#BlogBabes: Liv from WhatOliviaDid!

olivia purvis whatoliviadid and lucy shinythoughts at vapiano


What Olivia Did!

Start the fanfare! ShinyThoughts is turning a big 6 years old at the end of May! Whoop! To celebrate, I’ve decided to interview my closest Blogger friends who are the reason why Blogging is so fun, to ask them about our friendship. I hope you enjoy it! First up, a trip to Vapiano with Liv!

Cooey! Please introduce yourself!

LIV: Hello! My name is Olivia! I’m 21 years old and I write the blog WhatOliviaDid and I am the annoying friend to Lucy who is always on the other end of a facebook chat messgage!

How long have you been doing this blogging thing for?

LIV: 5 years this June! Half a decade of writing nonsense.

How did we meet – do you remember the sitch?

LIV: Well I thought it was the Cosmo Blog Awards but then I remembered you weren’t there! haha

LUCY: Well.. erm I’m sure that was really good fun *awkward*..
I remember first ever meeting you at a Press Day with Next and you walked into the toilets with Jazzabelle’s Diary!  I knew you were from What Olivia Did and that already had met Carrie. I know there were other people around when we met and you looked amaze so I thought ‘oh I hope she likes me because she’s an important Blogger’. I knew I was out of your league!

LIV: It’s lucky because as we’ve become friends, I’ve appreciated that actually we’re at the same level (because we’re both total nut jobs!) *hahahaa!*

olivia purvis whatoliviadid and lucy shinythoughts at vapiano

What did you think of ShinyThoughts on first impression?

LIV: I remember thinking it was so well done and co-ordinated and I wished that I could style things as adventurously as you. I saw you as a stylist extraordinaire!

LUCY: Man, I don’t know about that!!

LIV: There was a sparkle about you and I like that you’re the same person on your blog as you are in real life. You’re very consistent with… having fun!

LUCY: Haha! That’s surprising because I don’t think I’m co-ordinated at all, I think the same about you!

LIV: Yeah but then I have a co-ordinating problem, it’s like next-level. Sometimes colour popping and blocking looks really cool and works better than [an outfit in all] the same tones.

LUCY: We’re the most critical of ourselves! I look at your blog and I want my outfits to look like yours.

LIV: And mine like yours! You know, it’s hard, it’s hard when you’ve got two great people in a friendship. *hahaa*

olivia purvis whatoliviadid and lucy shinythoughts at vapiano pasta

Lets talk about how we built up the What Shiny Did friendship. When did it grow?

LIV: When we went to Brighton and met Dunya. It was a few years ago and we all went to the Diner by the seafront. We did the Barbara Hulaniki exhibition at the Brighton dome!

LUCY: Oh yeah! We draw those pictures of each other at the activity point at the end!

LIV: Yeah we did some colouring in! Do you remember our Christmas party we did at my house? I picked all you girls up at the station and we ordered Dominoes in our PJ’s.

LUCY: Aah yes! And we did the first project as five blogger friends with Uniqlo.

LIV: Yes! that was sweet, and cold. haha We had a couple of sleepovers at Carries too.

LUCY: I’ve still got that photo of you dressed up as Mary!

LIV: There were definitely lots of times. But the most important thing is that you gel and have a sense of humour with someone and it’s even better if it can be silly and crude. Especially if you can be crude.

*Livs boyfriend Joe takes some photos of us while Liv sings ‘Hall of Fame’ out loud in Vapiano.*

olivia purvis whatoliviadid and lucy shinythoughts at vapiano

What has been the shiniest thing to happen in our friendship?

LIV: Amsterdam! Because it’s the longest that we’ve all spent time together and I think that says a lot about our friendship; that we can all have a real laugh.

LUCY: I think what was really nice was that we all  just wanted to stay together all the time, even sleeping in the same rooms until Carrie and I had to leave.

LIV: We’d share a bed if there was space

LUCY: Yeah all stacked up in a pile!

Something weird that people wouldn’t know about me?

LIV: You finish my plate of food. *hahaha* I don’t know how to word this but you’re basically the Samantha of the group. If I need help, I feel like I can ask and you’ll sit me down and be knowledgable on the subject.

LUCY: Hahaha!

olivia purvis whatoliviadid and lucy shinythoughts at vapiano

If our blogs went on a date together, where would they go?

LIV: Well firstly we’d need to go somewhere that has nice tables as a base for your Instagrams! We would go to a street food market and find nice tables and then after that we would go to a gig at The Roundhouse like we did when we went to Haim together there!

LUCY: Oh yeaaahh! We went to Honest Burger and it was the nicest date!

