The Apartment

london fashion week bloggers apartment hang out

the london fashion week bloggers apartment

sporty outfit with sheer layers and polka dot shirt

penhaligons juniper sling perfume fragrance

blow beauty blow dry red hair beach style waves

russell and bromley structured colourful turquoise boxy handbag

h&m beetle necklace and red hair

aubaine afternoon tea the london fashion week bloggers apartment

sheer panel zip top asos and russell & bromley lola tote bag

Shirt – Miss Selfridge / T-shirt – ASOS / Leggings – ASOS / Necklace – H&M (similar) / Boots – ASOS / Bag – Russell & Bromley / Bangle – Fossil / Perfume – Penhaligon’s / Earrings – Next / Hair – Blow

Chilling Out

It might sound bloody obvious, but I’m really starting to love my weekends! Whilst I satisfied the proactive girl in me by working constantly on the blog or selling things during my weekend, there’s now no better feeling than being able to let myself chill out and relax; see friends, shop, cook, oh and hang out at the London Fashion week Blogger’s apartment!

Like your best friends house, The Apartment is filled with friends, laughter, tasty treats and, plenty of fun ‘getting ready’ action for bloggers doing their thang at Fashion Week. After shooting street style for ASOS Fashion Finder, I popped over for a blow dry which left me wanting shoot a music video where I shake my head around a lot. It looked faahbulous (if I do say so myself!) Cheers to the pop-up beauty bar, Blow Ltd! (Catch them in Covent Garden.)

New do – Quite a perfect way to kick off the Valentines weekend! What did you get up to?

london fashion week bloggers The Apartment editing photos on Mac working

the london fashion week bloggers apartment goodie bags

the london fashion week bloggers apartment

the london fashion week bloggers apartment candles


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Milan – My 11 Step Illustrated Map!

Here’s a round up of my favourite things to do and places to eat when in Milan! All 3 areas are walking distance from the centre – in fact we didn’t get any public transport during the whole trip! Grab your euros and phrase book, check out my Milan guide and you’ll be set for a lovely chilled out time!




The fact that this cute, American style burger take away was situated just below where we stayed was a dangerous piece of information! Who am I kidding, it may not have been Italian and it may not have been good for us but heck it tasted bloody amazing. Always packed out, always open and the chips are always divine.




This colourful store across the road from 202 Burger is the perfect post-stuffed activity. The cute sweets we’re more than instagrammable, I mean would make the perfect gifts!

target sweet and gift shop milan

With Torino being so central, you can spend the day walking around the city centre and then return right back for dinner. We thought it a good idea to splash out on somewhere fancy on one night and this traditional Italian with a cool modern decor didn’t disappoint. Order a ‘first’ for a small main or double up with a second. My prawn ravioli were actually the perfect amount with a fun sweet take on a burger for desert!

I mentioned how amazing it was to stay in an Airbnb apartment in my last post so do take a look for when you’re planning where to stay!

Piazza del Duomo


You can’t come to Milan without visiting the incredible Duomo di Milano, the glorious cathedral in the central square. Man-up and take the narrow stairs up to the roof (there’s a lift too but I shall judge you, ha.) After you’ve gotten your breath back, take it away again with stunning views over the city and marvel at the Gothic spires. Going inside is a must too and Sunday mornings in between masse is the quietest time to go. Buy your tickets for the roof early too to beat queues.

incredible spires on the Duomo Milan

view from the Duomo Milan rooftops

This shopping arcade adjacent to Piazza Del Duomo is more than a little photogenic! If you need to shed some Euros then feel free to pop into Louis Vuitton and the like, otherwise you can always just take beautiful photos like we did!

OK so you might faint at the sight of the double queue forking out of Luini’s but trust me, 20 mins spent people watching ain’t so bad when you get your chops around a fresh fried panzzerotti. Part calzoni, part donutty pasty, they’re very naughty but very nice. You might want to buy two and watch out for how messy they can be! P.s shh, they have a London branch too!

milanese souvenirs stand

I’d read about this homeware Mecca online before I left and it was pretty much the only place on my list that I wanted to visit. If I had a Milanese flat then I’d furnish it here. You might be able to get most bits online but it was still fun to swap steeples and stone for the colour and kitsch of this basement floor of the Rinascente shopping centre. Plus I came home with a frog shaped multi USB port so you know, win!

design supermarket design shop colourful letters

design supermarket milan china teacups


Its what the Italians are famous for so its gotta be done! With the Paparazzi hiding in arches in front of shops, you never know who you might run into!

Valentino embellished purses

 Brera and Naviglio



These two other areas of Milan are a fair walk apart, so do Brera in the day and Naviglio the following evening.

The girls we stayed with recommended Brera as a pretty neighbourhood to wander and have a coffee in and that we did. OK well a ‘Cioccolat calde’ actually (the best real hot chocolate I’ve ever had) and an incredible pistachio cupcake in Viole di Liquirizia where we sat for hours chatting and wifi-ing. I’d pick this area as the neighbourhood to live in and must go back to explore it more next time!


Naviglio is the twenty-somethings playground come the evening. Nab an early table outside overlooking the river and nibble on ‘aperitivo’ – drinks with a buffet. Its how the kids eat when they go out in groups, you know. If you’re searching for traditional Milanese cuisine though, pop into Trattoria Milanese on the top corner of the street for the essential taste of Milan; risotto and bone marrow dish, or stroll down for plenty of other interesting dinner options.
brera milan

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my map of Milan – do let me know if you’ve been or are planning a trip, I’d love to hear all about it!

