Geneva Guide: Colourful Places to Visit

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A Colourful Guide to Geneva

I mentioned the ever-so-useful Geneva Girls’ Guide in my first outfit post in Geneva, explaining that if you’re taking a trip to the Swiss city, you had better make getting a Geneva Girls’ Guide your no.1 priority when you step off that plane. Even if you’re not a girl!

I’m sure you like to do a little bit of online research first (aren’t blogs the best places to hear about things to see and do in new places?!) so here’s a taster of what cute and colourful places you can expect to find in the Guide as I went and explored on my latest trip away!


flair 3 vintage shopping geneva girls guide

flair 3 geneva vintage shop gold trainers

vintage shopping geneva switzerland

colourful vintage clothes

Geneva Vintage Shops

It goes without saying that you’ll be on the look out for some cute shops to browse for a no-one-else-has-this item so the GGGuide starts off with a handy shopping section. Geneva provides an eclectic mix of high end boutiques and tiny vintage shops that are perfect for popping in and out of and are neatly tucked away from the bustling center.

Take a walk out to the south of the Old Town along Rue Prevost-Martin in Plainpalais where there are a bunch of cute indie stores. If you’re a vintage maven, start at Flair 3 where the owner Marisa will help you find just what you want!


cool indie record shop switzerland

bonjo joes record shop colourful music shop

string hanging baskets interiors


Bongo Joe’s Record Store

Just around the corner from Flair 3 is the stand-out cabin-esque indie record store Bongo Joe’s. Whilst it’s not actually in the GGGuide, I couldn’t resist a nosey. The shop inside is worth looking in if only for the interior design.

Scratched yellow tables and chairs sit under a mezzanine floor and colourful vinyls, record players, plants and Apple Macs are laid out around the shop adding to it’s eclectic charm.


les enfants terribles colourful design shop geneva

les enfants terribles design shop geneva

cute gift shop childrens toys

les enfants terribles yellow crockery patterned cute


Les Enfants Terribles

There’s no missing the out-of-a-children’s-TV-show facade of Les Enfants Terribles. The colours, along with the name (my dad used to call my brother and I that when we were our most mischievous) had me at ‘ooOooh, heeellooooo!’ So inside we went.

LOOK AT IT! I almost cried rainbow tears wandering around. The crockery, the kids/kidults toys, the super ‘designy’ lamps, the cafe, the wine shop, the fact that the owners work inside a caravan inside the shop and own a workshop where they rework items of furniture, was all a bit too much for me to handle. Make this a must-visit, but bring tissues.


coup de girafe cute cafe lunch geneva

salads best lunch indie cafe geneva

orange typewriter
coup de girafe cafe geneva salads


Le Coup de Girafe

Phew, time for lunch! Hop on the tram and head east towards the hip Eaux-Vives area to Le Coup de Girafe, an adorable brunchy cafe with brightly coloured art on the walls and cosy nooks with mismatched midcentury furniture. If you like foodie places that feel a little like your stylish Nan’s house, complete with said Nan busily buttering toast in the open kitchen while you gossip with your friends, (thanks Nan) then this is the place to have lunch.

Most of us girls chose the various toasts and they didn’t disappoint. No scrimping on chunks of goats cheese always gets my approval!


white balcony houses geneva

childrens pop up book

colourful mugs cups coffee shop colourful

la sixieme heure cafe geneva quirky colourful

la sixieme heure cafe geneva quirky colourful


La Sixième Heure

After a stroll around following the guide towards the Old Town, you’ll be just dandy for a cuppa and a slice of cake. Pop opposite the cute children’s book shop into La Sixième Heure (most appropriate when visiting at 6 o’clock, naturellement) for fresh apple pie or choccie cake and a pleasingly long list of loose leaf teas in pretty green canisters.

The tearoom also doubles up as a bit of a chic flea market. You can walk out with the chair you sit on if you pay for it! I personally had my eyes on those printed trays…


heart metal chairs geneva

Other Things to do in Geneva

STAY: Hotel N’vy – There are plenty of posh hotels in Geneva but all you colour lovers will be at home here.

CHILL: Insens – We enjoyed a heavenly half hour massage here but the GGGuide has a whole spa section if you need to chill out.

WINE: Vins D’Urbain - A lively little joint where you can casually wine taste whilst nibbling the best cheeses and hams and having a right royal gossip.

DINE: L’Adresse – You have to splash out at least once on your trip so make it here where the adjoining boutique will keep you busy while you wait for your top class meal.

SIP: Le Verre à Monique - Go back to the Twenties in this low-lit crystal palace. Order a couple of pots of spiked tea from suited waiters and settle yourselves in to a cosy corner.


bike flowers geneva

See what I wore in Geneva ›

Pick up your own Geneva Girls’ Guide at the Tourist Office.


