>Model Moment : Siri and Skye


I went babysitting last Saturday night and as usual watched Fashion T.V on Sky cos i dont have it at home and its so good to watch now and again for couture shows you wouldnt otherwise see etc. ///

A feature i love is their model profiles and i was happy to see saturdays featuring a model i think is stunning –
Siri Tollerod
. Here’s the info according to FTV and her Model Profile at nymag.com :

> She’s Norwegian, 21 years old and lives in New York
> She’s signed to Trump New York since 2007
> Her first cover was Autumn 07 for 10 magazine and since been on the Spring Issue of Lula, Summer issue of DANSK and covergirl of Muse.
> She’s walked for many big names and been the face of Patrizia Pepe and Costume National

These are some of my favourite images of her!
(All images taken from http://nymag.com/fashion/models)

I’ve noticed her around recently but it wasn’t until the FTV mentioned that she modelled for Gwen Steffani’s Harajuku Lovers Fragrance Campaign that i thought i’d seen her in one of my most favourite editorials!

I love the editorial ‘Pulp Fashion’ in the 20 December issue of French Elle…
Turns out, after some research that infact it was Skye Stracke.
(Skye is Austrailian, 18 and currently signed with DNA and Viva and is the one with the open mouth in that swimwear Lacoste ad!)

I think they have a similar appeal, cute and playful with stunning blue eyes and slight figures. ///

Here are my favourite pages of the Elle editorial featuring Skye with photography by Steve Hiett! :

The colour and over saturation really appeal to me along with the kitsch supermarket scene and sci-fi reference. Sweet!

>Dingle Dangle wrists of Bangles


Ouf! what a busy but amazingly happy day!
I went for an internship interview at my favourite magazine and am greatly looking forward to working there!

I also got the result that i’ve passed my foundation with Merittt!

And had a smashing day in the park with friends to celebrate. We naturally bladed around the paths, bought snacks, climbed trees and played footie (well i didnt, i took snaps)

Topped off the day with a dance class

To my interview, I wore my ususal armour of bracelets, bangles and beads so here’s a poem as a dedication:

* Miss Elsie who loves wearing bangles, *
Makes sure several from each limb dangles,
But when she does her hair,
They get caught in the air,
* And noone can undo the tangles! *


>Best Book Everrr :D : My Fabulous Life in Pictures


When i was 14 (and an all important 1/2) i got given this amazing book as a present. I loved it so much and set about filling in the photo spaces and all the cute little questions with my best friend. ///

Here are some of the pages that didnt have as many of my scibbles over them. What a shame i didn’t complete all the pages! I wish i could look back at them to see what i used to like and think was fun!
Some of the pages have adorable boarders created by photographing collage, i love this technique! ///

There are little pockets put in to tidy away 3D items that you dont want to stick in 🙂

My 20 Year Predictions (from age 14):

> Il be living in a little town with my husband and two children ‘Iris, Alicia or Cassie’ and ‘Stephan’
> Il be a famous fashion designer, happy because il have family, cats and money (Thats already out the window!)
> It’l be really trendy to wear 90s clothing
> My only wish is to make lots of easy money (HA!)


My favourite T.V shows were:

> The Simpsons
> Friends
> My Family
> Fairly Odd Parents
> Watch My Chops
> Little Britain
> Spongebob Squarepants
> Animated Mr Bean
> Rosemary & Thyme
> Malcom in the Middle

Lets be honest, they were all awesome! … Oh and i hated Linda Barker with a passion!

Above shows the contents of the Holiday envelope. Its exciting to see the Christian Dior Museum entry tickets and sugar packets from 5 years ago!
Theres a receipt from one of my fave french high street shops Mim and a greasy sleeve from my raspberry pastry at the best bakers chain La Mie Caline!

This is an awesome 4 page spread where the middle page has illustrations of stereotypical busts with a hole for a head so that when you turn the page, your photo underneath provides the funny face for the illustration – genius!

The back page even has a little envelope with two plastic letraset style shapes that help you cut out your photos in fun shapes! They’ve certainly come in handy in my fashion projects!

For other sweet activity books and sets visit www.klutz.com

You dont have to buy their things just for kids!

>SHOOT! : The Inner Voice and Body Inputs


I dug out this photoshoot from last year in November which was in response to the title ‘Body’.
Being such an (annoyingly) wide brief, i wanted to avoid the obvious looking at veins and inner body bits so i looked at the external products which we put into our bodies. I also was intereste
d by the role of the ‘Inner Voice’ in decision making and emotion when it came to inputs.

The above images show two situations for each 3 types of inputs: Food, Drink and Drugs.
The two scenarios show whether the inner voice has been good or bad ///

I used monochrome black and white for the ‘Bad’ styling and colours for the ‘Good’.
I wanted to use the current trend for headscarves so an old dark rag vs. bright netting came along to the shoot and i think they looked great with my models hair! n__n

The little person represents the inner voice which directly influences the actions of the bigger subject model.

These two piccies are the final products!
In the top picture i cut out the images and spray mounted them to their meticulously measured out plots on the paper!
The design sheet (Bottom) illustrates the idea of the inner mind and the various inputs