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1 week to go: #TheBloggersMarket no.3!

TheBloggersMarket 3 march 2016 poster


#TheBloggersMarket no.3

We’re back! London’s most blog-able shopping event is here for round 3. (We’ve clearly done something right!) Returning to Holborn’s The Hoxton Hotel, my internet-dwelling gal pals and I will be filling our rails with all our best pre-loved pieces from coats to culottes, ASOS to Ann-Sofie Back. With prices from just 50p up to a tenner, you wouldn’t want to miss out on some special pieces from your favourite blog posts now would ya?!

For anyone not lucky enough to have come along to one of #TheBloggersMarket events before, it’s essentially a day of hanging out with your friends and some of the internet’s darlings. (I’m talking about Carrie, Olivia, Kristabel and Dunya here!)

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What I Find Most Inspiring at LFW

cropped black denim jeans

90s nineties style cropped denim outfit

adidas silver glitter superstar trainers and pink calvin klein bag

crouching on a wall


The LFW Apartment

I’m not one to ‘do’ Fashion Week but something I’m always excited for is The Apartment. If you’ve not heard of it, just head to Instagram and type in #ApartmentJournal to see the hundreds of artfully composed flatlays and the behind the scenes prep that goes into LfW from Bloggers attending the ultimate in Blogger lounges.
It’s a space for Influencers doing fashion week to use as a base, a chill out space, networking opportunity, make-up parlour and all-day open larder. Sounds like heaven right? It’s also the opportunity for brands to connect with bloggers and have a chance of being promoted and I think it’s just genius.

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Food Outfits

The Red Suit

red asos suitred asos suit

red asos suit


Red and Yellow

If you’re a regular around these here parts, you might have noticed a little change! Hello mobile layout (finally, jeez), goodbye dated design. Gone are the years of turquoise, pink and pale yellow triangles (RIP) and in is a brighter shade of happy I just can’t get enough of.

Fitting then, that I should happen to find a backdrop in the same shade for this post. Perfect for popping my new red suit against! When ASOS did an edit on their new work-appropes suits, this red linen two-piece broke the record for ‘fastest items through my checkout’. Sure, it looks like I don’t know what an iron is, but I don’t care, throw it on with something sporty and your sorted.


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Outfits Travel

A Slice of Corralejo Luxury

dancing in the courtyard in fuerteventurapalms and pool at the Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahía Real

hotel fuerteventurahotel arches fuerteventura 5 star hotel


Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahía Real 5*

Ahh let’s go back to when the skies were sunny, I had that tan (a result of two weeks in Aus and more days in Fuerteventura) and it seemed totally normal to wear a satin dress to amble around a swimming pool. So casj. Back in the real world, I’m scoffing my microwaved lunch at my desk but back at the Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahía Real in Corralejo in the Canary Islands, it was all sizzling king prawns and squid ink croquettes.

I was lucky enough to visit the beautiful Atlantis Bahía Real 5 star hotel on my Thomas Cook Airlines trip and although I didn’t actually stay there the night, a meal and a whole day in that stunning courtyard was all I needed to top up my luxe quota for month. I’m not normally a 5* kinda gal but I was hardly going to pass up on a place that had just been awarded Condé Nast Johansens award for the Best European Waterside Hotel now was I?!


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Shiny Homes: Sophie & Jack in Birmingham

globe on the windowsills with books and ornaments big windows


Birmingham Home: Sophie & Jack

I met 31 year old jewellery designer and lifestyle blogger Sophie last year on a Blogger trip to Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. We had seats next to each other on the flight and were neighbours in our accommodation so it wasn’t surprising that my constant presence would force us to bond at some point. My neediness was kindly catered to and Sophie obliged to being my friend, even to the extent of whatsapping after the trip. What a gal!

Yearning to be reunited with my Canarian pal once back in Blighty, I set off on a 1.5 hr train to Birmingham! Sophie kindly invited me to stay in her apartment which she shares with her her two Guiney-pigs and friendly boyfriend Jack, a photographer and vlogger who’s well dressed with ‘a stupid haircut.’ It’s a bowl cut, if you’re interested.

He’s 27 and born and bred in Brum and together they live in the Jewellery Quarter, a slice within Birminghams’ ring road to the North West of the city center. They describe as ‘the best area.’ And, well, it pretty much is!

cute plant pot with succulents windowsill


The Jewellery Quarter

Jack explains of their location; “We chose this area because it’s really nice with lots of old buildings. In the past, there were only jewellery shops but the area is quite up and coming now. In the past 4 years, good things have opened here like artisan bakeries and pubs. Living here is a sweet deal. It’s really close to town, just a 20 minute walk and we get to have a studio and an apartment in the same building!” 

This, it’s clear is what makes it for Sophie. “I have a 2 minute commute to work, I only have to walk downstairs! Birmingham is a place where things happen and it’s really creative. I moved here to live with Jack and at the same time I quit my job and went full time so it’s a really exciting place for me.”

fruit in bowls on marble slab

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