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The Duffle Coat


yellow boden duffle coat

blue bike in geneva switzerland

yellow boden duffle coat

geneva switzerland

yellow boden duffle coat

geneva big wooden door

geneva switzerland

geneva switzerland

yellow boden duffle coat

geneva switzerland


I can’t wait to show you what I got up to on my recent trip to the beautiful Swiss city of Geneva but before I let you in on all the best kept secrets, here’s what I wore on day two. Shot just around the corner from where I shot my last post, this stunning street in Geneva’s Old Town provided an incredible back drop to Carrie’s outfit (aren’t the flags beautiful?!) as well as an abundance of gigantic wooden doors and grand steps that made you feel you were in a castle.

I wrapped up my skirt and crop top combo in this cosy coat which will add a touch of back-to-school to any outfit. The super-soft fleecy lining might just be the main reason that I keep grabbing it in the morning. I could sleep in this baby.


More on the city and the Geneva Girls Guide coming up very soon!

orange denim skirt asos grey weekday t-shirt

green crayon necklace grey marl crop top

yellow boden duffle coat

geneva switzerland

leopard ponyskin slip on trainers grey tights

yellow boden duffle coat fluffy lining

yellow bike in geneva switzerland

yellow boden duffle coat geneva girls guide pink rucksack

See what else I wore in Geneva

Coat – Boden / Rucksack – Fjallkraven Kanken / Skirt – ASOS / Top – Weekday / Tights – Pamela Mann / Shoes – Daniel Footwear (Similar) / Necklace – Hannah Makes Things


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London Day Out: Food and Theatre

crabbies ginger ale drink in a pub

the old crown burgers

alcohol bottles on a shelf in a bar

wooden bar stalls in a line

IPA beer taps and art deco lights the old crown pub

the old crown pub wine wooden door

the old crown pub carved staircase

the old crown burgers

courgette fries

It starts with Burgers…

What are you up to this weekend? What, no plans? Not to worry, I’ve got a London day out for you and I think you’re going to like it.

No.1 - It starts with burgers which is the only way I ever want to start a Saturday frankly. Bring me burgers in bed! (ok, not quite but by the time you’ve had a good lie-in, you’ll be just in time for lunch.) Make like me and get on yer bike (or a Boris will do) and cycle into the heart of London to The Old Crown pub where you can chomp a bespoke burger on a slab of cracked oak. The Ed Miliband burger anyone? Or how about the David Cameron?

After my mountainous meal, friends joined for catch ups and ginger ales, perfect. If you’re into a proper stacked burger with a brioche bun (erm, who isn’t?) then The Old Crown in Holborn is a place to add to your burger trail list!


No.2 - Lunch is followed by a jolly jaunt to an award-winning indie coffee shop. “Eww coffee” I hear the uncaffinated minority grumble. My dears, do give it a go as I did with a good quality mocha to ease you in. I’m still learning to love it too! We popped around the corner from The Old Crown to Wild & Wood coffee, voted one of the best in London where you can place your behind on lovely rustic church pews whilst nibbling pasties that look better than your Nans.


nike trainers bike

wild & wood coffee shop pastries in the window

wild & wood best london coffee shop holborn

burger bell bike



A Sing and Dance

No.3 - Fully fuelled on beans, amble into the west end to catch a matinee performance of a musical. A play I’d wanted to see for a while was Once which doesn’t bombard you with big cheesy ballads and crazed costumes. Don’t get my wrong, I love a big production but this is the perfect amount of sing-along-sass for a Saturday afternoon. I need to go and watch the film now to get another dimension on the plot but the musical certainly showed off a bunch of talented musicians and broadened my Irish vocabulary portfolio! Grab yourself some last minute tickets on Seatwave.

See the City

No.4 - Hey, guess what? It’s just light! (Just) Whilst still on a high-note high, pop into the old musical instrument shops around Cambridge Circus, even if just to gawp at the pretty, pretty guitars. SO pretty. Finish your afternoon with a cycle back through the back streets and see what you can spot.  I discovered Woburn Walk near Euston – cute!

london telephone box hanks music shop

phoenix theatre london once the musical signs

phoenix theatre once musical

phoenix theatre london interior

phoenix theatre london

once the musical stage set

music shop denmark street london

london cocktail club

See what else you can discover in London by bike ›

Thanks to Seatwave and The Old Crown for making my weekend awesome!


