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margate dreamland fruit stand ice cream asos dress

margate dreamland sign sixties

margate dreamland outfit

margate dreamland pleasure colourful sign

margate dreamland asos ice cream walls sequin dress

margate dreamland childrens toy car pump station

hanging out at colourful margate dreamland

margate dreamland kiss me quick signs

fun at margate dreamland big wheel


I Scream for Ice Cream!

Put the word ‘Dreamland‘ in your next available Saturday date in your diary because you WILL want to go. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s a colourful themepark or ‘pleasurepark’ with a modern spin on retro iconography. Tracey Emin herself lent a hand to help The Hemmingways (of Red or Dead fame) with the creative direction of the new Dreamland, pulling the rides up from near destruction in 2013.

In it’s earliest incarnation in 1860, the site served as a ballroom but grew to encompass a zoo, miniature railway and hosted gigs by anyone worth name-dropping. It became one of the top 10 attractions in the UK but as with all good things, went downhill and so Dreamland started to sink in the 2000’s. Fast-forward past a couple of years of very hard work and some pretty clever copy writing and on point design, Dreamland 2.0 is open!

There are still lots of rides yet to open but going now means you’re likely to get in early on the action before your friends. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty to do there including a roller disco, cinema screenings and events. The best time to go? On a warm, clear day in the evening. Not only are tickets slightly cheaper but if you time it right you can be watching the sunset over the sea and reminiscing about the Golden Age. Good times.



margate dreamland asos dress pom pom shoes

1000 smiles per hour margate

margate dreamland scampi and chips lunch

margate dreamland helter skelter blue sky summer


Walls Ice Cream

So what to wear to one of Englands’ coolest new destinations where the puns are cheekier than Dame Edna nabbing a Nandos? A stand-out Walls x ASOS sequin dress and pom pom shoes of course! (Actually don’t, it’s really not that practical an outfit but it WILL look good.)

Because matching is the super-in right now, I brought my fave Biscuiteers biscuits along for the ride (literally.) Aren’t they adorable? Now someone pass me a Twister and long live the British summer!


margate dreamland fun big chair

biscuiteers ice cream biscuit box

biscuiteers ice lolly biscuit colourful

margate dreamland 1000 smiles per house colourful signage murals

margate dreamland colourful fun


What I Wore at Dreamland:

Dress – Walls x ASOS / Shoes – ASOS (similar here) / Lolly Biscuits – Biscuiteers / Earrings – John Creed


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Come up to Camden!

camden lock live planters signage

camden lock live main stage

Camden Lock Live 2015 colourful sign post

camden lock live gig stage singing band

Camden Lock Live 2015 sunday beer and cupcakes n sht

camden lock live stage sunflowers

camden lock live people

camden lock live half hitch gin
Camden Lock Live 2015 half hitch gin brewery

singing gig camden lock live festival


Camden Lock Live

As I’ve always mused, I’m a lover of Camden. I feel an affinity towards it’s colourful streets and characters, messy eclectism and great places to get good grub. For the past 3 years, including last year, I’ve been along to Camden Lock Live, the mini day-long music and events festival where the lock takes on a lively late night personality and has a party.

This year felt totally different with a second stage popping up in North Yard, playing dub reggae to a pretty happy audience young and old as well as a pimped up main stage and nice colourful signs. And that makes a lot of difference to me. It’s not just the late night market events that are evolving. Take a look at new Camden Market website and you might just notice a pretty slick e-commerce makeover on the once offline-only destination. Like it?

Whilst summer may well and truly be over, I’d still recommend taking a gander around Camden Market (there’s the cereal cafe there for one.) Look out for Camden Lock Live next year – I can only imagine it getting bigger and better!


Camden Lock Live 2015 bright yellow triangle shop and coconut water

camden lock live serving food stands

camden lock live signs

camden lock live street food
camden lock live crate of fruit

camden lock live bunting

Camden Lock Live 2015 la porca

Camden Lock Live 2015 north yard stage DJ grafitti

camden lock live people having fun

camden lock live horses head statue streamers///


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Prim & Pretty in Primrose Hill

what to wear in primrose hill sunny day london

flower shop primrose hill

pink marc b bandbag

pretty cute denim dress outfit

gingham check tablecloth cafe chairs london

pink flower headband and matching bag

outfit in primrose hill

wooden box of flowers and ivy


Shooting with ASOS

It’s not just the fact that I’m wearing a denim dress that makes this post unusual, nor that I’m sporting some pastel pink, it’s the fact that these shots were actually taken by ASOS! For a morning I was allowed to join the likes of ASOS Megan (who shot a couple of 70s style looks after me) and ASOS Debbie, both friends of mine in the ASOS office where I work, for a shoot in Primrose Hill to see what it was all about.

It was great to see a bit behind the scenes of the ASOS personal stylists world where they spend all day shooting one stylist after another. It was brilliant to get the chance to shoot when I usually don’t have the time as well. That’s the difficult thing about working full time and running a blog, it’s almost impossible to do both, I’m sure I’m not the only one to feel that!

