Calling all Carnivores!

tramshed east london chicken restaurant

tramshed east london chicken restaurant

tramshed east london chicken restaurant

tramshed east london chicken restaurant

east london

albion cafe shop redchurch street

albion cafe shop redchurch street

east london

albion cafe shop redchurch street

The Urban Carnivore Tour

Roll up! Roll up! For the mega meaty Urban Carnivore Tour - a follow-my-leader feast for London’s meat munchers. (In short, JUST my kind of event.) The ‘leader’ of which I speak is the delightfully friendly Charli of Walk Eat Talk Eat, one of the first people to set up walking food tours of London after realising that we weren’t hooting the horn off our culinary specialities enough.

From dinning on succulent chicken under a real cow off Old Street, popping into the only corner shop I’d like to call my local, pulling up a chair in a beautiful pub with tiles peeling off the walls, chilli dogs and local beers, to winding through a street food market and finishing off with Indian pistachio treats, the tour makes up some of the best 4 hours I could have on a Saturday!

That’s not to mention the snippets of historical facts that Charli seasons your lunch with. Now I can walk around East London informing you of the conditions in which Londoners lived in once you crossed Boundary Street and the secret way of discovering the trades of craftsmen on Fournier street just by looking at their doors…

well and bucket old pub bethnal green

well and bucket old pub london

well and bucket old pub bethnal green

well and bucket pub chilli dogs

well and bucket old pub bethnal green

vintage shop brick lane blue retro record player

caboose shoreditch street food van

caboose pulled pork salad

fournier street shoreditch london

Ambala Bangledesh food Brick Lane

Ambala Bangledesh food Brick Lane

I won’t give the whole tour away – you’ll just have to discover it yourself by booking into one of the WETE walks (The Farringdon Gin Tour perhaps, or how about eating your way through the ages?) or DIYing by downloading the app. Nifty!

Book your own tour

Urban Carnivore Tour: Fri – Sun 2pm. From £55pp


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red wavy hair plimsolls outfit

neon rucksack asos


pink and black outfit

tropical print zip up surf top


sporty outfit

neon orage rucksack

white round sunglasses wavy hair 

Surfs Up!

Wearing a tropical print cropped rashguard is probably about as close to surfing as I’ll get! I’m someone who couldn’t tell the fin from the deck and wouldn’t be seen out for a paddle in the sea, let alone adopting theat cool balancing pose a top a wave (as much as I really wish I could of course.) This doesn’t however, stop me from pinching a bit of surfer style and dropping it into my every day wardrobe.

Since seeing a model stalking a beach in bikini bottoms and a zip up crop top in some style magazine, I’ve been keeping a beady eye open for my own rashguard. I’m definitely one for adding a spot of sport into a look and this one from Beach Cafe does the job just nicely. It may have been the hottest day of the year so far when I shot this, but I coped fairly well even in long sleeves. Hey, if it gets too hot to handle this summer, there’s always a bikini-baring unzipping option!

sporty outfit

rashguard surf tropical print top triangl bikini

summer sporty outfit

RashguardSeafolly at Beach Cafe / Bikini – Triangl / Plimsolls – Dune / Jacket – Next / Skirt – New Look / Sunglasses – ASOS / Watch – ASOS / Necklace – Topshop


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A Day in East London in 3 Eats

Spending a day in Shoreditch? Check out my 3 new fave places to eat in East London whether working, looking for the perfect tea room or a cool new secret place to dine come nightfall.

Forge & Co cheese burger

1 – The Working Lunch Venue:
Forge & Co.

Whether setting up a working lunch meeting or just needing to shoot a few emails, Forge & Co is your new go-to place for when you’re wandering around East London and get caught short for an office. Forget 2 year waiting lists and hefty membership costs at nearby Shoreditch House, just make a booking, meet your guest and make things happen. Just make sure you book over lunchtime so you can get your mits on that hefty burger.

Forge & Co. Canteen is open 8:30 – 23:30. Located here.

Forge & CoForge & Co bar spiritsForge & Co copper brewing tanksForge & Co barForge & Co bitters bottlesForge & Co burger grillForge & Co desert

2 – The Afternoon Tea Room:
Hawkhurst Vault

You know Hawkhurst Vault is going to be your fave new hangout the minute you walk in. Handsome dandies behind the bar, cheeky tea-themed typographic posters on the walls (they change up the artwork to showcase different artists) and chunky cakes on the counter by the charming Victoria Yum are pretty sure signs.

Then there’s the main event: The Tea. Pick from the exotic 17-option loose leaf tea menu and the boys will ceremoniously dish out your leaves, telling you the story behind each one. I chose a leaf picked in the year of my birth. Now tea don’t get much cooler than that!

Hawkhurst Vault is open every day 8:00 – 20:00. Located here.

