Ring ring! The good old days called

Post boxes near the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden

Lucy blogger wearing an ASOS gingham check midi skirt

Covent Garden’s Phone Boxes

I was really happy when my friend Jumar Mundo (a guy I immediately clicked with as soon as he joined my team at ASOS, wide-eyed off a flight from his hometown in Australia) told me he’d gotten into photography. I was proud and knew he’d be great at it. I was even more happy when, a year or two later, he asked if we could shoot together one soon. It seemed an almost novel idea since my rare shoots, where I rope in Kristabel to snap me, have majorly dwindled. I planned what looks we’d shoot and then, last weekend, we went out to a couple of classic, ‘Blogger-bait’ locations in outfits I knew he’d love to photograph.


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Hi, I’m Lucy and I work in Social Media


Welcome to my Influencer series!

I count myself lucky to be both an Influencer and to work with them. The view I get looking over both sides of the fence has helped me see the Influencer Marketing industry a little more holistically (*wanky marketing speak alert*) and that makes both of my ‘lives’ easier. Having compassion and understanding for the person I’m working with from both sides of a business situation has helped me dispel assumptions, confusion and issues before they arise.

Rather than keep all my (shiny) thoughts to myself, I thought I’d talk about what I’ve learned from working on both sides to help you whether you’re an aspiring Influencer, Blogger or brand. I’m going to be talking about the main points to keep in the back of your mind whether you’re just starting out or if you’re an established Influencer. Before I launch straight into it all (and leaving you wondering who the hell I am to be throwing advice around left, right and centre) here’s a little about Miss Shiny Thoughts. Sitting comfortably?

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January in St Ives

St Ives cliff view over the seaside English town in January

St ives in Cornwall is beautiful in January when the sun shines

A Cornish Weekend Away

When you go on a trip and 1/3 of your time is spent travelling there and back, you hope it’s going to be worth it. Luckily, St Ives, situated right down in the most southerly point of England WAS. With its charming little houses stacked around the bay, two lighthouses and almost as many bakeries as there are dogs on the beach, it’s something out of a children’s book.

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Golborne Road

baby blue and pastel pink outfit for spring london blogger

london fashion blogger pastel coloured walls

Pastel Outfit

With the Christmas hump finally gotten over, the thought of wearing something dark and festive feels all too 2016. There’s nothing like a pastel coloured outfit to wake you up out of a rotating wardrobe of kitsch Christmas jumpers and PJs.

A sixties style jumper, soft cord trousers, a mint coloured coat and silver accessories are pretty much a quick ticket to feeling fresh in the run up to January. I wore this all-Boden look for breakfast at Snaps and Rye on Golborne Road with my brilliant Photographer friend Xanthe. Just outside was a flea market laid out on the kerb. After walking past four times, I spotted a pastel pink serving plate to match my outfit and nabbed it for a mere 50p.

Read my review of Snaps and Rye ›

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Adventures in Southern Santorini

Perissa in Santorini with turqouise loungers and bright blue sea

Red and Orange in Santorini

If like me you’re confused as to why the sun STILL hasn’t risen at 2pm, your hair is forever frizzy for damp and the C word is looming, then planning a trip to a hot island (whilst remaining in Europe) like Santorini might be the light relief you need. In my second post on the Grecian island, I’m taking you South to discover all the places I loved whilst on my holiday there last month. Warning: Prepare to book yourself a flight post-read.

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