>SHOOT! : The Inner Voice and Body Inputs


I dug out this photoshoot from last year in November which was in response to the title ‘Body’.
Being such an (annoyingly) wide brief, i wanted to avoid the obvious looking at veins and inner body bits so i looked at the external products which we put into our bodies. I also was intereste
d by the role of the ‘Inner Voice’ in decision making and emotion when it came to inputs.

The above images show two situations for each 3 types of inputs: Food, Drink and Drugs.
The two scenarios show whether the inner voice has been good or bad ///

I used monochrome black and white for the ‘Bad’ styling and colours for the ‘Good’.
I wanted to use the current trend for headscarves so an old dark rag vs. bright netting came along to the shoot and i think they looked great with my models hair! n__n

The little person represents the inner voice which directly influences the actions of the bigger subject model.

These two piccies are the final products!
In the top picture i cut out the images and spray mounted them to their meticulously measured out plots on the paper!
The design sheet (Bottom) illustrates the idea of the inner mind and the various inputs