So you’ve never been to Liverpool?

Pink wall instagram friendly bold street liverpool

brick houses in the streets of Liverpool

Visit Liverpool with me

It’s famously the birthplace of Beatles, the home of UK no. 1s, the European Capital of Culture 2018 and the site of the ‘Three Graces’ buildings that line the World Heritage Site on the waterfront. Not yet ticked Liverpool off your bucket list? This might change your mind.

With such a rich culture (did I mention the music heritage?) including its brilliant museum offering and the fact that it has more listed buildings than any other city outside London, Liverpool had always been up there on my ‘places to visit in England’ list. I knew that my boyfriend, who I can barely tear away from his piano, would be keen and so I plotted to take him there on a surprise trip for his birthday.

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Decorating a shared room

Decorating a lounge room for a couple

When the boyfriend moves in…

Who wants a snoop around our new room? Everyone? Thought so!

I love looking at how people style new rooms as much as the next gal and seeing as you enjoyed my bedroom post and the post I wrote two years ago on styling my boyfriend’s new flat, I think you’ll enjoy this one.

This new room is where the two posts meet in the middle. My boyfriend has moved into my house and rented this room (whilst I rent our now-shared bedroom). It’s the perfect scenario – we each pay our share of the house but now it feels almost like we have two rooms.

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Style Travel

La nature a Genève


The Geneva Countryside

My last trip to Geneva showed me that it is the place to visit whether you love the water, prefer a city break, are a nature affectionado or, in my case, gladly welcome all three. Let me explain…

Our lovely Guides for our weekend trip, Lucie and Julia from Geneva Live (the brilliant website by the Tourist Board), explained that welcoming each of these three aspects into your holiday will have you’ll feel totally re-energised when you find yourself back at your desk on Monday morning. A city alone can be pretty tiring, but with a bit of country air in your lungs (and, er, wine in your veins) thrown into the itinerary, you’ll be feeling a whole lot fresher. Now that I’ve experienced it, I totally see what they mean.

I talked about my favourite water-based things to do in Geneva in my last post (think rooftop pools and lake boating trips) but now to hero all things green. Welcome to the Geneva countryside.


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Style Travel

Set sail for Geneva

By the water in Geneva surrounded by colourful boats

Geneva water lake bridge flags swiss cross


Water water everywhere

When I was invited to join the tourist board on a trip to discover Switzerland’s city of Geneva, I was a little skeptical as to whether to go.

In truth, I wasn’t sure I was going to see much more than I had on my previous trip. I’d already tasted my way around the cute tea-rooms, scoured the Stockholm-esque vintage and record shops and taken approximately 2749 photos on Europe’s longest bench. That said, there was more of the old town that I wanted to scope out so with intrigue, I said yes.

What I hadn’t seen of Geneva it turns out, was a LOT. As I’ll show you on my trip, I discovered that Geneva is so much more than a city with a lake and a water jet (although that in itself earns itself this blog post). Geneva is a city where culture and heritage are here to be snapped up. Just take the International district – the European UN building is just a minute’s walk away from the impressively modern and emotionally arresting Red Cross museum. Then there’s the fact that it’s the perfect base to go exploring the countryside in the most millennial-friendly fashion and with the airport a mere 10 minutes away from the centre, you’re going to get a lot done on your weekend city break.

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