Bedroom Decorating Ideas: My Colourful Room!

colourful bedroom desk urban outfitters zigzag rug coathanger wall hangings red metal chair next lamp

My London Bedroom

It’s been a whole 6 months since I posted my new home wishlist but did I get my mits on any of the pieces and how have I end up decorating my new London rented room? As I sign my tenancy for another 6 months, I’m at last able to share how my room now looks! Ok so a bedroom is never really ‘finished’, but it’s at a point where stepping into my own space in the shared house makes me feel right at home!

Decorating a rented room can be a little daunting, those white walls staring at you and the countless potential furniture arrangements can leave you either getting nothing done or just throwing your stuff anywhere and hoping for the best. Luckily the experience of  Visual Merchandising at Liberty came in handy and although I took a couple of risks, I think I’ve got an arrangement that makes sense for me. There’s also the palaver of sourcing just the right items. Finding a desk that was ‘right’ was my most missionous task. *Perfectionist Alert!* After searching online and on Freecycle, a Facebook call-out led me to Elodie who, moving out, gave me hers!

colourful bedroom fun prints notonthehighstreet moha totes amaze balls

colourful bedroom sweets ikea geometric mug pot plant next white lamp

colourful bedroom frame as tray DIY candles storage solutions jars colourful bedroom accessories wooden boxes nook corner

colourful bedroom bookshelves orla kiely mug lomo camera cute accessories

hola! postcard initial coaster and mini palm plant on a glass desk

colourful bedroom shelves candles minnie mouse pen pot bright bazaar book

bedroom shelf wooden box with cute little succulent plants glass jar candles

Get your own bedroom decorating ideas!

So what bedroom decorating ideas can you take from my room? How about using big glass jars to keep your hair tongs or beauty bits in, or using a dolls house for shelves? The most Instagrammed part of my house is the wall above my desk which features posters and post cards hung up on my Grandma’s old wooden trouser hangers (which you can probably find in vintage shops) and a copper hanger which I picked up in my favourite shop in Sweden.

In terms of storage, I’m pleased to have the perfect sized boxes from ikea that tesselate neatly into my shelves, keeping everything tidy. I’m pretty obsessed with light so I’ve tried keeping some of my furniture white and hunted for lots of lighting! I’d always wanted a retro style floor lamp so this one and it’s sister table lamp from Next was a perfect nab.


Pinterest is my ultimate bedroom decorating ideas inspiration, obvs. Even after a couple of minutes, I was damn adamant I needed wooden trays, cacti and a marble table top. DIYs were my friends in my rather budget room. Spotting a tray idea led me to scouring local charity shops for the perfect mirrored frame and cute wrapping paper to make my own. My favourite item in my bedroom is without a doubt the amazing zig-zag print rug which was a generous pressie from my Besties. There’s no better was of hiding that yucky default rented room carpet!

Can you spot some of the items from my wishlist that I ended up getting for my room? Are you in the middle of moving in? Let me know how you got on!

colourful bedroom white vintage clothes rail and white wardrobe with dolls house white storage shelves

Urban Outfitters grid print bedspread white DIY drawers marble table top next lamp sliding windows summer bedroom

marc johns banana print cute mushroom plush toy tiger coathanger fun bedroom details
plants in your bedroom succulents cute ornaments on white shelves

marble table top turquoise storage box plants and perfumes in bright light bedroom window

shiny gold mug cute ornaments on shelf

inside wardrobe

white coat stand next

colourful nike trainers

Shop My Room!