How have we helped each others blogging life?

LIV: We’ve been able to do lots of nice things together, opportunities that we’ve been able to share memories of.

strawberry salad at vapiano

You have a Blogging crisis – when would your phone-a-friend be me?

LIV: For everything! You don’t realise it but you’re good at lots of different creative things and you’re modest about them. You need a reality check!

LUCY: *Lucy can’t deal with the praise* PPFFF!! Liv, I can’t write all this on my blog!!

Liv: Liv is giving Lucy permission to write what I say. You’re extremely creative, you have great vision, a way with colour – you’d be great as an Art Director! Anything I’d need, you’d be able to help me with it, that’s why everyone always asks you to take their photos!

LUCY: I’ve got really sweaty palms now.

LIV: That what happens, when your head grows, your palm sweat hahaha!

LUCY: Livvo, that’s very, very lovely!

If we had one blog together, what would it be about/specialise in?

LIV: We’d make a good food lifestyle blog! Or maybe it would be a blog that also talked about sex because we like talking discussing that! One that combines pairing Italian food to the perfect date perhaps? haha!

LUCY: There’s definitely a market for this.

olivia purvis whatoliviadid and lucy shinythoughts at vapiano

Any catch phrases?

LIV: ‘Oh are theeey’ – From a thrilling candid video that I shot when we were all hanging out in your front room talking lazily about hotels in Amsterdam. Your unenthused tone of voice was gold. *Get’s out the video*. OMG there’s the inflatable flailing arms man video!

LUCY : hahahaaaha omg so good. When I danced in a jumper that hard arms waay too long for me in that weird country pub in Somerset that had a disco for someone’s 40th that we just crashed. Priceless!

recording on my iphone flatlay at vapiano

olivia purvis whatoliviadid and lucy shinythoughts at vapiano


Quick fire questions:

Who can cook better?
LIV: You
LIV: No you, I’ve seen your snapchats.
LUCY: You can bake like a bitch.

What would you steal from my wardrobe?

LIV: All I can see is colour! Ok, your button up Urban Outfitters skirt.

LUCY: I love all your printed co-ords. Your Topshop jumpsuit – aaah.

Which Inbetweeners character are you? (impromptu question)
LIV: Neil – The one that dances!
LUCY: That’s definitely me.

What’s your shiny rule to live by?
OLIVIA: It’s nice to be nice to people. Treat them like you’d like to be treated. If they’re your friends then you can laugh at them but still be a little bit nice.

What would you steal from me?
LIV: Your smile! You are beautiful!
LUCY: Erm, have you SEEN my snaggle tooth?!
LIV: Have you seen my fangs? I need to book in a session with you to boost your ego! *starts squealing*
LUCY: I think you’ve done that for the next 10 years right here Livvo! I’ve realised that these questions are really asking for a compliment assault.
LIV: *In a mocking voice pretending to be Lucy* So what is great about me? What part of me is the prettiest?
LUCY: hahahhaa!
LIV: There’s loads of things I would steal from you – your en-suite, your world map above your desk.
LUCY: Ok, you can have that! Thanks Livvo, that’s all!
LIV: Bye now!

olivia purvis whatoliviadid and lucy shinythoughts at vapiano

I went to the toilet and when I got back, the inevitable had happened, Liv had ‘taken charge’ of my phone. Read: taken a million selfies. Still, this series was clearly meant to be kept – love you too Livvo! <3

Liv purvis gif pulling cute faces


Stay tuned for more interviews with my #BlogBabes in celebration of ShinyThoughts turning 6! Whoop!


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Hello from Alberobello!

asos denim wrap skirt lazy oaf super t-shirt summer holiday outfit cat eye sunglasses

alberobello puglia italy trulli houses

asos denim wrap skirt lazy oaf super t-shirt summer holiday outfit

happy colourful painted planters in alberobello puglia italy

lazy oaf super slogan t-shirt summer holiday outfit

asos denim wrap skirt lazy oaf super t-shirt summer holiday outfit

cute little trulli houses for sale in alberobello puglia italy

climber earring pink triangle jewellery


Denim skirt & slogan T

There’s nowhere quite like Alberobello. Except for the Shire of Middle Earth perhaps, or somewhere out of children’s fairytale book. Yep, this quirky town, just in-land of Polignano a Mare where I stayed on the first two nights of my Puglia adventure, is pretty unique.

If you research the area before hand, everyone urges you to visit the streets of famous Trulli houses. And visit you should, if only for catching a glimpse of medieval re-enactments at the bottom of the town and to peer at all the miniature Trulli for sale in the streets.

