Blue Skies, Fluffy Clouds

cloud print trainers gola brick wall

cloudy sky north london

walking down the street london

bright yellow car pink and blue outfit

yellow door north london

blue skinny jeans colourful rain outfit

pastel front door london

gola colourful cloud print trainers

hampstead heath houses winter

blue googly eye clutch yellow car

sitting on a wall sneakers colourful

hampstead heath tree trunk

blue sky pink outfit

hampstead heath

cath kidston print scarf asos rain jacket

cath kidston cloud print trainers

Cloud Print

It might be Blue Monday but all I see is blue sky! It’s not just there when I look up, but down on my feet too. Cath Kidston’s new cloud print range is just adorbs.

A brand known for their retro British prints, CK always charm me with their print coated every-day items. None, however, have quite got me cooing like the cloud print so just to warn you, I might just be buying everything. That or the fish print. Too good!

You never quite know when the clouds might turn from white to grey so I wore my plastic mac and matching brolly for my stroll on Hampstead Heath yesterday. Just in case. The mud may have gotten the better of my new Gola’s in the end but I’ll be wearing them with resistance. Come on Mr Blue Sky, you can do it!

Like Cath Kidston? See how we celebrated their 20th birthday!


looking over hampstead heath london

blue cloud print scarf

blue jeans and pink rain jacket

pink umbrella blue sky


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Teddy Textures

fashion blogger winter grunge colourful outfit

symmetrical canal bridge amsterdam

fashion blogger winter grunge colourful outfit

cute red amsterdam cafe cornerfashion blogger winter grunge colourful outfit black accessories

red jumper black beanie


Red and Black

Whoop – first outfit post of the year! I hope you enjoyed my post about what I got up to in 2014 and my latest tips on how to refresh your home for the new year. Here’s to more lifestyle and advice posts – I really like making them so I hope you like having a peruse!

This outfit was actually shot pre 2015 (oopsies!) on my trip to Amsterdam with my galpals. Kristabel and I spent a lovely chilled day wandering around the De Pijp quarter, ambling down quiet and picturesque residential streets and ‘um’-ing and ‘arr’-ing over which indie burger joint to have lunch at.

I’m kicking myself at sending my plain black roll neck top to the charity shop a year ago. What the hell was I thinking? Winter layering essential hello? That’s a shopping list note right there! Thanks Kristabel for letting me steal yours instead. Luckily, I was super cosy in my woolly layers and teddy textured skirt. If you’re a mini-skirt wearer but want to beat the chill, get yourself a fluffy skirt – they keep your bum perfectly warm!


I’ll be posting a colourful little guide to the capital very soon including where we finally decided to eat our burgers!

See what else I wore in Amsterdam ›

bikes amsterdam residential street

fashion blogger winter grunge colourful outfit

retro scooter street

colourful blogger outfit

amsterdam outfit

fashion blogger winter grunge colourful outfit

amsterdam streets

What I Wore:



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5 Steps to Shiny-up your Home this New Year

new year home bedroom decorating plants shelf


Refresh your home and life this January!

There’s a lot of talk of renewal and resolutions now that we’re all ’20k 15′ and all that, so I’m jumping on the band wagon and having a little cleanse of my own. Giving your pad a spruce-up is the best start to the year. Come on, it’s time to refresh your home!


kitchen shelves kilner jars organisation


1 – Re-arrange your cupboards


Unless you’re a magic fairy, your kitchen cupboards are probably looking like a Jenga game stopped mid-play for fear of the dreaded tumble. This was a state typical of my kitchen with my main issue being tea overload. Yes, too many tea box/packets/sachets called for some pretty choc-a-block shelving.


A Christmas gift of cute cork stopper jars later and I was excited to get stuck in.

Buy kilner jars and change the alignment of your shelves so that the height of each shelf works for you. Rearrange your food by what you use the most. I put all my baking supplies on the top shelf, (because as much as I’d love to think so, I rarely get my Delia on) all my teas and drinks in the middle and the new larger bottom section for all my grains, herbs, tins and cupboard essentials. Now it makes sense!




new year home bedroom decorating perfumes


2 – Cosify your bedroom


If you live in a Victorian conversion like me, chances are you can feel the north wind blow through the hairline gaps in your wooden windows as if there was no glass at all. Useless. Living in a rented house means there’s only so much calling up the estate agents and blasting that mini-heater that you can do, but when I heard about insulating films from my friend, there was hope!