Hawkhurst Vault loose leaf vintage tea

Hawkhurst Vault tea menu Hawkhurst Vault fine loose leaf tea room

Hawkhurst Vault dandy gentlemens tea room london Hawkhurst Vault vintage style tea room Hawkhurst Vault serving loose leaf tea Hawkhurst Vault loafs of fresh cakes victoria yumHawkhurst Vault Hawkhurst Vault smashed avocado on toast Hawkhurst Vault independent brewery beers

3 – The Dinner Date Venue
Back in 5 Minutes

If you’re after something a little different come dinner time then look no further than Back in 5 Minutes. It’s secretly tucked at the back of a cool clothes shop at the top of Brick Lane, barely a stones throw away from Hawkhurst Vault. You don’t even have to book, just stroll in with confidence and take a seat behind the velvet curtain…

Being a simple salad or burger kinda gal, this fine culinary experience was a very exciting adventure for my palette. Go for the tasting menu where you’ll be treated to the delicious dishes of the day. Whether seared scallops or succulent duck, it’s all seasonal and sublime. Naturally, I highly recommend you sample a different cocktail between each course (the Black Russian and truffles with your panna cotta to finish.) Make like I did; get cosy and gossip the evening away, speakeasy-style, for no one will ever know where you’ve been and what delights you’ve indulged in!

Back in 5 Minutes is part of Disappearing Dining Club. Open Wednesday – Saturday from 6:30. Located here.

Brick Lane motorbikes

Back in 5 Minutes Brick Lane menswear shop secret restaurant Back in 5 Minutes Brick Lane secret restaurant Back in 5 Minutes Brick Lane gazpatcho Back in 5 Minutes Brick Lane Back in 5 Minutes Brick Lane cocktails Back in 5 Minutes retro homeware Back in 5 Minutes Brick Lane salmon Back in 5 Minutes Brick Lane chocolate desert fruit pana cotta and iced coffee


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Make a World Cup Coco Cocktail!

vita coco cocktail

cutting up limes cocktail

brown sugar cocktail

bacardi rum cocktail

shaking cocktail Caipirinha cocktail vita coco

Game On!

With an hour to go until the world cup kick-off, you’d best get set with the perfect refreshment. Lucky for us, Brazil isn’t short of delicious cocktails to get inspired by, so I’ve chosen to get into the spirit with a Caipirinha! Mine is made with a good old rum and Brazil’s fave soft drink – Coconut water. Apparently Brazilians will be splurping up 30million litres of  ’agua de coco’ during the festivities and you can grab a few Vita Coco‘s from your corner shop to join in!

Though Brazil won’t actually be playing in their own final (DON’T mention the Germany game…) it’s still the country’s national sport and had they won this year, the whole nation would have been granted a free bank holiday! Whilst we’re on pop quiz facts, here’s one: instead of saying ‘Just my cup of tea’, Brazilians say ‘Just my beach’! I guess it’s understandable, what with the longest beach in the world spanning a large strip of their coastland!

Caipirinha cocktail vita coco

Caipirinha cocktail vita coco

Caipirinha cocktail vita coco

brazil nuts

Caipirinha cocktail vita coco



Caipirinhas are usually made with Cachaca rum, but with it being pretty tricky to find in your local supermarket, grab a bottle of white rum and you’ve got yourself a Caipirissima instead! Cut up your limes, two spoons of sugar and plenty of ice into a shaker, shake it like a polaroid picture and strain it out into a glass filled glass and top with Vita Coco!

They say Brazilians are the happiest people in the world so grab a glass, get comfy, enjoy the game and get into the spirit!

Caipirinha cocktail vita coco

Thanks Vita Coco for the cocktail idea!



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Giraffe! + Bloggiversary Winners!

missguided paint print co-ord layered trench coats outfit

asos sleeveless grey mac trench

missguided paint print co-ord layered trench coats outfit

pony skin leopard print plimsolls

Daniel footwear slip on trainers

asos chunky chain necklace

paint print co-ord outfit

Two-piece and Trainers

So this is the most sophisticated I’ll ever dress. That’s if you could ever describe this look that way! Whilst it might scream ‘girls night out’ for some, this giraffe print crop top and skirt co-ord is what I’d call work wear and is the most ‘officey’ I’ll ever catch myself looking!

That’s if you wear them together though. Of course that’s the beauty of the co-ord and now that it’s suddenly super-trendy to wear one, girls like me who are all about the separates (a dress? what’s that?) a co-ord offers up the perfect solution for lazy days or options for when you want to get creative! Talking of creative, I layered up my sleeveless asos trench coat over a sheer Mint Velvet jacket and I quite like the outcome – win!


See below for my Bloggiversary winners!

Red brit-stitch bag satchel

Co-ord set - Missguided / Sleeveless trench - ASOS / Jacket - Mint Velvet at John Lewis / Shoes - Daniel Footwear / Bag - Brit-Stitch / Earrings - ASOS / Necklace - ASOS

two piece co-ord outfit

 And The Winners Are..

Thank you all so, so, so much for all your incredible comments on my 5th Bloggiversary post last week! What can I say?! There are no words! *wipes tears dramatically.* I asked you to enter by letting me know what you liked most about ShinyThoughts so I guess I was asking for compliments galore! But really, I didn’t expect to hear such wonderful stories about how this colourful little internet corner has inspired some of you; whether just to raise a little smile or to go out and make a major change in your life. Thank you so much for reading – here’s a big <3 to you all!!

Without further ado, congratulations to Chloe Wilson, Harisa, Emma, Ina and Fox a Go Go – you’ve each won a special package of fun, shiny things!


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