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The Red Swimsuit

Byron beach bright red plunge swimming costume

byron beach sunset

white leather Daniel footwear sandals Byron beach

Byron beach kicking up sand

Byron beach backless cossie

Byron beach

glamorous Byron beach outfit

red togs on Byron beach


Byron Bay-watch Red

I’m writing this in my bedroom in London whilst noticing the drops on condensation forming on my windows and the fact that I can barely see the neighbours house for mist. It’s a bit nippy to say the least so putting together photos of me in my near-nudie is giving me chills. That, and the fact that I’ve actually ‘dared’ to reveal my pastey imperfect body in so little fabric. How terrifying. Oh screw it, who cares?!

These red swimsuit shots were taken on the best holiday of my life in a little place called AUSTRALIA. Yep, this little London gal got her first taste of the southern hemisphere last month and she bloody LAVED it. Take me back and all that. I’ve got so much to show you about my 17 day trip but lets start in the most Aussie way possible, with sunsets, beaches and a little bit of Baywatch (who am I kidding?!)in beautiful Byron Bay. Here’s to warmth, no cares and holidays forever! Happy November y’all!


Byron beach sea

in the sun on Byron beach

Byron beach at sunset

red asos swimming costume and gold chain belt

Byron beach air bnb palm tree air bnb

Byron beach sunset golden hour portrait

Byron beach

Byron beach car and palm trees in Suffolk park

Byron beach sunset


What I Wore in Byron Bay:

Swimming costume – ASOS / Chain belt – Black & Brown at ASOS / Sandals – Daniel Footwear / Sweatshirt – Illustrated People (old) / Sunglasses chain – Frame chain / Earrings – Me & Zena


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Farm Life

print clash autumn outfit

hardiesmill farm scotlandhanging out on the farm gates and hay bales

hardiesmill farm scotland

brown tartan trousers and brown suede biker jacket

black aberdeen angus cows hardiesmill farm

seventies brown tones autumn outfit

hardiesmill farm scotland lunch

scotch beef steak and red wine

scotch beef hardiesmill farm scotland beef tasting

scotch beef lunch steak


Hardiesmill Place

If you read my last post all about beef then you’ll know that I took a trip up to Scotland last month with Scotch Beef to learn all about the origin of that steak on your plate. I listed a few practical pointers such as names of cuts so that you look smart next time your date takes you to Hawksmoor.

Part of the trip was a visit to one of the finest beef breeding farms in the world. Not your average weekend destination but trust me, it was a pretty fascinating insight into one of the places and processes that allows you to pile in those hipster burgers and flat iron steaks. Find out more about it in my last beef post! Alison and Robin who run Hardiesmill farm together kindly cooked us up some prime Aberdeen Angus tasting steaks. I decided that my favourite taster was the Bavette/Onglet. If you love super soft, tender cuts, this one’s for you!

Naturally, I had to make the most of my surroundings and clamber about in the hay bales whilst the farmers weren’t looking. A suede jacket and some Scotland-appropriate tartan trews had me looking quite the part if I do say so myself!


farm life outfit

black aberdeen Angus cow

sitting on hay bales farm

asos green suede tassel rucksack

wild flowers farm

pointed snakeskin shoes and tartan trousers

sitting on hay bales farm life

newgate watch and asos seventies style top

suede tassel rucksack tomboy outfithardiesmill farm scotland

asos start print shirt and suede jacket

seventies suede look autumn asos

black aberdeen angus cows hardiesmill farm

scottish farm

black aberdeen angus cows hardiesmill farm

What I Wore in Scotland:

Jacket – ASOS / Shirt – ASOS / Trousers – ASOS (similar) / Bag – Pieces / Shoes – ASOS (similar) / Watch – Newgate / Earrings – Me & Zena / Necklace – ASOS


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Meat me in Edinburgh

The Scran & Scallie scotch beef restaurant rib eye steak

Scotch Beef & Lamb

You know what they say: ‘When in Edinburgh, eat only the finest, local meat.’ Ok so in fact it’s actually ‘When in Rome, do what the Romans do.’ But you get the gist.

I never really thought I’d ever find myself heading up to the Scottish capital to learn all about the quality of their much prided Scotch Beef and Scotch Lamb but I came away feeling really chuffed that I did. I not only got to butcher my own lamb shoulder (Butchers, hats off to you, it’s hard!) and eat it afterwards but also get to visit a Scotch Beef approved farm and taste a few steaks in some of Edinburgh’s top restaurants.