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Pink in the Parc des Bastions

leaning against a lampost in geneva

pillars gate to parc des bastions geneva

swinging on a lamp post in a pink duster coat in the park

blue furry asos circle scarf in the park

lampost in a park in geneva switzerland trees

parc des bastions longest bench in europe

rampe de la treille geneva blue shutters

nineties mini skirt and jumper

blue fur asos snood with a pink duster coat

bright pink mini coral rucksack fjallraven kanken

asos blue mix contrast sleeve jumper

Pink Fluffy Duster

Mon Dieu! What a beautiful city Geneva is. The lake, the swans, the views of the French alps, the dramatic flags draping above footpaths, not to mention the deliciously pure air  (I could go on) that all create a charmingly graceful city. And then of course the sun starts setting and I remember that Switzerland is most defs one of my favourite European countries. Everything looks even better through amber-tinted sunglasses right?! Remember when I visited Fribourg just half an hour north on the train? Take a look, you know you’re curious!

I’ll show you a sneak peek of the city with the Parc des Bastions, home to Europe’s longest bench don’t you know. Take that pub quiz. It’s a place to admire the old town far below you, take a drink in a cafe or kick about in the leaves next to the university.

I guess I must have been inspired by the nature of the trip (to discover the city with the help of a new Girls Guide to Geneva which you can pick up for free from the tourist board) so got dolled up in my most ladylike suitcase-friendly pieces. As I write this, I’m sat in this dramatic pink duster coat and fluffy snood and in Geneva I paired them with my latest love – a little flippy skirt. There’s lots more to come on Geneva so keep your notepad handy – you’ll be wanting to visit very soon!

black flippy skirt, jumper and rucksack ice skating look

view over Geneva from Parc des Bastions

pink mini fjallraven kanken rucksack

black nike free trainers

pink and blue back to school outfit

geneva houses sunset

What I Wore

Duster coat – ASOS / Jumper – ASOS / Skirt – ASOS / Rucksack – Fjallraven Kanken / Trainers – Nike Free / Fur snood – ASOS / Socks – New Look


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Red or Dead: Discovering the British Brand

red or dead HQ british fashion brand R sporty sweatshirt

red or dead pink patent satchel silver brogues

red or dead HQ british fashion brand

red or dead HQ british fashion brand prints archive

red or dead HQ british fashion brand letterman shorts

red or dead HQ british fashion brand

pentland HQ aquatic design architecture

red or dead OMG speechbubble

red or dead HQ british fashion brand red bicycle

red or dead HQ school themed cupcakes

Red or Dead?

Mention Red or Dead to me a year ago and I probably would have shrugged and mumbled something about a British 80s shoe brand for punks. I wasn’t too far off but after a visit to Red or Dead HQ, a crash course in their British heritage as well as scrolling through their newly launched website and I-want-everything new collection, I can see that they’re sooo much more than that.

I was very lucky to meet the team behind Red or Dead at their eclectic offices in North London, a place not too far away from where founders Wayne and Geraldine Hemmingway’s first stall in Camden Market in 1982. Creative Director Katie Greenyer is the most fascinating of all Creatives, chatting to me about her first job interning for Red or Dead where she meticulously hand cut motifs out of paper and photocopied them to make Red or Dead’s iconic prints like the Space Baby and Guru print. She went on to tell me that she cycles from South London to North every day, manages several other brands and even designed the HQ building from the swimming pool to the sofa furnishings!


Flicking through rails of pieces from the archive, I was excited to discover an impressive selection of skirts and tops that I would easily lust over in a shop today. 90′s pink mini skirt with applique sports balls stitched all over it? Soo 2014 varsity trend! (Come on Red or Dead, resurrect it from the archive!) Today the team have computers (bet they’re thankful for that!) but still work true to the brands heritage whilst designing some pretty exciting new pieces.

I adore the letterman print co-ord sets and sophisticated culottes and jackets, don’t you? See how I styled up their neon R letterman top below inspired by their Back to School collection.

sporty varsity outfit back to school red or dead

sporty varsity outfit back to school red or dead

school style varsity outfit

sporty varsity outfit back to school red or dead

sporty varsity outfit back to school red or dead

sporty varsity outfit back to school red or dead

sporty varsity outfit back to school red or dead

sporty varsity outfit back to school red or dead

sporty varsity outfit back to school red or dead

sporty varsity outfit back to school red or dead

sporty varsity outfit back to school red or dead

school style varsity outfit

 What I Wore

T-shirt – Red or Dead / Skirt – Weekday / Jacket – Next / Socks – Tomboii / Trainers – Nike Airmax / Rucksack – ASOS (similar) / Earrings – River Island / Scrunchie – ScrunchieMarket

See Red or Dead’s fun website or shop Red or Dead on Bank Fashion!


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