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Liberty London for Uniqlo


Liberty x Uniqlo collaboration collection march 2016Liberty x Uniqlo collaboration collection march 2016


Floral Prints

When I heard that Uniqlo were collabing with my favourite shop in London (Liberty, dur), I whipped my proverbial pen out and asked where I could sign. Those iconic prints and I go way back. Still at uni, I managed to wangle myself an internship at the prestigious store helping out with the visual merchandising.

I ended up getting to know that Tana Lawn pretty well, popping into the print archive department and asking the haberdashery for swathes of cotton which I then draped and pinned around mannequins to look like clothes.

Fast-forward 5 years and I’m wearing slightly more sturdy versions of my creations created by Uniqlo. Take an early look at some of the pieces in their collaborative range before they launch at the end of this week!


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Events Shopping

1 week to go: #TheBloggersMarket no.3!

TheBloggersMarket 3 march 2016 poster


#TheBloggersMarket no.3

We’re back! London’s most blog-able shopping event is here for round 3. (We’ve clearly done something right!) Returning to Holborn’s The Hoxton Hotel, my internet-dwelling gal pals and I will be filling our rails with all our best pre-loved pieces from coats to culottes, ASOS to Ann-Sofie Back. With prices from just 50p up to a tenner, you wouldn’t want to miss out on some special pieces from your favourite blog posts now would ya?!

For anyone not lucky enough to have come along to one of #TheBloggersMarket events before, it’s essentially a day of hanging out with your friends and some of the internet’s darlings. (I’m talking about Carrie, Olivia, Kristabel and Dunya here!)

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What I Find Most Inspiring at LFW

cropped black denim jeans

90s nineties style cropped denim outfit

adidas silver glitter superstar trainers and pink calvin klein bag

crouching on a wall


The LFW Apartment

I’m not one to ‘do’ Fashion Week but something I’m always excited for is The Apartment. If you’ve not heard of it, just head to Instagram and type in #ApartmentJournal to see the hundreds of artfully composed flatlays and the behind the scenes prep that goes into LfW from Bloggers attending the ultimate in Blogger lounges.
It’s a space for Influencers doing fashion week to use as a base, a chill out space, networking opportunity, make-up parlour and all-day open larder. Sounds like heaven right? It’s also the opportunity for brands to connect with bloggers and have a chance of being promoted and I think it’s just genius.

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