Just understanding a little more the labour that goes into your red meat supper really helped me put the cost into perspective. Here’s a little of what I learned and hopefully you might find it useful if ever you’ve questioned that steak on your plate.


Edinburgh new town cookery school shoulder lamp

Beef Myths

Beef myth no.1 –  Bigger isn’t better:

Beef cows can’t just be fed on grass which is why in Scotland, cattle are often fed byproducts of whiskey to provide sugars to the animals in winter. Yes whiskey. Only the best. In some other areas outside of the UK including the US, cattle are often fed grain along with added hormones to aid digestion. Unfortunately these don’t sit well in any of a cows’ four stomachs and can lead to sickness, identified by fatty muscle and bright red meat. So that big steak with all that white fat may not have had a happy life as a cow.

Secondly, big cows aren’t always best. In Scotland, some farms breed smaller cattle so that they are more agile and mobile on their feet and can cope with wet and muddy terrains.

Edinburgh new town cookery school

Beef myth no. 2 – Those white flecks in your steak is what’s making it juicy and taste amazing!

When buying a prime cut pre cooked, go for one with ‘marbling’, thin streaks of fat spread out amongst the fibres. This shows that the animal was more likely to be healthy with exercise and outdoor rearing. The darker the marbling the better too! Yum.

Beef myth no.3 – Cuts don’t have to be super fresh:

If the meat has been left to mature by resting or hanging on the bone (typically for between 2-4 weeks) then the natural flavours will intensify and textures enhance.

Edinburgh new town cookery school shoulder lamb roast

Beef myth no.4 – Scottish beef isn’t the same as Scotch Beef:

Scotch Beef is a stamp of approval awarded to around 10,000 Scottish farms and meat by a governing body who ensure that meat is manufactured above and beyond the basic standards. Processes are checked from start to finish to ensure the highest quality and welfare and everything from the twinkle in Daddy cows’ eye to the steak on your plate was kept in Scotland and traced.
Edinburgh new town cookery school Beef myth no.5 – Scotch Beef meat ain’t any old cow:

To class as Scotch Beef, cows have to be Hefers. No, that’s not an insult, it means a lady cow who hasn’t calved. Poor dear. The less hard a cow works during their life and the fewer stressful situations they’re put in, the better tasting and more tender the meat.

Edinburgh new town cookery school scotch lamb New Town Cookery School  7 Queen Street / EH2 1JE

Beef myth no.6 – A stated breed doesn’t mean it’s pedigree:

Did you know that a cut in a shop can be stated as ‘Aberdeen Angus Beef’ but have only had an Aberdeen Angus Dad and could have had any uncouth Mum. Shocking. As well as being a little deceiving, it does affect the taste, particularly of the fat.

Know your Beef Cuts

I was a total steak rookie like me, here’s the breakdown of prime cuts:

Fillet – The most tender and expensive used for Wellington running along the middle back of the cow. The largest cut from the fillet is called the Chateaubriand.

Rump – The butt but not the butt end of the meat spectrum. Made up of several parts, it’s full of flavour from working so hard.

Sirloin – Probably the most popular steak. It comes from the middle back of the cow and is pretty tasty. On the bone it can come attached with a fillet steak which together make a T-bone cut.

Rib Eye – (As seen in the first image!) Coming from the middle of the fore rib, it’s apparently the connoisseur’s choice for flavour as it’s so marbled, and best served rare. For 2 people it’s usually the Cote de Boeuf.

Bavette – AKA the Onglet steak comes from the underside of the belly (the diaphragm) and works bloody hard so is best cooked fast and furious.

Featherblade – The shoulder muscle with a central nerve running up it like a feather. Also trendily named the Flat Iron steak or Oyster Blade.

Ready to give it a try? These Edinburgh based restaurants will show you the best!


