you’ll probably have noticed the unmissable tidal wave of US BBQ inspired food and all its fusions making their way to a street and Time Out magazine near you. Bodeans,  Big Easy, Smokehouse, hell – even KFC have just launched a new pulled chicken range. “Have you tried that new burger/pulled pork/gourmet hotdog/chicken/street-food pop-up restaurant late-night cafe/bar yet?” No? Where HAVE you been?!

I’m fascinated with this trend. Maybe it’s the effect of working in fashion, but I think it’s pretty interesting that we’ve got to have the latest food craze to go with those new shoes to stay cool these days. Ultimate foodies, The Food People explained that all these American style places have jumped on the BBQ trend so if it’s got pulled meat on the menu then that’s at least 8 hour slow-cook BBQ right there.


This obsession is only going to get bigger. We’ll start seeing not only even more variations of meats and cuts being treated to a bit of the pitt, but as we look for something more artisan, it’ll be the type of wood chips used that will get us picking our meals. Hickory, Pecan or Oak anyone? Or maybe it’s all about the slaw or hush puppies? Then there’s the region. Who knew there could be such a variety of pulled meat sauces? From tomatoey molasses in Kansas to thick mustardy tang in South Carolina, a trip around the deep south will seriously get your tastebuds travelling.

bbq food trend pulled meat american

bbq food trend pulled meat american

bbq food trend pulled meat american

My Fave BBQ London Places

caboose pulled pork salad


Pulled pork slow cooked in a Caboose in a street food market off Brick Lane. Check out my Calling All Carnivores! post.

pulled pork and slaw the smokestack


I chanced up on this slow cooked pork, beans and slaw at Smokestack in a cool midcentury setting in East London.

bill and beak burgers square root london soda street food


If you go to a Street Food festival, there’s no chance you won’t find yourself some BBQ goodness. My burger at Kerb Food Market was topped with pulled pork.


Some other places on my London list: Pitt Cue, The Joint, Red Dog Saloon, Dukes Brew and Cue.

A site all BBQ scoffers should peruse: Thrillist. Have you jumped on the BBQ bandwagon?