>2 Funky Girls I Spotted on my Travels


Me and my pal Carrie ventured into central London today to do some ‘research’ on Oxford Streets Topshop and Liberty of London. (It involved walking around the store and Ooohing and Aaahing at everything! and the keeping a mental note…) I thought i could make it an opportunity to snap a stylish person or two – so i did 🙂

I love this look, accessorised and cartoon CUTE!

Amazing jeans, platform shoes and the best bit, a lego heart badge!


>Fishy Trainers – And i don’t mean the smell…


I took my new favourite shoes – Fishy trainers – out for their first ‘swim’ today! I love them so much! I even got that little buzz of excitement when i told someone about them last night whilst they sat pristine and proud and pretty in my wardrobe. The uber-bonus is that they’re Reebok Freestyles – reduced to just £30! SOLD!

The cutest thing is that theres a little story behind these babies –

The design is called ‘Koi Nobori Freestyle’ designed to represent those sweet fish wind socks that the Japanese make in May to celebrate the holiday of Tango no Sekku. They’re put up because the fish look like they’re swimming in the wind, being the Carp that swims upstream and becomes a strong Dragon!

So instead to telling you which way the wind blows, you can put em on your feet and parade proudly celebrating Children’s Day in Japan and celebrating the Victory of Kintaro, Shoki and Momotaro! … Orr, you can wear them just to look awesome 🙂

They’re available in Black, Blue, Red and (after seeing the pic, wish i’d bought…) Green.
Which colour would you get?



>Lush Leo’s


My Intermediate modern exam is coming up soon but im struggling to find a black leotard that unlike mine, doesnt have lycra wearing in little patches!
I’ve been looking on Dancedirect where my friends get their beautiful leotards from. This site sells stunning dance wear at apparently 20% of the usual dance shop price! whoop!

I went for a classic shape (the one below) but these others tempted me.. alot. I’d wear them to parties as well as dance classes
I just need to save up a little more…

This one which i bought is £10.95 by BLOCH
This is possibly the sexiest leotard on the site, i want it! £21.95 by Mirella