The Scran & Scallie Bistro edinburgh restaurant traditional cocktails
The Scran & Scallie Bistro edinburgh restaurant traditional food
The Scran & Scallie Bistro edinburgh restaurant traditional jelly sorbet

The Scran & Scallie Bistro edinburgh restaurant traditional meringue

The Scran & Scallie – 1 Comely Bank Road / EH4 1DT

Timberland restaurant edinburgh fine dining fish course
Timberland restaurant edinburgh fine dining
Timberland restaurant edinburgh fine dining fireplace
Timberland restaurant edinburgh fine dining bottles whiskey
Timberland restaurant edinburgh fine dining
Timberland restaurant edinburgh fine dining

Timberyard – 10 Lady Lawson Street / EH3 9DS


There’s nothing more empowering than knowledge and now I feel thankful to have the understanding to make informed decisions about what I shop for and eat with an awareness about the origin of meat, quality of it and peace of mind about the treatment of the animal and the environment.

Curious about quality meat and how to cook it? Take a look at the Scotch Beef website or order your own prime cuts from one of the top 5 beef producing farms in the world!


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Peanut Butter Lover

collegiate style outfit

back to school sweatshirt style

collegiate outfit in Edinburgh

daniel footwear leopard print trainers

edinburgh boat rides bike market street

sweatshirt and stripes

ASOS pieces green suede fringe rucksack


Collegiate Style

It’s sweater weather and I’m glad that new-on-my-radar jersey basics brand Rad. are here to help. Straight from their HQ in France, they’re spreading messages of happiness  and nostalgia on tops and tees one embroidered slogan at a time.

Being the pureed nut lover that I am, (I’m a crunchy kinda gal) I instantly fell in love with this peanut butter sweat the moment I saw it on my housemates’ bed. Next minute, I was taking it to Edinburgh with me and putting it through the wash before she’d even had the chance to try it on. You snooze, you lose, sista.


Paired with some thick, tapered trews, this sweatshirt has me dreaming of going back to school, albeit in a different country… Oh to be able to call the grand aged bricks of Scotlands’ capital my home. Not only is uni free up here but just being in the city has you coming over all Harry Potter. Pass the text books!

More on what I got up to up there coming right up.


edinburgh colourful shops grassmarket

edinburgh festival box office entrance

newgate white chunky watch and scrunchie

tying hair with a scrunchie

edinburgh cafe jaques grassmarket colourful shop

peanut butter rad sweatshirt

hanging out outside the edinburgh festival box office

collegiate outfit in Edinburgh

colourful school style outfit

colourful Victoria street, edinburghjester inspired outfit

collegiate outfit in Edinburgh

entrance to the edinburgh festival fringe shop


What I Wore in Edinburgh:

Sweatshirt – Rad. Clothing / Trousers – ASOS / Trainers – Daniel Footwear / Bag – ASOS / Watch – Newgate / Scrunchie – My own design.



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layering outfit for autumn

beautiful golden hour over the park in camden

sporty autumnal outfit

london fashion blogger outfit

nike juvenate black trainers mesh clock tower blue sky london fashion blogger outfit shiny black clutch with varsity patches caledonian park flowers sunset pinklondon fashion blogger outfit nike juvenate black trainers meshcracked wall detail yellow flowers

nike bra top white styling denim casual look


Nike Juvenate

I’ve been meaning to explore Caledonian Park and its’ grade II listed clock tower for ages so just as golden hour came round and I had a spare half hour, I called up Kristabel and we met up in the secret park in the middle of Camden residentials. Even though we raced against the sun setting, we snapped some pretty nice shots if I do say so myself. Isn’t the clock tower beautiful?!

I doubled up on my Nike (I’m a sucker for Nike kicks!) layering a gym bra, usually reserved for Zumba and Body Balance, under a hundred tops and sporting my new fave trainers. If you’ve not tried the Juvenate style then you absolutely must! It’s the closest to going bare foot you’ll get in these light mesh beauties.

Both Nike pieces are available at ASOS who gave me the chance to style them up in my own way. With my love of sporty-influenced style, it was pretty easy to do to be honest!


looking up at the Camden clock tower

detail denim chain belt plaid shirt

sporty autumnal outfit

nike juvenate black trainers mesh

architecture london clock tower vertical walls

clock tower through the branches

double denim outfit detail

fashion blogger smiling

nike juvenate black trainers mesh

making shapes strike a pose in sporty outfit

khaki jacket blue denim skirt outfit

What I wore in Caledonian Park:

Trainers – Nike Juvenate at ASOS / Crop top – Nike at ASOS / Skirt – ASOS / Denim jacket – ASOS / Khaki jacket – ASOS (similar) / Earrings – Me & Zena / Clutch – Bershka / Pins on clutch – Rock Cakes / Belt – ASOS


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