Social Media Manager and Social Content Producer

I am a social media content specialist with 9 years experience at fashion brands ASOS and Boden.

I specialise in:
  1. Shoot production and art direction of social media content
  2. Social media strategy and management of global accounts
  3. Influencer and community marketing
In my roles I have:
  • Produced bespoke stills shoots
  • Produced bespoke video shoots for Reels, IGTV etc
  • Produced multi-camera live broadcasts using 3rd party technology
  • Managed content calendars, scheduling and reporting
  • Managed campaign budgeting
  • Managed campaign planning, development and content briefing
  • Liaised with social channel account managers
  • Planned and hosted events
  • Boosted posts with paid spend and run branded content ads
  • Created content to brand style guides and edited videos
  • Created Influencer and community strategies
  • Managed multiple global retained Influencer partnerships
  • Managed Junior Social Media Content Producer
  • Freelanced in Photography and Visual Merchandising

Download my CV or email me to discuss an opportunity

Live broadcasting | 2021 | Boden

Monthly, pre-recorded live streams using 3rd party technology to gain high-quality, multi-camera live broadcasting with overlaid GFX. Evolving the series to include staff members.

Live broadcasting | 2021 | Boden

Please do not reproduce any of my work without permission.

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