>Best Book Everrr :D : My Fabulous Life in Pictures


When i was 14 (and an all important 1/2) i got given this amazing book as a present. I loved it so much and set about filling in the photo spaces and all the cute little questions with my best friend. ///

Here are some of the pages that didnt have as many of my scibbles over them. What a shame i didn’t complete all the pages! I wish i could look back at them to see what i used to like and think was fun!
Some of the pages have adorable boarders created by photographing collage, i love this technique! ///

There are little pockets put in to tidy away 3D items that you dont want to stick in 🙂

My 20 Year Predictions (from age 14):

> Il be living in a little town with my husband and two children ‘Iris, Alicia or Cassie’ and ‘Stephan’
> Il be a famous fashion designer, happy because il have family, cats and money (Thats already out the window!)
> It’l be really trendy to wear 90s clothing
> My only wish is to make lots of easy money (HA!)


My favourite T.V shows were:

> The Simpsons
> Friends
> My Family
> Fairly Odd Parents
> Watch My Chops
> Little Britain
> Spongebob Squarepants
> Animated Mr Bean
> Rosemary & Thyme
> Malcom in the Middle

Lets be honest, they were all awesome! … Oh and i hated Linda Barker with a passion!

Above shows the contents of the Holiday envelope. Its exciting to see the Christian Dior Museum entry tickets and sugar packets from 5 years ago!
Theres a receipt from one of my fave french high street shops Mim and a greasy sleeve from my raspberry pastry at the best bakers chain La Mie Caline!

This is an awesome 4 page spread where the middle page has illustrations of stereotypical busts with a hole for a head so that when you turn the page, your photo underneath provides the funny face for the illustration – genius!

The back page even has a little envelope with two plastic letraset style shapes that help you cut out your photos in fun shapes! They’ve certainly come in handy in my fashion projects!

For other sweet activity books and sets visit www.klutz.com

You dont have to buy their things just for kids!