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Places to visit in Mauritius

Welcome back to Mauritius, the island that brought us so much more than the dumb Dodo; think beautiful beaches, warm blue seas, waterlilies you could sit on, cute retro buses (and equally kitsch bus stops), Macaques that nab your lunch and locals who love colour even more than me.

If you’re intrigued to holiday here, I can’t recommend staying in any Attitude Hotel enough but you can read all about my favourite – The Ravenala right here. Now that you’ve got yourself a bed for the night, and you’ve swotted up on all you can do in the capital of Port Louis, you’re ready to EXPLORE!

Here are my favourite things we got up to on the Island.

Gunners coin Mauritius island boat trip


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Help, I can’t relax!

Calling all couch-dodgers, list-lovers and weekend workers! Is ‘relaxing’ a term that doesn’t exist for you either? You’re in good company… I can’t relax.

I’m forever creating lists. Lists of jobs, tasks and things to do that when added up leave approximately 0 hours for that thing people call ‘down time’. It’s a problem. So much so that it drives my boyfriend mad (he’s a champion relaxer), leaves me with friendships I never tend to and a body and mind that never gets to actually stop.

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The Ravenala

A hotel with attitude

In my last blog post I welcomed you to the Island of Mauritius where I showed you around the capital of Port Louis but now, it’s time to chill. Away from the hustle and bustle of market stalls and motorbikes lie oasis of calm in the form of a Mauritius hotel named Attitude. Not ones to encourage you to spend your trip entirely horizontal, this group of Indian Ocean-side locations have a ‘get in there’ attitude; offering you authentic experiences outside of their resorts that will result in you leaving with some pretty unique and special memories.

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Port louis mauritius sunset

Welcome to Mauritius!

If you’re the type who snaps a photo every 5 seconds whilst on holiday you might find yourself enduring a mild panic post-trip when you look at your frame count. That was me post-6 days in Mauritius! The trip, courtesy of Attitude Hotels, brought me to a meaty 2,000 photos although that’s nothing compared to my travel buddy Carrie’s 5k, but still quite considerable none the less. I’m pleased to say that my eyes couldn’t have seen any more things, my body not able to fit in one more activity and as a result, I have ALL OF THE PHOTOS. So sorry to me for giving myself so much to trawl through and sorry to you for taking so long to post on my trip of a lifetime, but hell it was WORTH THE WAIT!

Where better to start my Mauritius series than the capital? Come and take a tour with my travel group and I!


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Interview: Kim Turkington, Love Cloth & Jigsaw

At the beginning of this year, I wrote about my career story so far – the good, bad and certainly ugly experiences I’ve had of working on both sides of the proverbial blogging fence. I must admit, I set myself up a little high as I’ve definitely not blogged as much as I should have lately and I definitely haven’t posted anything on the subject of Blogging advice which I had promised (*slaps wrist*).

I do, however, have an excuse. My blog post drafts have been jigged around a little as I’ve been preparing for a talk aaaall about that stuff for Blogtacular (I had to make sure all my juicy secrets weren’t given away all at once). If you’d like to catch said juicy secrets then please purchase yourself some nice comfy seats at Blogtacular’s London event in June where you’ll be able to hear me not only gabble-on about the best way to work with brands but also excellent advice from some proper experts. Take a look!

We are Social Media Girls

Meanwhile, I’ve been dying to share this interview with you for yonks! Please welcome my friend and founder of Social Gals (an informal network for girls who work in Social Media at lifestyle companies) Kim!

Kim has been running her beautifully refined fashion blog Love Cloth for the last five years, creating aspiringly high quality photos and wearing outfits you’ll want to steal right off her. Oh and she also manages to squeeze in a little full time job running Jigsaw’s Social accounts. Like me, she’s a Social Gal-slash-Blogger so I was really keen to find out how she started, how she juggled the workload, how her dual roles influence each other and her predictions for the future. Enjoy!

Kim turkington Jigsaw social media manager interview


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