A Colourful Tour of Copenhagen

Nyhaven at sunset in copenhagen colourful row of houses by the canal
A guide to my favourite places in Copenhagen

I’ve decided I’m in love with Copenhagen. The closer 2017 comes (and its promise of warmer climes), the closer the prospect of another Copenhagen trip. As I alluded to in my last colourful Copenhagen post, the Danish city is beautiful both for the way it looks and for the happy atmosphere you’re enveloped by whilst vacay-ing there.

Sadly my trip with my girlfriends was all too short (when you factor in posing and shooting time of course), so I’m raring to get back and see more. Even though I didn’t have time to explore Tivoli, the second oldest functioning theme park in the world, nor wander the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, I managed to see enough to get a taste for the good life. If you’ve even a glimmer of interest in visiting, DO, you’ll love it. Here’s a guide to why:

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7 Things I’ve learnt about Blogging in 7 Years

Blogging for 7 years what I've learned the truth about blogging

Earlier this year, little old ShinyThoughts turned 7! HOORAY!

With every Bloggiversary, I become a an even prouder parent. Despite there being plenty of brilliant blogs out there who have been around far longer than I have, I pat myself on the back for sticking it out this long (it’s the longest relationship I’ve ever had)!

Start a blog today and with a bit of strategy planning, sweat and hard graft, you can go far. However there is something to be said for the wisdom acquired from long-term blogging. I’m finally starting to realise that I know a few things. Longevity is one of my selling points and seeing the blogging trends come and go throughout the last 7 years has taught me some little lessons. 7 in fact. Let me know if you agree with them!

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Colourful in Copenhagen


Bikes parked down colourful pink streets in copenhagen

Off-shoulder Stripes

Copenhagen is my new favourite city and (just a word of warning) will likely become yours when you visit too. The positivity in the air is infectious so you can see why it’s voted the world’s happiest city. The optimistic attitude, beautiful girls floating past on bikes and the abundance of colourful walls down pretty streets makes it basically 100% my kinda place.

I’ll have more to say on the city itself later but for now, forget that Autumn is coming, sit back and enjoy some off-shoulder striping! This somewhat circus-y guise is a look I pinched straight outa social media thanks to Shope wearing the ASOS playsuit in her Instagram shot (and my resulting immediate purchase).

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13 ways to while away a weekend in York

York Museum Gardens amongst the foliage blogger guide
Visit York, England

The old town of York had been on my ‘Cities to visit in England’ list for a couple of years so I’m pleased to finally tick it off. If you’re hankering after a bit of Olde England yourself, simply book a Virgin train and get these places starred on your Google maps. Here are my things to do to while away a weekend in York.

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Palácio da Pena

Orange and yellow pena palace sintra against a bright blue sky

Zara culottes and backless body at Pena palace sintra

Pena Palace – Sintra’s Colourful Palace

So we’ve established that Lisbon is colourful (take a look at my latest ‘A Rainbow Tour of Lisbon‘ post for proof)! But if you’re happy to spend a day away from the capital then Sintra is where it’s at. I’d been pining to go every since *that* post wishwishwish blogged years ago.

Quinta da Regaleira, where she shot, is one of the 5 palaces in the city of Sintra. There’s a lot to get through in one day and unfortunately my little gang and I only got the chance to marvel at one. But, oh my, what a palace it was.

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