Golborne Road

baby blue and pastel pink outfit for spring london blogger

london fashion blogger pastel coloured walls

Pastel Outfit

With the Christmas hump finally gotten over, the thought of wearing something dark and festive feels all too 2016. There’s nothing like a pastel coloured outfit to wake you up out of a rotating wardrobe of kitsch Christmas jumpers and PJs.

A sixties style jumper, soft cord trousers, a mint coloured coat and silver accessories are pretty much a quick ticket to feeling fresh in the run up to January. I wore this all-Boden look for breakfast at Snaps and Rye on Golborne Road with my brilliant Photographer friend Xanthe. Just outside was a flea market laid out on the kerb. After walking past four times, I spotted a pastel pink serving plate to match my outfit and nabbed it for a mere 50p.

Read my review of Snaps and Rye ›

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Adventures in Southern Santorini

Perissa in Santorini with turqouise loungers and bright blue sea

Red and Orange in Santorini

If like me you’re confused as to why the sun STILL hasn’t risen at 2pm, your hair is forever frizzy for damp and the C word is looming, then planning a trip to a hot island (whilst remaining in Europe) like Santorini might be the light relief you need. In my second post on the Grecian island, I’m taking you South to discover all the places I loved whilst on my holiday there last month. Warning: Prepare to book yourself a flight post-read.

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Adventures in Northern Santorini

view over the houses of Fira capital of Santorini in the morning sun on the island

Blue and White in Santorini

I know I know, every Blogger and her dog (read: boyfriend) has been to Santorini lately (I’m another in line to snap an outfit post with a coastal town lying peacefully behind me), so apologies if you’re all Greeked-out! To be fair though, when my boyfriend’s parents messaged us to ask if we’d like to join them for a few days after their trekking trip, we kind of couldn’t say no. Even if you’ve seen a few other articles, fingers crossed my two posts will have you learning something new about this popular Greek get-away.

The volcanic island of Santorini in south-east Greece has been applauded for being one of the most romantic places to visit (it’s number 18 in Lonely Planet’s top 500 Ultimate Travelist book) and whilst it offered some incredible views and memorable escapades, it wasn’t somewhere I’d necessarily go back to. I’m personally not big on pebbly beaches and hoards of tourists but luckily parts of Santorini allowed Miss Anti-social over here to escape the crowds and discover the countryside and quiet villages too.

Here’s what I got up to and what I’d recommend popping in your itinerary should you be taking the flight to Santorini soon. And when I say flight, that’s a nod to not taking the notoriously unreliable ferries!  Continue Reading


The painted walls of Cophenhagen

walking through colourful norrebro in copenhagen

Yellow walls and pretty pink flowers in norrebro copenhagen



You may be sitting at your desk/doing the commute in your woollens but bare with me whilst I reminisce about the summer just gone – namely my uplifting trip to Copenhagen my girlfriends (thanks to the peeps at the AC Bella Sky hotel). As I’ve mentioned in my last posts, this city says ‘happiness’. They must pump out joy-inducing spray in the streets because each day had me wishing that bit more that I could live there for good.

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A Colourful Tour of Copenhagen

Nyhaven at sunset in copenhagen colourful row of houses by the canal
A guide to my favourite places in Copenhagen

I’ve decided I’m in love with Copenhagen. The closer 2017 comes (and its promise of warmer climes), the closer the prospect of another Copenhagen trip. As I alluded to in my last colourful Copenhagen post, the Danish city is beautiful both for the way it looks and for the happy atmosphere you’re enveloped by whilst vacay-ing there.

Sadly my trip with my girlfriends was all too short (when you factor in posing and shooting time of course), so I’m raring to get back and see more. Even though I didn’t have time to explore Tivoli, the second oldest functioning theme park in the world, nor wander the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, I managed to see enough to get a taste for the good life. If you’ve even a glimmer of interest in visiting, DO, you’ll love it. Here’s a guide to why:

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