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    Accidental double denim

      Chambray shorts and a biker jacket I had to start writing this post to realise that I’ve accidentally gone for the double denim. Whatever, cool, why mention it? Because this is the kind of…

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    Dressing Colourfully: Embrace the Brights!

      Dressing colourfully for work Hey I’m Lucy and I love colour. Particularly when it’s bright and in the form of nice clothing. Any of you who’ve read ShinyThoughts for a while will already…

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    Flare Game!

    MiH Flares In case you hadn’t heard, denim is back with a big blue vengeance for spring summer! Joining it hand-in-hand into the new season is the seventies with it’s boot-leg shapes and chunky shoes.…

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    The Duffle Coat

    Geneva I can’t wait to show you what I got up to on my recent trip to the beautiful Swiss city of Geneva but before I let you in on all the best kept…