Floor lamp, white desk lamp, coat stand and yellow candleNext / Gold mug and copper coathanger – Lagerhaus / Wooden trays, boxes, cacti, yellow bin, black & white mug – Ikea / Zig-zag rug and bedding – Urban Outfitters / Clothes rail – ebay / Books – Bright Bazaar, Adorn, Grace Coddington / Prints – Moha London / Red metal chair – Out There Interiors


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The Palm House: Botanical Gardens, Gothenburg

mango grid print skirt and missguided palm print pom pom top

palm tree

tropical palm outfit

palm house glass

palm house gothenburg

palm house gothenburg round sunglasses and rings

hiding in the palm tree house gothenburg

palm leaves in a greenhouse

palm house gothenburg girl red hair

old greenhouse

i love crafty acrylic palm leaf necklace

Trädgårdsföreningen Botanical Gardens

So I’ve fallen in love with the city of Gothenburg. If you haven’t seen me banging on about the southern Swedish city enough over on Instagram then you’ll be getting more than filled in on it over here, don’t you worry! There are so many reasons why I love the city and the Trädgårdsföreningen botanical gardens is just one of them. One of the best maintained 19th century parks in Europe, it hosts a pretty rose garden, events space and the trophy exhibit: The Palm House.

It was certainly an Aladdin’s cave moment for me when I walked in on my own for the first time at 10am one morning. (Admission is free, you just wander in!) The mammoth palm trees in the central atrium, the misty-glassed, gold-handled doors with little ceramic plaques and water lilies grown annually from seed make you gasp at first sight and made the palm house well worth a second visit on my trip back 6 weeks later.


This was also the second time I sported this rather camouflaging ensemble of grid print skirt and palm print crop top. You know I’m a sucker for tropical prints so really, what else could have been more appropriate?!

palm house gothenburg

tropical nursery door

palm house gothenburg tropical outfit

giant lilly pad leaves

i love crafty palm necklace

bright nike trainers

missguided pom pom tropical print cropped cami top

See what other prints I’m loving at the moment or take a look at my last palm print outfit!

Botanical Garden Style:

Top – Missguided / Skirt – Mango / Trainers – Nike (similar) / Necklace – I Love Crafty / Rings – Urban Outfitters / Octagon bracelet - Whistles / Sunglasses – ASOS / Earrings – Missguided


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Bank Holiday Weekend Picnic!

tala retro baking drinks party

anorak horse print cool bag and picnic treats

party straws spot print paper straws

fruit infusion punch jars DIY summer party

colourful garden party drinks

Garden Party

Happy bank holiday weekend everyone! Just a quick one to inspire you to add a touch more sun to this otherwise pretty dodgy August weather! (Seriously now, there had better be more summer to come, right?) Today my friends and I are making the most of our newly spruced up balcony by pumping up the Old School playlist and raiding the cupboards for any oat cakes, sweets and popcorn. During said raid, I did manage to find a box of cake mix and quickly rustled up some mini cakes in a cupcake maker (yep, I’m feeling lazy!)

Do you like our pretty retro bottles? They’re perfect for party drinks and here I’ve created a mojito, Pimms, fruit punch and gin & tonic cocktails but you could also make water infusions, lemonade or try my coconut caipirinha cocktail recipe! As for the little ice lollies, they’re spiked too! Just add a tiny drop of alcohol into the mix and they should still freeze. Let’s hope we don’t fall off the balcony! Have a good one!

tala kilner lock vintage style glass bottles

yellow and blue mini party cupcakes

tala mini ice lolly rings

tala mini ice lolly rings

Tables and chairs - John Lewis Kissing horses print cool bag – Anorak / Vintage style bottles – Tala / Ice lolly moulds - Tala / Blue bowl – TKMaxx / Straws – Lagerhaus / Napkins – Granit / Pom pom balls – Smallable

If you fancy going the whole hog and getting your bake-on, why not recreate these burger cupcakes?!


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The Secret Swap

cute mini ice cream and coffee retro coffee machine turquoise and white striped crockery fortnum and mason chocolate and cream cake retro cute afternoon tea ice cream parlour fortnum and mason beautiful cakes on a cake stand fortnum and mason london ice cream parlour summer

Ice Cream Sundaes and Surprises

I’ll tell you now, my Blogging best friends and I are very lucky ladies. Very lucky ladies indeed. Last weekend, my little group of internet dwelling, perfect-pose striking friends and I (we somewhat piss-takingly call ourselves ‘Five’) were were most kindly invited for afternoon treats with an equally charming little lady named Clarice Price-Thomas who creates beautiful jewellery with her own fair hands. The invitation read: Secret gifting and Sundaes. We were all in.



