>Dreaming of Fashion Week…


Aaaah I cannot relate the sheer explosive excitement that surged through me when I read that I would be going to London Fashion Week. Its better than drugs kids! Whoop whoop! I had applied for an internship at an online magazine but sadly that fell through and I was greatly deflated so being able to go after falling at one hurdle was super satisfying!
Anywho, before I had been met with the beautiful email, I had been dreaming of Fashion Weeks Past by snooping through Billas Flickr. Billa is a lovely lovely man who takes amazing crisp, bright photos for fashion week as well as club snaps and editorials for magazines (You’ll probably recognise his work from LFW website banners).
I had the honour of meeting him when working at SuperSuper Magazine, for whom he contributes frequently. Watching him at work snapping models was exciting! So here I remember the happy feeling I had watching Billa snapping and.. ahh yes, Fashion Week..

Take a look at other artistry on his website


P.S – My Boyfriend’s in Paris. Without me! Eurgh!
(He’s busking/gigging with his band Felix Fables)



I popped along to Tate Moderns Pop Life exhibition just the other day – I left it a little late as sadly its closing TOMORROW! Get down there quick!
However, I’m going to put a dampener on the excitement… I did think £11 for a student was a little on the pocket-burning side.
But in I went… I saw Jeff Koons’ bunny which is surprisingly small and surprisingly metaly (It reaaallly looks like a balloon!) I saw some Andy Warhol that I hadn’t see before: Large paintings of jemstones that glow in the dark because there are fragments of diamonds in the paint! How subtly chic!
I passed through the room of porn magazine tear sheets stuck to the wall, past the artists sex film (hmm), past the dead horse that I didn’t get, past some terrible modern art made from junk, past a pair of live twins, past some paintings I didn’t understand and then –
The beacon! Pop things I could relate with!
I may be uneducated in the modern art world but I don’t care too much. This was what caught my eye: A room dedicated to Japanese Pop artist legend Takashi Murakami. Taking centre stage both aurally and visually was a brilliantly cheesykitsch music video starring Kirsten Dunst singing ‘I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think so!’
Sadly I can’t find a video but you can still appreciate the style in these photos and flyer from the exhibition.


>London – Holland – France


I promise that in one little walk theres a link (tedious perhaps) between these place names! London was the physical location of my wander yesterday. Holland was the road name and France sprung on the scene in the form of scrummy tempting pattiserie and other nostalgia francais.
The two above pics are of the lovely little cafe/shop on Westbourne Grove W11 called Tom’s Deli’cafe. So adorable – the french inspired display drew me in and I was delighted to see my old french confectionary favourites: Carambar!
So I bought some for my brothers birthday… and maybe one for me! I wanted to buy everything, cakes, french rustic bread and Petit Ecolier biscuits… aahh france!
These are some of the shops in the area that tempt me greatly to get a good job and live here! Just look at the lush houses too… candy sweet!
(note: This car should have been in my last post!)

Visit Portland street – Its beautifully exclusive feeling but at the same time almost like a local french village! Must go’s are The Cross boutique and Myriad (Below). Both shops have such friendly lovely staff so go chat!

The lovely The Cross shop assisstant wrapping a gift for me – how could i not buy somthing here?!


SuperSuper and the FashionRevolution


Yesterday, on my sunny day off from my new fashion course in London, i made my way down to Temple tube station…
Before i even got to Somerset house, i was cheekily drawn to a well placed magazine stall outside the tube where they stock delights such as Lula, 10, Exit, various foreign Vogues, Dazed, Pop, Tank and my most eye grabbing favourite, SuperSuper. Certainly worth a flick through considering i helped produce the issue! During this rushed skimming of pages, i discovered a spread at the back dedicated to the Reebok Freestyle party in conjunction with SS which i went to in Aug and there, in 2 tiny little pics was me!! ME IN A MAG! *Squeal*. Check it out, i’m wearing the most ridiculous pair of shorts that were my dungarees when i was 7 that i have finely converted my chopping and stitching (ecotastic).
To backtrack briefly, here are a couple of snaps of me at the party waay back..
Namalee in THAT leotard that i sneakily persuaded Pam Hoggs people to let us borrow!
Schtunning 🙂

Yucky picture of myself with Michelle and Thomas and below, Dan from SS
So that was a whistlestop tour of the party and i have yet to buy SuperSuper to attain the images of me! But for now, back to the reason for my journey in the first place.. Fashion Revolution… ///

At first i was afraid, truly afraid, the room was cave like with black ceiling and walls and lots of unfamiliar sounds and heads floating on screens.
The first exhibit you’re confronted with is a styling video by Alexander McQueen whereby he transforms a freaky white-faced groom into a
zombied up bride/groom version of the already disturbing manthing…

However, it got better! and i was particularly interested in understanding what is meant by a ‘Fashion Film’. Its a term i’ve heard alot recently and i was perplexed by what exactly they show. I enjoyed Tim Walkers ‘Whats in Vogue?’ and ‘Yer ‘Avin’ a Bleedin’ Larf Ain’t Ya?’ both of which were lighthearted, bright and short. Less inspiring (simply by the way it was what i thought a fashion film could be like) was a digitally enhanced ethereal style film with a model who was just a bit cheesy.. ah well.. it was still technically very well made…
These stills are from one of Kate Moss jumpin around like a nutter which was great! It made me happy that shes able to unleash an inner monkey to groove like that!
Pic from SHOWstudio.com
After leaving the exhibition (2 hours later..) i realized just how appallingly little i knew about the significance of SHOWstudios work in fashion. This is a truly fascinating show with incredible technology inviting viewers to interact in a wide range of ways from picking up a telephone and listening to Lily Cole or moving a ball around to ‘listen’ to the sound of a jacket. It reveals how fashion can be accessible to everyone, even the bits you never thought were and with the greatest of technology to enable just that. See it! ///

>LFW Models and Prep at Paul Smith


Last saturday i was invited by my friend at Paul Smith to come and help with the various preparations for their London Fashion Week show on Monday night – Wahay!

With saturday being casting day, i had the pleasure of meeting a huge flock of stunning young girls, many of whom looked otherworldly with crazily slim waists, and legs i feared may not support them as they rushed off to other castings, fittings and shows. It was exciting and insightful to watch the process of greeting models, seeing them strut into a room and out and then wishing them well as they left. The most appropriate girls would then be picked out by their model cards and chosen for the fitting the next day. I recognised a couple, Katlin Aas who had recently been featured in vogue.com ‘LFW Ones to Watch’ who seemed to know everyone and be doing very well.One girl i met, from Canada had the most stunning Gucci shoes which she each packed carefully into their respective suede bags and then into a huge backpack. Crossing off Paul Smith from her long list of appointments that day, she told me she found being a model good fun but tiring and i wished her goodluck!

The rest of the day was spent helping prepare the show room for the fittings, manning reception and helping out with little tasks… etc etc… It looked like it’d soon be time to go…

BUT WAIT! My day was about to be made when the door buzzer went and instead of a pretty unknown i had the pleasure of looking up to see lovely miss COCO ROCHA waltz in!

I was feeling rather joyful watching her having her fitting done, moi being someone who has always admired her!
These are the outfits she tried on in the showroom and wore at LFW.
If youre also a Coco fan, you must read her little updates on her blog! ///

My favourite look has to be this funky little dress with wrapped jersey which created little peeping triangles. The clothes were very ‘wrappy’ in the style of Carribean women: with cardigans tied in strange places and twisty hair but thats a terrible description so watch the Paul Smith catwalk on Style.com!

All pics from Style.com