Dressing up Summer

orange floral summer mini dress brightly coloured

summery floral outfit for a garden partyrhododendrons down a path in Kenwood House LondonWallis orange floral dress amongst the rhododendrums

Kenwood House

Where better to snap some of my favourite outfits from Wallis than Kenwood House? I knew nothing about the English Heritage property until I drove past it on the way to Hampstead village. Intrigued, I made a promise to head out and discover it properly with my bestie, Carrie.

I must have completely missed the memo because everyone in London and his/her dog were there on the day we decided to meet up for catch ups and obligatory photo-taking! It’s completely free to wander into the grounds of and is the perfect backdrop for a picnic. Spread out your rug, sit back and pretend Kenwood is your very own.


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Accessories Shopping

New Things for Colourful Living

colourful gifts summer flatlay
Fun gifts for girls (or just you)

It’s been far too long since I shared some of my new favourite things with you! This time around it’s all about colourful (although all these things you’re totally allowed to treat yourself to)! There’s a steer towards soft furnishings (blame it on my new cushion obsession), clothing embellishments (it’s been a year-long pin badge affair) and it looks like I’m becoming a bit of a Tupperware lady with my love for all things that you can put other things into.

Without further ado…

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Sweet Inn Paris

Carrie Lucy bloggers hen do paris party

hen do cute pretty decorations

A very happy Hen do!

For my first ever Hen do, this was setting the bar high. Carrie‘s #WishWishHen didn’t involve a drop of alcohol nor any remotely phallic shaped object, nope this was a 2-night girly sleepover as best it could be and we LOVED IT!

Apart from a trip to Disney and the presence of great pals, what made the trip was our pad. Let me fill you in on Sweet Inn! Just in the same way as you would hunt for that perfectly styled Air bnb, Sweet Inn have beautiful apartments across the world (and they’re expanding fast!) for you to pick from to make your city stay feel like home. The difference? It’s run like a hotel so you’re not intruding on someone else’s home but with such a charming welcome at the Sweet Inn offices beforehand, it feels like your mate is giving you the keys to their (very well decorated) house.


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Pastels in Paris

paris pastels

beautiful paris buildingsbig green door location blogger paris

Off the Shoulder

Off the shoulder tops, you in? I’m just as undecided but curious after giving this ASOS number a go. I love that it’s something a little different from the elasticated strip that is a feature of most clavicle-baring clothing at the moment. They always look like they would dig in… This one is soft, warm (dear god London, don’t we need warmth right now?!) and colourful. I.e my favourite things. 

Not so great is their ability to ride up. Better than falling down I suppose… But irritating none the less and resulting in lots of yanking at the frill. Then there’s the making you look broad and the rucking up of fabric when you wear a jacket. I just DON’T KNOW! Patience with this style I feel. 

Something I’m definitely decided on though is Paris. Yes, it took me a while to get into. (You think I’m crazy)? Spending 70% of my time in the metro and visiting when it’s cold and rainy doesn’t help. This time though, I had the help of Mr Blue sky, the best company in the form of 5 girls and the heady promise of weddings  at the front of mind. Probably why I’m dressed in white and pink. Stay tuned to see more of #WishWishHen

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Food ShinyThoughts

Earth Day: 9 tips to help reduce your food footprint (and feel fab)

Hey, Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. In case you’re not au fait with the nature (lol) of the event, it is as follows: Since 1970, Earth Day is a day in which events worldwide are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

And so demonstrate is what I’m going to do. Everyone has their cause, and mine is the environment. As I edge towards the 3rd decade of my life, I’m becoming more and more aware of the environmental impact that actions I, or others make. Of course there are so many aspects of environmentalism up for improvement whether that’s the carbon footprint of our clothes or water conservation but (and blame it on my parents) I’m big on food and packaging waste. (Uh oh, garbage grazer alert!) In my household as a kid, there were about 12 recycling bins for different purposes. Did I resent being told to remove chicken bones from the brown bin and put it in the grey one instead? Of course I did but I’m glad it’s helped me be more aware today.

You may well want to stop reading now for thinking this isn’t your jam, but hear me out and you might pick up some little tips on how to positively contribute towards reducing your environmental footprint no matter how eco-aware or eco-not-there you think your are. Hell, I’m so not perfect but there are some things I’m passionate about changing attitudes towards so without further ado, let’s chat…

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