5 ways to brighten up your February

All blue outfit infront of blue wall colourful style

They’re blue, yellow, red, pink and green

…and they’re coming to put the win back into winter.

Stand back black, go away grey – there’s enough of you in the sky to wear you on our bodies too. We don’t need any more of your darkness, we need colour and light to fill the gaping gap in the spectrum at this time of year.

To fill this said gap, my photographer friend Xanthe Berkeley came to me with a plan; to make up for all the lost colour by overloading and filling the frame will ALL of the hue in a dedicated photoshoot. It would be a bit of fun, a photography passion project we could do at the weekend that wasn’t for anything other than just to bring joy to ourselves and the good people of Instagram.


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DIY: Wool Embroidered Jumper

topshop jumper wool embroidery DIY

It may come as a shock to you but I rarely go shopping. Since working at ASOS, I’ve been more of an online shopper and when I do spend, I like to think it’s on the more conservative side of splurging. This might be why that whenever I do hit the high street, I tend to feel sensory overload and get overwhelmed by the creativity of it all. The styling of the mannequins, the visual merchandising, the products themselves. They’re so inspiring that ‘I could do that‘s start flying around my head.

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So you’ve never been to Liverpool?

Pink wall instagram friendly bold street liverpool

brick houses in the streets of Liverpool

Visit Liverpool with me

It’s famously the birthplace of Beatles, the home of UK no. 1s, the European Capital of Culture 2018 and the site of the ‘Three Graces’ buildings that line the World Heritage Site on the waterfront. Not yet ticked Liverpool off your bucket list? This might change your mind.

With such a rich culture (did I mention the music heritage?) including its brilliant museum offering and the fact that it has more listed buildings than any other city outside London, Liverpool had always been up there on my ‘places to visit in England’ list. I knew that my boyfriend, who I can barely tear away from his piano, would be keen and so I plotted to take him there on a surprise trip for his birthday.

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Decorating a shared room

Decorating a lounge room for a couple

When the boyfriend moves in…

Who wants a snoop around our new room? Everyone? Thought so!

I love looking at how people style new rooms as much as the next gal and seeing as you enjoyed my bedroom post and the post I wrote two years ago on styling my boyfriend’s new flat, I think you’ll enjoy this one.

This new room is where the two posts meet in the middle. My boyfriend has moved into my house and rented this room (whilst I rent our now-shared bedroom). It’s the perfect scenario – we each pay our share of the house but now it feels almost like we have two rooms.

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