How we launched a Wish Magazine

Wish Magazine Launch Party 3D wish on wall papier mache

Wish Magazine Launch Party Hendricks gin bottles teacups

Wish Magazine Launch Party stitched up by Yvonne knitting corner

Stitched up by Yvonne – Knit your own Bow!

Wish Magazine Launch Party posy of flowers

Wish Magazine Launch Party decorations pompoms

Wish Magazine Launch Party table pencils and drinks

Wish Magazine Launch Party Yummy in your Tummy cakes eaten

Incredible home-made cake donated by Yummy in your Tummy (North London)

Wish Magazine Launch Party painted DIY forks wooden

If you follow Carrie and I on twitter or our blogs, you’ll have heard non-stop gossip about the Wish Magazine launch party! I’ll be telling you a lot more about it very soon but for now, pop Monday 21st in your calender for that is when it will be going on sale at!

Party Planner

Whist Carrie slaved away designing the actual magazine and designing graphics for the event, I took on the role of party planner! Sourcing the venue, managing the guestlist and invites and actually preparing and putting the event together were all tasks I set myself the challenge to complete. I knew what I wanted from the start, it would be inspired by pretty things i’d seen on Pinterest and events I’d been to myself, but just prettier and… perfect! The location of The Victoria Pub in Mornington Crescent, London was the most ideal base for our garden/living room set with all its lived-in, slouchy sofas, piano and grand plants. But the the secret had to lie in the details.

With the help of my amazing team of 5 helpers (in their 1st year at our University) and Carrie, we managed to create everything I wanted. We painted wooden forks in our pink, cream and green colour scheme, twisted paper flowers onto plate stands that acted as magazine supports, and baked lots of rose flavoured meringues and biscuits. LOTS of them! Carrie showed some of the girls how to make giant tissue paper pompoms as others worked on making our giant Wish sign out of cardboard and lots of PVA glue as I prepared all our food in the kitchen with the other girls. We decided to deck-out the room in lots of objects from Wish House and went to buy lots and lots of the perfect flowers to make it homely. I’ll show you the behind-the-scenes in another post!

Wish Magazine Launch Party live illustrators drawing guests

Live illustration by Middlesex Uni 1st year Illustrators

Wish Magazine Launch Party penhaligon's candle burning

Wish Magazine Launch Party Early Granny flowchart poster meringues

Wish Magazine Launch Party Earl Grey teabag biscuits

Earl Grey Teabag biscuits! (Next up, Wish tea! haha)

Wish Magazine Launch Party salads in jars

My boyfriend even made us two different salads, perfect for taking away! (50 jars bought on ebay)

Wish Magazine Launch Party shortbread bunting

He even roped in his friends who helped make this shortbread bunting which I ‘commissioned’!

The Party

The day went better than I could ever have hoped for (despite my hidden state of mania setting up in the two hours preceding it!) We had our supporters, Penhaligon’s come along to ‘Fragrance Profile’ the guests – picking out their perfect perfume, plus a special Wish cocktail was conjured just for us by Hendricks gin. They served it up in a big sweet jar which we loved to help ourselves to (many times!) Our sub-editor Hollys mum, Yvonne came along to do a knitting workshop with us ‘Early Grannies’ and our table spread featured a beautiful cake by Yummy in your Tummy which I decorated with edible flowers you can buy here. I can safely say the party was a success! Whoop whoop! Thank you dearly to everyone who helped and came along!

Thank you to our photographer Miguel for the pics. More coming soon!



Tea spotty teapot vase mug desk

Pouring tea on desk white china

I'm wishing for illustrations paper desk

Carrie and Lucy at home working

work desk folders notes pens paper colourful

Penpal letters cards post

Welcome to Wish!

I’ve been so quiet on the bloggy front for so long recently that it makes me rather glum to think about it. But I won’t waste your time moaning about all that, instead I’m going to convince you that in fact, you’ll be pleased I’ve not been posting! Because…

I’ve been busy making a magazine that you will LOVE! Oh yes, from mid May, Wish magazine will be available for you to buy and devour with your friends! I am just so delighted to finally be able to tell you about it because for the past few months, even though I’ve been madly conducting photoshoots, emailing until my wrists permanently point upwards and not being able to sleep for stress, I’ve not been able to tell you any of it! The secret is that I’m making it with my best friend and we wanted it to be a surprise until the very end. So now, well, you’ll be hearing about it ALOT!

