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    Discovering Dahkla

      Remember Dahkla Keep the name Dahkla written on a post-it note and stick it in your travel wallet, you’ll be needing it in a couple of years when friends ask you for new holiday destinations.…

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    Discovering Marrakech

    Back to Morocco We Go! Back to Marrakech! In order to try and show you even a bit of what I experienced, I’m creating two short videos to show another dimension to my multi-sensual…

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    The Village

    My Home from Home I hope you liked my little taster outfit post below which gave a little glimpse into the incredible village/park/commune hotel in which Kit, Russ, Kate, Alexxia, Rachel and I stayed…

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    Orange in Africa

     Gush Gush Gush! I’m warning you now – brace yourself for seriously breathy accounts and photobombardment of my recent trip to Morocco making its way across the Atlantic to a screen near you. I’ll try…