As for my outfit, I appear to be collecting denim these days; dresses, skirts, jackets and anything not jeans shaped are increasingly filling my wardrobe. To wear with, this sturdy pink bag by Marc B more than sorts me out in the practical, needing-to-carry-everything-I-own-with-me department.I’m a bag lady, what can I say?


asos denim layered skater dress and pink accessories

flowers in wooden crates

snakeskin pointed shoes and pink handbag

denim dress outfit blogger


What I Wore in Primrose Hill

Dress – ASOS / Bag – Marc B (similar) / Shoes – ASOS (similar) / Headband – ASOS (similar) / Necklace – AnnaLou of London



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ShinyThoughts of #TheBloggersMarket no.2!

the bloggers market 2015 fashion blogger group girl gang

the bloggers market 2015 the hoxton hotel

the bloggers market 2015 rails shop stalls

the bloggers market 2015 the apartment

the bloggers market 2015 whatoliviadid

the bloggers market hoxton hotel apartment

the bloggers market 2015 lucy shinythoughts

the bloggers market 2015 appletiser


#TheBloggersMarket at The Hoxton Hotel

Did you hear about #TheBloggersMarket? If you haven’t then remember the name now because it’s almost certainly coming back! Essentially, it’s a fun day out in London for girls like you where you can come and shop the wardrobes of my besties Carrie, Dunya, KristabelLiv and I, plus get involved in activities and catch up with friends!

Last weekend we held our second Bloggers Market and here’s how it all went down…

Nice and early, at 7:30am Kristabel and I stuffed what looked like our whole life into the back of a big Blacklane taxi whilst spewing numerous apologies to our driver who looked mainly bemused by all the suitcases and coloured boxes. Balancing a mirror on our feet, off we headed for central London, tweeting and snapchatting as we went, of course.

At 8:30 we united with the other five girls at the The Hoxton Hotel on High Holborn along with 4 our amazing helpers Paige, Ron, Anne-Sophie, and Gemma who got up early on a Saturday just to muck in! Girls, we could not have done it without ya! A few sofa moves, croissants and rail deliveries later, we had the beautiful Hoxton Hotel Apartment just how we’d imagined.


the bloggers market emma block live illustrating

the bloggers market 2015 emma block painting

the bloggers market lounge illustrations

the bloggers market 2015 benefit cosmetics make up


We’re Open!

Next in came 120 KrispyKreme doughnuts (yes, we just about resisted eating them all before we opened) and 4 trays of Yo!Sushi along with the prettiest plates by Talking Tables to Instagram them on. The girls set out all our Appletiser bottles (it’s my fave soft drink so I was chuffed!) and helped arrange The Lounge to host all of our little extras. At 10:30, after the mandatory pep talk, we pulled across the sliding doors and in flooded your faces!

It was a damn good day with lots of you getting your make up touched up by the Benefit Cosmetics girls or getting beautiful braids done by Hair by Joel who styled lots of you at our last event! One of my favourite parts of the day was seeing so many of you adorably illustrated by our talented friend Emma Block! Demand for the cute watercolour interpretations kept her busy painting for much longer than we’d imagined so thank you Emma!

To round off the day perfectly, Liv’s singer-songwriter friend Shannon Wardrop treated us all to a dreamy acoustic set. It was pretty tricky trying to have a cheeky browse of my friends’ rails with Shannon’s incredible voice stopping me in my tracks. Do take a listen!


the bloggers market 2015 appletiser tweet shop

the bloggers market 2015 doughnuts talking tables plates

the bloggers market 2015 yosushi

the bloggers market 2015 guests

the bloggers market 2015 krispy kreme doughnuts

the bloggers market 2015 five blogger friends

the bloggers market 2015 hand painted bags

the bloggers market listening to shannon wardrop play and sing

the bloggers market 2015 the hoxton hotel holborn

the bloggers market 2015 five friends

Thank you so much to everyone who came down to shop and hang out and special thanks to Amber Rose Photography for snapping behind the scenes to get these great shots!

Want a bit more of a snoop? Take a look at #TheBloggersMarket hashtag!



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Flirty Florals

asos floral a-line dress outfit

huckleberry' ice cream sign margate

asos floral a-line dress outfit

asos floral a-line dress outfit

vintage bags shop margate

asos floral a-line dress outfit

asos floral a-line dress outfit ombre hair

colourful henley rowing lifering 1912 vintage shop margate

fun novelty asos bag

asos floral a-line dress outfit

margate colourful houses seafront

white asos mid heel sandals colourful buoys for sale margate


I Heart Margate

Oh Margate, I sparkly-pink-heart-emoji you. Your cute little vintage shops, shiny new modern art museum and of course, Dreamland makes me feel just like that; being in a dream, a makebelieve land that I quite happily won’t wake up from. Now I know, I’m totally jumping on the London to Margate band wagon (well let’s say hour and a half long train) what with Betty Magazine, TimeOut and Stylist all hailing it as the new weekend getaway destination in good old Blighty. But stereotyping and cynicism aside, it genuinely is a great place to visit for everyone, offering up everything from blue sea to blue sky.

I’ll be doing a whole post on Dreamland but first, here’s where my Blogging pals Kristabel and Kim spent our morning. If you’re taking a trip then take time to explore shops around the little old streets like Breuer & Dawson, art and design shops like Lombard Street Gallery and interiors like Etcetera. Grab a hip lunch in Roost and head to the Grayson Perry exhibition. It’s a must see.

As for my outfit, I couldn’t resist wearing this flirty a-line dress from ASOS in the hope that colourful Margate would come forward with some strong backdrops (it did!) the bag had to be done, it’s the seaside, Love! And these slip-on mules cemented a retro vibe. Stay tuned for a super sweet Dreamland outfit!


asos floral a-line dress outfit hair blowing

margate yellow cute old shop

shopping the vintage shops in Margate

margate modern art museum entrance

asos floral a-line dress outfit

roost chicken shevles margate
cool metal colourful chairs in chicken restaurant roost in margate


roost chicken chalkboard sign blue walls margate

margate roost chicken lunch

asos floral a-line dress outfit ace card novelty bag

asos floral a-line dress outfitmargate seafood stand blue sky seaside town

bloggers in margate: kristabel, lucy and kim london


What I Wore in Margate

Dress – ASOS / Bag – ASOS / Sandals – ASOS / Earrings – Toolally / Belt – Vintage


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