Last weekends task was fitting Tesa Thermo Cover films for your windows. (Note: you won’t be able to open them whilst you have these affixed but come spring you can peel them off easily again.) Whilst the description of ‘simple to mount’ may not have quite fit the mark, (this is a two-man job) once you’ve got the hang of one of one window, the other ain’t so hard.

The light in the photo picks out the plastic so you can see it but most of the time you can’t make them out at all! Prettify your room with plants, candles and perfumes and no-one will ever know.

My second action was to maximise the radiators heat circulation around my room. I previously had a my clothes rail covering 3/4 of my rad. Bad idea Lucy. Whilst my T-shirts and jeans were getting toasty, I was shivering across the room. Now as I write this post I feel warmth. I am actually warm – hooray! Which brings me on to…



new year home bedroom decorating desk space


3 – Re-shuffle your room to fit with now


Even if you’ve had the same bedroom for years you probably don’t use it in quite the same way as you did last year. I moved in in March and at last I’m starting to realise that the way I’d stored things or configured the furniture didn’t make good feng shui anymore.


I’ve swapped my clothes rail for my desk so that I can get more heat from my radiator and natural light from the window whilst working. The bonus is, now when I walk into the room, it looks larger as my line of vision isn’t obstructed by a busy mass of clothes anymore. I’ve also swapped my lamp bulb for an energy efficient daylight bulb for extra room-freshening ‘sunlight’.

You don’t have to go moving furniture of course. I’m also hitting my shelves and drawers, swapping things out of them to make more sense. My most-used items come to the top, boxes stack in my eye-line and awkward shapes go in the corner where they’re less viewed.

At this point it’s probably also useful to…




new year home bedroom decorating dress rail


4 – Have a clear-out


Yes, we all know there’s nothing more therapeutic than ridding ourselves of objects we attached ourselves to in the past. It’s all about tomorrow (and next season now) so get yourself on Pinterest, trend reports and motivational guides then hit that rail and make an impact. Your local charity shop will thank you and ‘ooh! Look at all that new space you have to exhibit your new candle holder!’




desk inspiration macbook pro, chocolate and colourful books on marble table

5 – And lastly, update your website!


Your room is in a state of equilibrium, the scented candles are calming you and your favourite blogs are full of year in rewiews. Now to get back online! Get inspired by looking at lots of different sources, magazines and books.


Analyse your website and note what you want to change. Get mobile. Create a private Pinterest board and get designing or contacting those coders. I am weehhhlll overdue a blog redesign so my main goal for 2015 is to get my graphics cap on!

Good Luck!




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Shiny Thoughts of 2014

Yes, they’re all over the internet and sure, you may be a little sick at looking at what all the Bloggers did in February 2014 but I’ve been looking back on my years for… years, so it’s tradition!

If you’re new to ShinyThoughts then there’s no better time to take a look at what this bloggy is all about. Welcome!

I Hit Some Milestones!

ShinyThoughts turned 5 with a bit of a shiny party… and I turned 24 after moving into my first post-uni house! 2



I shared my bedroom decorating tips


In March, I moved into my shared house in North London and after some settling in, I shared my bedroom decorating tips with you. Turns out, you must have liked it as lots of you commented and shared the post on Pinterest – thanks! A month later, I was invited to colourfully style up a student halls bedroom with just £100 – Just my kind of challenge!

Love Lifestyle?

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I discovered lots more of London

Now that I was back in London after a year and a half – it was time to check out what my city had to offer! The summer motivated me to fill my days up to the max so I made a guide of things to do to get you up in the morning which caught your attention!

I discovered lots more of Camden where I work (and play!) including the fun lock market parties and gorgeous walks around the canals.

In the autumn I finally got my act together and started seeing more of London’s sights. Better late than never! I spent a weekend in London like a tourist, I went on a bike ride with my girl friends where I finally saw Buckingham Palace(!) and in November, I toured the city again by bus for a rather unique afternoon tea experience!

Love London?

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I fell in love with food

london food

Exploring London requires a lot of eating. This year I’ve eaten out more than ever and I’m not complaining! Your favourite food review post of last year was my brunch at this then new American-style Soho establishment. Yum! The meat eater in me couldn’t stay away from burgers and the top right photo from Kerb street food market was a close contender to the top spot along with the bottom right photo taken in Shoreditch. If you’re a carnivore too, you’d love my tour of London in 4 meats!

Love Burgers?

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I may love meat but I’ve a hella sweet tooth too! Nothing much beats a slice of salted caramel brownie and a loose leaf tea which is why I fell in love with this new tearoom in East London. In the same post I shared my secret speakeasy dining spot with an excellent menu. I wouldn’t be a blogger without a fair few afternoon teas and ice cream in the prettiest parlour in the summer was a highlight too!