Check out other Milan outfit posts here!


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Leather and Fur in Milan

sporty leather and fur outfit milan

Milan Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

vintage Carven black leather rucksack with colourful key chain

statement outfit Milan street style fur coat

beautiful open glass ceiling shopping arcade

Zara leather look trousers slouchy track pants

sporty look leather track pants and trainers

mosaics on beautiful floor

milan street style outfit

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Buongiorno! Back to Milano, where this time I’m delighted to show you the ‘real’ city in all its incredible glory. Isn’t it just stunning?! I was really looking forward to seeing the incredible Duomo cathedral and this open air shopping arcade after seeing it in Carrie’s posts last year, so I grabbed her, took a plane and got her to show me it all again!


I’ll be tipping you off on the cute places we discovered very soon but first, here’s my second outfit from the trip. (See my first here!) I felt my white fur jacket was the most ‘Milanese’ item I own (I need me a quilted jacket to really fit in!) but it did me proud, keeping me cosy in the cold.

I’d been hankering after a pair of leather-look trews and finally these slouchy Zara ones ran into my shopping basket during a ‘browse’ in the airport. Oops!

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

finders keeper white fur coat and katie eary leopard print t-shirt

piazza duomo pink buildings

Nike free run trainers in punk and purple leopard print and neon laces

versace ladies shopping in fur milan

milanese architecture piazza duomo

tatty Devine speech bubble necklace

Milan bicycle at golden hour

milan clock in the street

leather trousers zara white fur coat

 What I Wore in Milan

Fur coat – Finders Keepers / T-shirt – Katie Eary / Trousers – Zara / Trainers – Nike at JD Sports / Necklace – Tatty Devine / Leather rucksack – Vintage Carven / Rings - Topshop

Fancy visiting Milan yourself? Take a look at where we stayed!


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Little Printed Jacket

Bloggers in Milan

Seventies style outfit with a cropped jacket

superdry logo t-shirt

Rustic courtyard air b'n'b

minimal white watch and tribal print jacket

new look monochrome chunky ankle boots

Milan apartment

colourful blogger outfit black jeans printed jacket

 - ASOS / Jeans - ASOS / Boots – New Look (similar) / T-shirt - Superdry / Hat - Miss Selfridge / Earrings - Johnny Loves Rosie / Necklace - New Look

Print Jackets:
Tribal Print Jacket

I was a little concerned as to how my new tribal print cropped jacket might fit into my wardrobe so it sat there a little sad until my trip to Milan last weekend when I felt suddenly inspired to give it it’s first outing. It’s funny how you can pack to dress in a way that’s inspired by the city you’re about to visit (like I did in Sweden) – am I the only one who does that?

I felt the sophisticated fashion capital might just be the place for this slightly more formal number, particularly when toned down with ripped black jeans and a Fedora. Now I’m looking forward to styling it up with city shorts or a white skater skirt for summer!


blogger outfit

courtyard apartment milan

pretty shutters on a window

AirBnb Milano

As for where I was when we snapped these photos, this was Carrie and my Milanese home for the weekend! Have you heard of AirBnb? I hadn’t until last year when Carrie used the private room renting website to find a cool pad in New York. I was a little unsure about the idea of living in someones house with them instead of a hotel but I couldn’t rave about it more after this trip!

Our delightful hosts, two sisters live in this loft-feel apartment right in the center of Milan whilst we slept in a double room across the courtyard from them. We used their house when we needed to, and partied it up in their house on our first night! Getting a real life taste of living like a local, paying less than for a hotel plus getting all the insider tips is just unbeatable when exploring a new city – I’m looking forward to trying one out on another trip soon!

cool milan interiors

air b'n'b Milan cool interiors

colourful books and printed jacket

Lots more on my trip to Milano very soon!


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Make Your Weekend Shiny

pretty brunette portrait

how to make oreo truffles


how to make Oreo truffles

bright pink fuschia roses

Cook, Bake, Make… With Friends!

Did you have a fun weekend? If yours was a bit ‘meh’ and you didn’t particularly have a rave, then how about making it that bit shinier, happier, more satisfying next time? When flat hunting in London yesterday, I was asked what would make my perfect Sunday and it wasn’t too tricky to answer! I’d get some ‘productive stuff’ done in the morning *yawn*, and then I’d make a roast dinner or have a good gossip over home baked cakes at a friends house. If my dream sounds like your typical weekend, then I’m envious you lucky human you!


After a week commuting 3 hours a day, my weekends are usually taken up tidying the house and blogging, whoop! Not very sociable really, as much as I adore posting up my snaps for you all!

Revisiting these fun weekends has reminded me why I can’t wait to move into central London! I not only love eating my friends food; Oreo truffles with Cait and Lucy and Brioche burgers with Mariell and Jostein (don’t mind if I do), but I love having catch-upy, makey, bakey, shiny weekends with the people I don’t get to see enough of! So here’s to more in 2014!

how to make burgers

pretty bottles of pink lemonade

homemade brioche buns

table of condiments

cute vintage dog porcelain ornments

make your own homemade burgers

homemade chips

Take a looky at where my friends and I ate burgers last time

or follow Carries incredible burger recipe to make them with your friends at home!


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