So what exactly did we get up to? Well, Clarice came up with an idea whereby each of us were given one of the friends to choose a ring to secretly gift to. I was delighted to be given Kristabel to choose for as I knew right away which of Clarice’s creations I could see her making a beeline towards. You’ll have to keep an eye on her blog to see what I chose! I was lucky enough to have Carrie as my ring-barer and she couldn’t have picked better than the Umbra ring in silver. It’s quite a luxury to have a ring to add to my collection that doesn’t need throwing out after a couple of weeks of wear!

Inspired by clock components created by her Father, a horologist and using his original machines and techniques to craft tiny charms, Clarice creates unique, quality pieces with a bit of a story to tell! I think they look like a modern nod to the art deco era, which is fitting considering the retro-inspired surroundings of the Fortnum and Mason ice cream parlour which, if you hadn’t already been motivated to book yourself in to, is well worth a visit!

raspberry and mango sorbet coup fortnum and mason clarice price thomas ring gifting box ice cream sundaes london clarice price thomas ring gifts clarice price thomas ring

Thank you so much Clarice Price-Thomas for such gorgeous gifts (and that raspberry sorbet coup went down rather well too!)

See Olivia and Dunya’s beautiful blogs to see what rings they were gifted!


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DIY Cropped Varsity Top

pile of sports luxe fabric with mesh and patent leather

Crop it like it’s hot

Got that plain oversized T-shirt hanging around that you don’t know what to do with? Lets get making something with it!


Mesh fabric, silver fabric (any soft fun fabrics really), fabric scissors, ruler, measuring tape, pins, waistband elastic, paper and pencil, sewing machine, needle and thread, mini safety pins, a big flat table surface.


1 – Pop the T-shirt on and tuck it up to your desired crop length. Safety pin it there and then mark the boundaries of where you want your varsity letters to sit with more safety pins. Take it off and lay your t-shirt flat.

2 – Using a ruler, mark where you want the length of your top to be. Add an extra inch and a half which you’ll use to fold your top over and thread elastic inside and cut along the ruler edge. If you have big boobs, you might like to add a little more length at the front of your top!

ruler and scissors diy t-shirt pins and sewing bits and bobs for a diy gather your materials for a DIY t-shirt and pin the hem

3 – Roll the end of the top over by a centimetre and then again by an inch and pin. Using your machine, stitch around the edge to make a tube at the bottom of your top. Make sure to leave a couple of centimetres unstitched by the side of your top so that you can thread in your elastic! You can hand stitch this back up at the end!

4 – Pop the top back on and mark where you want to cut the elastic. stitch the ends firmly with a sewing machine and then stitch the hem up again.

american varsity numbers making your own varsity baseball numbers diy sports luxe varsity t-shirt

5 – Find yourself some numbers! Draw your numbers on to paper and then cut them out. Use the paper as a template on the fabric you wan to use. Pin the layers together and then cut them out. For a double later effect, just take the top layer fabric, pin it to the bottom layer fabric and cut out. Either machine or hand stitch the fabric layers together (depending on the type of fabric and whether your machine likes to chomp through it!)

6 – Place your fabric numbers to your top within the pinned boundaries you set  and pin securely. Don’t forget to try the top on again one last time! Stitch the numbers to the front of your top using your machine and then hold up your top with pride.

cut out your own pattern for baseball numbers sewing your own varsity t-shirt diy varsity numbers t-shirt

Ta Da!

23 varsity crop top DIY

sporty outfit

varsity crop top

sporty denim look nike trainers patch denim

Top – DIY from a Boohoo T-shirt / Jeans – Just Female / Watch – Limit / Cap – Similar from Missguided / Trainers – Nike / Necklace – Topshop

If you like this DIY, bookmark my last DIY for the festive season!


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