I’ll be sure to give you more tips on this curious town in my guide to Puglia later on but for now, here’s what I wore; a mini skirt and slogan T combo which certainly suited the quirkiness of my surroundings! I soon learned that a short skirt might not be the most appreciated choice by locals but I’m pretty attached to this denim number so I made the most of the weather and popped it in my case. Turns out, the local cats appreciated my outfit so that’s good enough for me!

Look out for more Italian escape outfits coming up soon!


making friends with a cat in italy

alberobello puglia italy cute little colourful cars

asos denim wrap skirt lazy oaf super t-shirt summer holiday outfit

asos denim wrap D-ring mini skirt and jewellery details

forme e colori shop in alberobello puglia italy

asos denim wrap skirt lazy oaf super t-shirt summer holiday outfit

cacti figurines alberobello puglia italy

pink espadrille sandals asos summer holiday outfit

What I Wore in Alberobello:

Skirt – ASOS / T-shirt – Lazy Oaf / Sandals – ASOS / Bag – Daughter of Jon / Sunglasses – ASOS (Similar) / Earring – Accessorize (similar)


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Polignano a Mare

holiday in white coastal towns bright outfit

polignano a mare old town quiet white streets

summer holiday outfit bright red river island maxi dress

accessorize bead necklace bright accessories for summer holiday

polignano a mare whitewash alleyway little winding streets

red maxi dress river island holiday outfit

polignano a mare bright red little old car

polignano a mare italian buffet breakfast

what to wear in puglia italy

polignano a mare colourful turquoise shutters

daughter of jon denim bucket bag summer holiday

polignano a mare courtyard in the old town


Italy, Here I Come!

I feel a mile away from that post I wrote a week ago where I treated you all to a little rant about turning a quarter of century old. I told you all about my work sitch and pulled silly faces in my bedroom, but now here I am with a new contract back at ASOS (social media is my new jam!) and a rather nice holiday behind me that more than lightened my gloomy outlook.

I didn’t want to plan my Italian trip to Puglia too much as, FYI, intensive pinteresting has been known to cause disappointment later down the line. However once we arrived in the first of our four towns I felt like I had been teleported straight into a Google search. I was living the dream quite literally! Cue hundreds of snapchats (ShinyLulu), of course.



polignano a mare red maxi dress next crystal embellished sandals

beautiful streets in puglia

polignano a mare palms and blue sky whitewash town

next leopard ponyskin jewel sandals


Maxi Dressing

Polignano a Mare is a coastal town not to miss (see it on the map here.) I’ll be showing you later exactly what made me gasp with delight on that first evening, but for now, here’s me swanning around the quiet streets in the old town. I may not have planned my itinerary obsessively but I definitely considered my wardrobe. Anyone else here take Polaroid style flat-lays to remember their outfits?!

In my deepest imagination of course, I saw myself lounging in colourful maxi dresses whilst sipping prosecco on balmy evenings in quaint white-washed towns. This was the #holidaygoal and amazingly, this vision did in fact materialise! The maxi turned out to be a good choice in more ways than one. Long lengths are judged a lot more highly than mini skirts around here, so packing a few brightly coloured options is certainly a good choice in this Catholic region.

My sandals coped well after several days walking and my new denim bucket bag from indie brand Daughter of Jon (stocked in Topshop) helped make my outfits a little more casual whilst holding all those holz essentials. Definitely a good outfit to kick of my Italian adventure! More to come folks!



polignano a mare streets with balconies european adriatic town

gold jewellery and rings purple flowers

polignano a mare white scooter in the street

polignano a mare focaccia sandwich

polignano a mare blue sky olive trees roof

drawstring denim bah chunky watch

cute little red car

polignano a mare big blue ceramic pots for sale

walking around polignano a mare puglia

What I wore in Polignano a Mare:

Dress – River Island / Bag – Daughter of Jón / Sandals – Next / Bracelet – ASOS (similar styles) / Necklace – Accessorize / Sunglasses – RayBan


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Time for Tarts!

tart london lunch cafe clapham picnictart london lunch cafe clapham picnic

tart london lunch cafe clapham picnic

tart london lunch cafe clapham picnic

tart london lunch cafe clapham picnic


Picnic Time!

Spring is here! I promise! It may not be super sunny every day, but as a Londoner, one has to be prepared for those sudden sunny surprises. My ultimate favourite sunny day activity without a doubt is picnicing. What’s not to love? Salads, meats, tarts, deserts: you basically get to eat anything that can possibly be crammed into a plastic pot. i.e EVERYTHING. ALTOGETHER.

