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  • walking through colourful norrebro in copenhagen

    The painted walls of Cophenhagen

      Nørrebro You may be sitting at your desk/doing the commute in your woollens but bare with me whilst I reminisce about the summer just gone – namely my uplifting trip to Copenhagen my girlfriends (thanks…

  • Outfits

    Colourful in Copenhagen

    Off-shoulder Stripes Copenhagen is my new favourite city and (just a word of warning) will likely become yours when you visit too. The positivity in the air is infectious so you can see why it’s…

  • York Museum Gardens amongst the foliage blogger guide

    13 ways to while away a weekend in York

    Visit York, England The old town of York had been on my ‘Cities to visit in England’ list for a couple of years so I’m pleased to finally tick it off. If you’re hankering after…

  • Orange and yellow pena palace sintra against a bright blue sky
    Outfits Travel

    Palácio da Pena

    Pena Palace – Sintra’s Colourful Palace So we’ve established that Lisbon is colourful (take a look at my latest ‘A Rainbow Tour of Lisbon‘ post for proof)! But if you’re happy to spend a…

  • Fashion blogger eiffel tower paris outfit

    The Paris Pilgrimage

    La Tour Eiffel Whilst Britain is busy making its mind up about the weather, I’m in France sporting a decidedly covered up outfit borrowed from the boys. Last month, it became quickly apparent that…