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Spending the night with the One!

new mattress the One by Madenew mattress the One by Made

new mattress the One by Made

new mattress the One by Made

colourful bedding

new mattress the One by Made

Time for Bed

We spend 1/3 of our day in bed yet it’s probably the aspect of our lives we invest the least in. If you love your sleep (all 9 hours of it) as much as me, listen up! When was the last time you got a new mattress, huh?

For me it was never. I lived with my parents up until 5 years ago, they dealt with all that kind of adult stuff. Then there was uni and dear god, lets not think of the state of the beds in the various houses I lived in. Now I’m in a shared house and the situation was pretty much the same. You pay your deposit, turn over the mattress and realise 5 other people before you must have done the same thing. eww.

You know when you get to the point where you don’t want to change the bed for fear of what’s probably growing underneath? Or when you can’t lie in certain positions because the dip in the bed breaks your back a bit? Yeah, it *might* be time for a new mattress. So that’s it, I’ve become a real adult, I own my own mattress… and boy it was the best idea ever.


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My favourite place in Sydney

the grounds of alexandria archway fountain gardens

the grounds of alexandria truck sign outside

the grounds of alexandria gardener hay trailer

the grounds of alexandria hire bicycles

the grounds of alexandria sign posts

the grounds of alexandria glass jar lanterns

coffee school best latte at the grounds of alexandria

the grounds of alexandria cafe

the grounds of alexandria jams

yellow metal chairs and flowers in the grounds of alexandria


The Grounds of Alexandria

It’s pretty rare that I’ll dedicate a whole post to one single destination but my most favourite place in Sydney feels like be it could 12 locations at once. Plus it’s just so awesome that it warrants it’s own, dedicated, hundred-photo post. Believe me!

Before heading to Sydney, I swotted up on a couple of blogs, as you do. Several mentioned The Grounds of Alexandria, but it wasn’t until looking at the website that I realised quite the scale and how much I’d love it! Although it’s described as ‘a landmark coffee roastery, café and sustainable garden’, this former industrial estate hosts so much more than that.

There’s a mini farm featuring star resident ‘Kevin Bacon’ the pig, there’s the bloomin’ stunning florist, bakery, 3 places to eat and then there’s the coffee lab where they research and experiment with beans and invite guests to get involved themselves!


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Denim culottes

british style primary colours tartan denim

tall terrace houses

walking down the street bright red coat

primary colours winter outfit fashion

bright red door bedford square

check plaid tartan red coat blue leather bag

wearing a coat as a cape on your shoulders

bedford square london do not chain bicycles to railings sign

london look bedford square

bicycles lined up

london look bedford square

british style look

red coat blue bag hung up on railings


Primary colours on a grey day

I actually didn’t realise I was wearing primary colours until I looked back on these photos! Maybe it was chance or maybe I just felt the force of CMYK calling at me from my wardrobe. I’ll go with the latter. Me and colour, we’ve got a connection. Apart from the obvious red, yellow and blue combo, something else is bold about today’s look. The proportions.

I can’t believe it’s taken me, what? 2 years to try culottes?! And I work in fashion… tut tut. I’ve always meant to give them a go but guess I needed to see them played out by others first to get a feel for styling. I’m not sure I’ve got it quite right even now as these are a little too big for me but hey, I’m happy I gave them a punt. I might be getting chilly calves but, daymn, now I feel more sophisticated. Natch!


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