jewellery – which style are you?

palm leaves flatlay with gold chain minimal jewellery

Over years, tastes change, and nowhere shows that more than in my jewellery collection!

I’ve gathered together my favourite pieces from both sides of my jewellery style coin so that you can spot something you like, no matter what your taste. Let me know if you’ve changed your collection growing up and if there are any pieces you can’t bare part from.

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Summer Travel

See where the road takes you!

cool quirky airbnb places to stay norfolk shownmans wagon
No plans are the best plans

2 weekends ago, I invited my Mum to meet me in north London with nothing but an overnight suitcase and her adventure face on.

All I’d told her was that she’d have to drive a few hours over the weekend but that our discoveries along the way would make it more than worth the effort. With the offer of a car, which I hired from and a bed for the night covered, it was up to me to decide where to go and what to do. What a question huh? At least ‘who with’ was a no brainer!

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The Paris Pilgrimage

Fashion blogger eiffel tower paris outfit


La Tour Eiffel

Whilst Britain is busy making its mind up about the weather, I’m in France sporting a decidedly covered up outfit borrowed from the boys. Last month, it became quickly apparent that I required more jackets to make it through the tricky transitional part of the year.

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London Love Outfits

Meredith and Me

bright yellow jumper and cropped jeans outfit

silver star balloon birthday

Notting Hill

It was the day of my 26th birthday when the absolutely charming Meredith Sherlock shot me down ‘that street that Hugh Grant lived on’.  A shoot with this very talented camera-wielding lady had been long in the pipeline but hadn’t materialised over the 6 month window from The Bloggers Market (where we first met) to now (when she would leave to head back to Canada). Luckily the Thursday afternoon worked out and we met halfway in the neck of the woods she came to call her home (the lucky thing).

Notting Hill has always been fairly far away for me but is worth the trek for the streets upon streets of pastel and vibrantly coloured houses. Last time I shot down these here parts was with the darling Xanthe Berkeley when I wore all those fancy dresses.

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