DIY: Snowflake Xmas Jumper

DIY felt Christmas jumper

Missguided snowflake Christmas Jumper DIY

Craft materials snowflake Christmas Jumper DIY

Take One Plain Jumper…

…And a whole load of sparkly, shiny bits and bobs and you’re ready to get Christmas crafting! Did you know this Friday is Christmas Jumper Day? Yep – you could get a kooky knit like everyone else or you could whack out a unique stunner of a sweater, DIY’ed by your own fair fingers. It’ll guarantee the best convo starter and win you the ‘Best/Worst Xmas Jumper’ prize!

Lets get Crafty

Here’s how I made a pretty snowflake jumper but you could always give my last years creation – a reindeer jumper a go too! First get inspired on Pinterest or our Fashion Finder Xmas jumper edit. Print out the shape you want on paper and pin it to a piece of felt and cut it out.

Missguided snowflake Christmas Jumper DIY

Christmas Jumper DIY pinterest inspiration

Missguided snowflake Christmas Jumper DIY

DIY craft xmas jumper pom poms felt snowflake

DIY Felt Shapes

Grab yourself a knit jumper – I chose this nice slouchy Missguided knit in baby blue for my ice skating style creation. Pop it on and mark with pins where you’d like your design to sit, baring in mind that if it’s a loose yarn tension, then you’ll need to allow for you jumper stretching when you put it back on.

Pin your felt shape and start loosely stitching up and down each part. I didn’t bargain on how long a snowflake would take to stitch so be warned – there are a lot of little branches to stitch down!

snowflake DIY jumper beading detail

furry cuffs on a christmas jumper

Finishing Touches

I wanted to add a bit of ‘shiny’ to my ShinyThoughts jumper so I took an hour to stitch on a glittery pompom and some layered sequins and beads to the tips of my snowflake. Just stitch into a sequin then into a bead and back through the sequin again along with long thin beads to replicate the crystallised shape.

Lastly, I love a bit of faux fur on the cuffs of jumpers so I loosely stitched two bands of it around the sleeves, making sure to stretch them as I stitched.

Ta-da! Your own customised xmas jumper, now time to hit the ice!

Missguided DIY christmas jumper Motel Rocks skirt ice skating style look

motel rocks white denim zip up skirt

asos quilted pastel backpack

Missguided DIY christmas jumper Motel Rocks skirt ice skating style look

white wool Britfash beanie

white converse john lewis

Here’s how I wore it on my recent trip to Bath and then dressed up with sequins for a party!

Jumper – Missguided / Skirt – Motel Rocks (now in sale) / Tights – Dorothy Perkins / Converse – John Lewis / Check coat – Topshop  / Beanie – BritFash

I’d be thrilled to bits if you liked the jumper enough to hop over and like my DIY Christmas jumper on Facebook where Missguided are giving away a voucher! You’ll get lots of DIY Christmas Jumper ideas from the other Bloggers there too. Happy crafting!


Tatty Devine Speech Bubble Necklace Making

tatty devine sign in monmouth street

lazy oaf kitty crop top outfit with cat suspender tights and skater skirt in shop doorway

tatty devine OPEN moustache acrylic sign on the door

inside the tatty devine shop on monmouth street

tatty devine pink flower necklace for spring

kristabel in tatty devine eyelash sunglasses selfie in the mirror

jars of name necklace charms at tatty devine with cute sign

say anything acrylic sign at tatty devine speech bubble necklaces

If you could Say Anything…

What would it be? What would it be?! For me, deciding what to get engraved on a little disc of white acrylic was a given – having a shiny thought hang around my neck was an easy choice!

Maybe you’d join Rosie and Harriet – the founders of speech bubble and name necklace makers Tatty Devine in their ‘no more page 3’ (thanks Olivia for your fab interview!) protest by having it scripted across your charm, or maybe you want to say this to someone. My personal fave though, save yourself some oxygen every time someone offers your a cuppa with this clever one! At a teeny £30 for a personalised slice of TattyDee made right before your eyes, you’d best get pondering your finest catch phrase.