Why Wish? That’s easy, it’s named after my best friends blog and when I suggested the name to her, it seemed the perfect choice. Carrie from is my bestie, my university buddy, housemate and that one that finishes off my sentences. It was her idea to create a magazine for her blog readers around the world that was slower and more meaningful than the stream of blogposts we consume every day. I said to Carrie at university in February, “I’ve always wanted to make a magazine and you can’t do it alone, so let me help.” From that moment, off we were creating an 86 page print magazine, deciding on the content together and just got on with it.

Now, here we are with amazing support from Penhaligon’s of London, a new paper baby that I am incredibly proud of and a launch party at the weekend! It’s SO exciting and rewarding! I won’t tell you too much about the magazine just yet, as you’ll be seeing lots of it soon no doubt but I can assure you, it’s full of beautiful, interesting articles, drawings, shoots and fill-out things plus a few surprises on the way!

Carrie and Lucy at home

Work desk laptop thumbnails photoshoot

Lucy pinning up inspiration mood boards magazine tears

Lucy writing updating calender

If you squeal at the thought of Wish and would just love to be at our launch party then pop over to Carrie for the chance to attend!

Thank you Carrie and Miguel for the photos.


Outfitting Britain: My Latest Project!

Fashion Week may be well under way but instead of prowling the lumpy paths of Somerset House, I’ve mainly been constructing my portfolio and working on getting my new blog design live! I’ve also been working on this project which I hope you’ll like! It’s a short TV show concept mock-up, used as a sort of pitch to show what kind of thing we should be seeing on our TV screens these days.

The project came about as a mixture of delight and wonder at the creativity of current British food programmes (Jamie Cooks Summer and Great British Bake off!) mixed with frustration and confusion as to why the same idea can’t be applied to clothing and fashion. Since the recession began, we’ve been told to shop more and support British made industries, so why don’t we see more classy, educational shows like mine encouraging young people to understand  the situation and be excited and inspired to buy British? 


My programme would be 5 episodes long, each featuring a different part of the presenters’ outfit. This one is about jewellery, in particular one of my favourites – Tatty Devine! I do hope you’ll take a look at my little show – I was advised by my tutor to present the show, just as a way of adding context so feel free to have a good giggle at my noob-ness when I speak! Thank you to everyone who helped me realise it!

The Show!


>Happy 2nd Bloggerversary to me!


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My Big Fat Year in Pictures!
So, it’s been 2 years since my little bloggy has sprung up in the sea of social media sites – all with the aim to help me in my Fashion Promotion adventures – and boy has it helped in many ways! Thank you to all of you who read regularly (can’t believe you really do!), all the brilliant friends I’ve made and the lovely people who have invited me to wonderful evenings out and sent me fun things to wear! Weirdly, I’ve only being featuring myself in my posts over the last year as I was rather scared to do so previously. I know there are better looking/more stylish bloggers out there but I’m now glad I do it as reactions have been very flattering and you learn along the way. Have you questioned posing yourself in pictures? Anywho, thanks everyone, hope you’ve enjoyed it!



Making the Bottle

The Final Bottle

The Campaign

Welcome to my latest project! Although this isn’t actually for Richard Nicoll himself, it has been designed as part of a university brief whereby I had to conjure up a fragrance, make a bottle, shoot and present a campaign and then make all look nice on presentation boards along side a FAT sketchbook. Some of you may remember that I posted on Twitter last month explaining that I would be meeting the amazing Australian in person. At the informal interview, I asked him lots of questions about his brand and vision and when the question of memorable scents from childhood came up, he answered cigarette smoke. Fascinated in the rather strange idea of having a perfume that could potentially whiff of fags, I pursued the challenge of creating a smoke-inspired perfume – It became of a tough and highly aesthetic perfume called SMOKE inspired by solid crystal apothecary bottles and bottle hunting. The idea is that you hold the heavy metal base and gently stroke the hard perfume top on your neck and you keep it in a lovely bell jar on your apothecary-esque table. I handed this project in last week and have already found out that myself and Carrie both got firsts and, the best bit, will be presenting the product to the man himself! yaay! I shall have to let you know how it goes. 🙂

Thanks to friends Marta and Illustrator Gary for helping me shoot my ad.