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A Home for Arts and Crafts

 Always Crafty I do have a penchant for the Arts and Crafts movement. That famous line by William Morris; “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” is one that I mutter to myself on those Sundays when I’m overdue a good clear out. The …


The Village

My Home from Home I hope you liked my little taster outfit post below which gave a little glimpse into the incredible village/park/commune hotel in which Kit, Russ, Kate, Alexxia, Rachel and I stayed in when we first arrived in Morocco. It’s now time for a closer look! I was incredible honoured to have been …


Make Your Own Tatty Devine!

Make Your Own Dinosaur Necklace! Did you know that the plastic fantastic brand Tatty Devine do workshops to make your own necklaces? Amazing huh?! A few weeks ago, I popped along to their East London workshop and made a real Tatty Devine dinosaur necklace that I can flaunt with so much pride that if anyone ever asks …