GFW – Middlesex Fashion 2009


This University will be my home for the next 3 years so it seemed obvious i should get a taster for it by visiting the graduate showcase at the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane!
There was an enormous amount of work on display throughout the expanse of the old factory.
I navigated myself mainly towards the fashion area…
Here are the bits that most tickled my fashion fancy! ///

FDSP : Zara the Bitch and the Wardrobe (as posted about below)

FDSP : ‘Becky’s’, a sewing equipment brand, impressively showcased an oldschool push along cart amongst giant Shona Heath inspired accessories. Becky wanted to bring back a make-it-yourself ethos which is highlighted by the little MIY books to guide you through processes such as how to create a Trompe L’oeil design on your T! ///

FD : Mark McKee and his Cluedo characters. I had to get a pic of him and his collection as i loved how he took the famous stereotyed characters and brought their clothes wittyly up to date! ///

Jewellery : My favourite pieces were these stuffed-full, piled-up-with-junkie-bits rings by Alina Jessipovich. I wanted one very very much! I adore the styling in the photographs she had on the wall. Not many jewellery students had styled images and none nearly as stimulating as these. They remind me of something Fred Bulter may make. ///

Applied Arts : Everything in this section seemed to jump out and grab my colourfocused attention. If i wasnt doing fashion, it’d soo be this! There were Beach Huts, Dressing Tables, a whole Kitchen and this childrens toys area, all decorated in amazing vivid prints. ZING! ///

Fine Art : This, in my view was the most impressive for when studied, showed a squidgy book made from linen with text sewn by hand. Ouch.
Not only was there this painstakingly sewn book but also metres of ribbon with text streaming down it, coiled round a pillar and sluming in a heap on the floor. Rebecca price, you are one patient and dedicated person! ///

Graduate Ziiines!


I looove my magazines so i was uberexcited at Rochesters stand at GFW and at Middlesex’s exhib at The Old Truman Brewery. There were adorable Zines, my favourites being ‘Betty’ for its cute friendly flowery upliftingness!, ‘Sloth’ for its stuffed full pages of recipies, advice and editorials presented in an eclectic BishBash HotPot ColourClash way! Whoop! ////

Made from handmade paper and vividly and cutely screenprinted <3>

This was actually an outcome of last years Rochester peeps but was so good they popped it in again this year! Cheeky but Bravo! I can’t seem to find anything on Google about Sloth but names i noted included Chloe Henderson, Joelle Vosper and Hannah Boulcott… ///

By Jade Warren of Northbrook College

GFW – Stalls 2009


In between the exciting front row view of the catwalk shows, i spent many an hour on my two trips to GFW snooping around the university stalls and trying to bag as many free student magazines as i could, which i’m becoming addicted to!
(Check out Segue and 3rd Floor)
Here are some (poor) images of various sketchbooks and display areas i was drawn to… ///

Portfolio pages by Joanne (Jojo) ( jojoillustration) Jojo revealed that although her illustrations served as communicative designs for her clothes she prefers this art and would ideally like to find a career to do both in. ///

Portfolio pages by Rachel Williams
I loved all her images for her Illustration course at Bristol. She has a very line focused style with pretty muted colours, carefully and nicely not overused. This image reminds me of Namalee Bolle from SuperSuper magazine! ///

I loved Edinburghs display of illustrations drawn onto card pattern gigs like this girl with subtle green tones. ///

I was drawn to this sketchbook named ‘Weird or Wonderful’ which was creatively held together with clips and had a cut into semi-transparent cover. The techniques used for the patterns and illustrations reminded me of when i made transparent slides on foundation. I also like the technique of the ink drawings where animals are made out of nagative space. Most definately Wonderful! ///

Dollove for this display of wide-eyed wonders at the Epsom UCA stand (Go Epsom!! 😛 )
A wonderfully simple idea, copying the catwalks and making promotional puppets for the key looks! I love their scruffy and gangly style, I want one! ///

Award for the most innovative and funky stand goes to… Bradford College where a pick of graduates got to customise their own high school-style locker with a dreamy collage of photos and inspirations pasted up on the door and clothes and trinkets hanging inside, wish lockers were this excting and secretive at school! ///

Finally, my day was made with the appearance of Zandra Rhodes who was judging textile artists at the show. She was of course in the VIP area which i ended up (stupidly) not venturing into to get a free glass of champers but hey ho. Good day nonetheless! ///

GFW – UCLan 2009


I was excited to watch the UCLan show for i was so close to choosing this university for next year so i feel a certain connection to them.
(Lovely place, people and course, just too far away… )

I loved most of the collections and found myself making a curious amount of notes! ///
Here are my favourites:

Leanne Wilding made me happy by adding applique lime coloured acrylic shapes to her garments and stringy fabric necklace, i wish i had a CNC machine to make my own! ///

The abundance of unecessary zips can look tacky but Sophie Maddocks clothes embellished with streams of silver zips looked glitzy and smart, i liked how they covered whole hoods and dangled pullers that caught the light! ///

Im pretty sure that my favourite collection was Elaine Hassalls which featured sheer babydoll dresses and petticoats with little waistcoats. The cutest part were the bright fauna prints! ///
Equally as sweet and flora inspired were Laura Hepworths garden gnomish summer dresses and skirts. A pretty colour palette, what looked like pressed flowers plasticised onto the fabric and lovely use of satin on the trousers. Also, can you beat wellies on the catwalk?! ///

True excitement at Linda Jane Williams collection of Shiny Show-worthy dresses! Frilly, swishy, silvery, starry and dangly baby dolls, high waisted trousers were lush for partywear or daywear really! ///

Graduate Fashion Week – Nottingham Trent 2009


Tuesday was a fashionutty day with my trip to Graduate fashion Week followed by a whizz on the tube to Brick Lane to see the Middlesex graduate show… (More on that later) ///

The first show of tuesdays fashion week day was by Nottingham Trent… Take a peek :
(Again, i apologise for the quality of the shots, i couldnt steal a SLR this time grr)

I was particuarly interested by the wet weather combatting outfits by Stacey Deakin where tarpaulin of all textiles was used in conjunction with stringy knits that ressembled streams and earth. When i had a closer look later, metal hooks held jackets closed and other little details provided clever functions. ///

I loved this menswear collection (below) by Nick. A. Robbins, i wish i could have a jacket like these! The smart/casual suits were printed in a Houndstooth that increased and decreased in size and created a blurry 3D effect by printing several colours over each other. This print combined with a silvery looking gloss on some of the Jackets made an fun but wearable collection! ///