Love Food?

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I whipped up some Foodie DIYs

food DIYs

When I spent all my pennies on posh dinners, I resorted to whipping up my own treats! Your favourite post of last year was my Burger cake recipe  which I still love looking at myself! Drinks-wise, I showed you how to create spooky cocktails for halloween and Brazilian Caipirinhas for hot summer days.

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I wore some colourful clothes


Of course, a big part of ShinyThoughts’ year was the outfits! Here are some of my favourite colourful ensembles including one where I styled up a pair of headphones for a Take 10 challenge, what I wore to my best friends birthday and my summer obsession with tropical prints.

Like my style?

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And even tried monochrome!


This year I’ve worn the most amount of black and white combos in my life. Maybe I’m growing up, maybe I’m going mad, (probably the latter) but I quite liked it. Sure there’s still a flash of colour in there but maybe I’ll be exploring the greyscale side of my style a little more next year. *Shock horror.*

Like my style?

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Either way, I wore kicks

red and pink Trainers

Those pink Airmax got a lot of wear so I added another turquoise pair to my collection as well as a much needed pair of Black nike free’s. My most-featured trainers award goes to my pink leopard nikes which make me feel like dancing down the street (so now I wear them to Zumba!)

I finally added a pair of New Balance to my collection this year and loved wearing them with pastel outfits. So what for 2015? Another pair of NB’s is on the list and maybe a yellow pair of trainers?

blue and green trainers

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I got on a plane a fair few times


This year I fell in love with Sweden. Gothenburg to be precise and I can’t wait for Spring when it’ll be warm enough to go and visit again. Although I travelled there twice last year, I only managed to post a couple of outfits in my favourite locations but I made up for it on Instagram! I’ve already promised you a post on my love for the city so that’s my new years resolution right there!


It was the year of city guides on ShinyThoughts and it started in Milan with my fun illustrated map! Next up was my colourful guide to Geneva and I finished the year with a trip to Vienna.  I even fitted in a quick dash to Spain (not even my best friends realised I was there!), a trip or two to France and a fun trip to Amsterdam with my best friends which I’ll be telling you all about in a post very soon too!

I also wrote a post about what to wear on your trips, take a look!

Love Seeing Europe?

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And I was very lucky

That got to spend the year with some pretty awesome people! My Blogging lady friends are my little club and one of the most fun things we did was to travel to Somerset for Carries birthday. I also got to go to Bestival, had a pretty cool summer and got to blog about it along the way! Thanks for reading about my discoveries and I hope that you’ve had a super shiny year too! Here’s to 2015! What have you got planned this year?


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Camel Coat and the Canals

winter outfit camel brown yellow canal barge boat amsterdam camel coat river island london blogger in amsterdam red leather brit-stitch bag and camel coat

white railings amsterdam

looking over the canals in amsterdam colourful bikes by the canals in amsterdam

cosy beanie longline camel coat back to school styleamsterdam street



 Happy Second Christmas to Me!

Hope you’re having a wonderful festive break this weekend! In true ShinyThoughts Family style, I’m back from spending Christmas in France and am now at my parents about to celebrate Christmas Day part 2. Yep, we’re a greedy bunch and like to celebrate the festive season in pan-european ways! Just before we crack on with the turkey, here’s a warming outfit from my recent trip to Amsterdam with KLM. (Yep, I’ve been travelling around Europe a fair amount this year!)


 Camel, Orange, Yellow, Red

I stole my friend Dunya’s camel coat for these snaps by this strip of the canal just a short walk down from our awesome rooms in Hotel V - cheers matey! It complimented the warm tones in my vintage-based skirt and cashmere jumper outfit nicely, especially the beanie that I grabbed in the local H&M upon realising that the city was actually pretty nippy. She nabbed the coat back later on our way to dinner, looks like we all miss judged the Netherlands’ climate!


seventies style outfit orange and brown swinging from a lamppost in amsterdam sixties style

visit amsterdam red superga trainers sat on a bench orange collar yellow jumper red hair    discovering amsterdam fashion bloggers

h&m mustard beanie hat

canals in amsterdam


What I Wore:

Coat (similar) – River Island / Skirt and Top – Vintage / TrainersSuperga / Beanie – H&M / Bag – Brit-Stitch / Shirt and Earrings – ASOS

Stay tuned for more outfits from our #FiveFlyKLM trip to Amsterdam and my colourful guide coming soon!


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