As a self declared scoffer, this is a very good activity to indulge in. Grab a frisbee (try not to get it stuck in a tree like we did), a picnic rug, friends and find that non-cigarette-end-strewn patch of green and own that picnic!


tart london lunch cafe clapham picnic

tart london lunch cafe clapham picnic


Kings of Tarts

Luckily, you don’t need to own one of those nice fancy picnic baskets to win at picnic-ing, new kids on the block down in trendy Clapham Common (northern line, south London) Tart London offer all those extras for you and the best bit is that they offer some of the finest picnic food you could ever hope for. Chef Jason and Facebook marketer Adam set up the genius tart cafe to offer gourmet filled pastry with the tastiest and chunkiest fillings you ever did see (hello chorizo, roast pepper, tomato, goats cheese and pesto!).

My friends and I went along to try out the food and man it was good. Tart London have just launched their summer hamper hire service so all you have to do is pick your meal, grab the hamper and hit the popular park opposite. It’s certainly worth the trip, don’t forget to try the deserts and check out the other local indie shops whilst you’re there. Bring on sunny weekends!



tart london lunch cafe clapham picnic

tart london lunch cafe clapham picnic

tart london lunch cafe clapham picnic

tart london lunch cafe clapham picnic

tart london lunch cafe clapham picnic

tart london lunch cafe clapham picnic

tart london lunch cafe clapham picnic

Visit Tart London, 25 The Pavement, Clapham Common / Tw: @TartClapham / Insta: @tart.london

Tart and salad £8.50


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Help! I’m Turning Twenty-Something!

girl sitting on colourful bed with cushions

birthday table party cards



Turning The ‘Big’ Two Five

Oh god, it’s that time again, a birthday! Noo!

Don’t worry, I’m not a party pooper by any means, hey I love a good cocktail party! Plus, racking up the notifications on social media and getting all the attention IRL is a right ego booster. Still though, I’d rather just be a teenager please.

I know how it is, no matter how much older you get, if you hear someone younger than you complain about ‘getting old’, you’re going to roll your eyes. I’m by no means saying anyone above a quarter century is ancient, quite the opposite in fact. I’m always telling my friends and colleagues that 34 is NOT old and that they can bloody well do anything they want to, their way, without silly rules and expectations. That’s how I’m trying to live anyway!


turning 25 help!


Forever Young!

Those silly social expectations are exactly what makes moving into a new age bracket scary. In between silly snapchats of pre-slap ‘I woke up like this’s, creep in fancy brunches with talks surrounding topics such as ‘probably needing to save for a house’ (scary), marriage (even scarier) and soon… I can’t… even… BABIES (pass the bucket.)

OK hold up a minute, what the hell is going on here?! I’ve only just done my final IKEA trip to deck-out my shared rented pad, I was pretty cushy in my straight-out-of-uni job and all my friends know that I hate children right now. (Sorry.)

If I have another birthday, does that mean I’m suddenly going to wake up wishing I was preggers and deciding that bright colours are garish? Please god don’t let that happen.


birthday table party drinks


Career Curve-Ball

For me, turning twenty-five doesn’t just mean another candle on my Colin the caterpillar cake. This time, life has decided to go and bowl a curve-ball right into my career path. Sadly the site I used to make edits for and Photoshop my heart out on has closed, so suddenly here I am expected to find another job. oh.

A blessing in disguise perhaps as I’ve now decided to bulk up my portfolio and give freelancing another shot. (Hey, if you’re looking for a photographer/art director/social/fashion all-rounder do gimme a call!)


birthday table party drinks


Daddy, I Want a Pony, and Computer, and and…

So I’m going to need to make money. Hmm. Then there’s travelling, I want to do more, I want to go to Australia, can I afford it now I don’t have regular income? But then I won’t have to take time off work, is that stupid? I want to see more of the world. Who am I? I need a batter camera, more lenses, a better laptop, a house deposit (apparently) and then there’s all the HMRC malarkey to sort out, my pension, Jesus what about that tattoo (that’s going on hold.) Can I even live? Eep!


OK 25, you’re clearly going to be quite a ride. PANIC! I prescribe a holiday (on one as I write, check Instagram,) then I need to sort my life out a bit. I need to prioritise, plan and predict. Maybe this birthday thing has come at a good time, maybe it’s time to have a good think. Hell, maybe 25 could actually be the best year yet!


What do you think? Do birthdays scare you? Are you still 12 at heart? Tweet me or leave a comment below!


peace sign tongue out

What I Wore at 25

T-shirt – My design made at YrStore (basement floor Topshop Oxford Circus) / Jeans – ASOS / Earrings – ASOS / Lipstick – Topshop


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