Let’s get making!

tatty devine speech bubble necklaces on display

1 – Write it out – Use the nifty speech bubble letter template to work out the maximum length of your phrase

filing out name necklace form at tatty devine with moustache ring

acrylic sheets of coloured plastic at Tatty Devine for name necklaces

shiny thoughts name necklace CAD drawing on computer before laser cutting

2 – Watch the Tatty Devine ladies fit your phrase onto a template in Coral Draw on the computer. Don’t worry, they work to fit all the letters in whether short or long.

using a cotton bud to push in black acrylic paint into laser cuts at tatty devine

acrylic sheet on a vinyl cutter with cut out pieces

3 – Watch the laser cutter do it’s thaang! The process is super quick, just a quick whizz round the bubble shape then a little scrape on the surface for the letters. Next it’s time to black out your letters so you can see what it says! This is the clever bit. With a cotton bud, the girls push acrylic paint into the groves and the polish the excess off. Genius!

pencil pot with scissors and pliers behind the scenes at the tatty devine workshop

making a tatty devine name necklace, securing jewellery with pliers

4 – Next, the little speech bubble gets plucked off the cutter bed once the vacuum gets turned off. The protective film is removed and a metal loop popped through the hole for the chain to thread through.

i want you to know and shiny thoughts speech bubble tatty devine necklaces

Ta da! Kristabels and my new necklaces telling each other what to think! I’m absolutely delighted with my bubble, the simple monochrome palette and cartoonesque style fits right into my wardrobe so I’ve been wearing it every day. The chain is a perfect length and there’s no better way than this to get someone looking at your boobs.

Take a look at my post below to see what I’m wearing and the finished necklace on!

trying on a tatty devine necklace with a leopard top

Kitty Crop Top – Lazy Oaf / Necklaces – Similar on ASOS / Chain bracelet – Anna Lou of London

See next post for more outfit links!

If you fancy your own speech bubble necklace, just choose one from the website or pop into their shop in Seven Dials London! Thank you so much Tatty Devine on Monmouth Street, Covent Garden for having us!


DIY Screenprinted Cushion with Thornback & Peel

Thornback and Peel fish cushions and fabric samples

screen printing stacked up screens

screen printing at thornback & Peel fish spreading paint

screen printing onto fabric DIY

will brightbazaar fish screen print

lucy screen printing a rabbit onto fabric for a DIY cushion at Thornback and Peel

Screen printing a hare rabbit on fabric

Will BrightBazaar and Kate Hutchingson

screen printing workshop

make your own cushion thornback & Peel

A Bit of Squeegee Action and a Beautiful Feast!

Mothers Day may feel like a heluva long time ago but cast your minds back a mo if you will. Did you treat your Mama to a gift? I’m not usually the type to give presents – a thoughtfully written card and a coffee is always the ticket for Mrs ShinyThoughts, but this year I was delighted to be able to offer her something I’d not only made by hand, but made with attributes such as not being completely tacky/badly made/useless. I’m sure my mum isn’t alone in her love for cosiness and homeliness so a cushion was just the perfect gift, and one HAND screen printed by her own daughter – priceless!

The ladies who run the gorgeous London based homeware brand Thornback & Peel asked if I’d like to join in a workshop at their studio to rework my screenprinting skills, allowing me to leave with a brilliantly unique little sommat for Ma. It was lots of fun; from choosing my own cushion fabric and print, squeegeeing the paint through the screen like the ‘good old days’ at uni, through to browsing the beautiful shop round the corner and finishing up with an incredibly tasty dinner, all hand made again by the girls! What was great was seeing how much work went into creating every single product that Thornback & Peel sell and being able to see all the behind the scenes first hand!

I’d already visited the Cockpit Arts studios where Thornback & Peel are based before when on an Open Studio Tour. The open days are a brilliant way of seeing British Designer-Makers in action, so do pop along to Holborn if you can this summer!

fresh olives and salad on a table

salami and meat board

thornback & Peel chair and fish cushion and stacked towels in store colourful

serving salads from bowls around a table

tomato and onion summer salad on table

thornback & Peel notebooks

pink swirl meringues in a bowl

Thornback & Peel rabbit screen printed DIY cushion on chair

The finished cushion in my mums bedroom – she loved it! Thank you Thornback and Peel for a wonderful insight into your brilliantly British brand!


DIY Rudi Xmas Jumper

looking out reindeer jumper

lucy nicholls shinythoughts christmas jumper barbour jumper leopard collar

mustard coat mulberry bag festive tights outfit winter

lucy mustard coat barbour jumper tights the anchor pub winter outfit

mulberry leah lamb skin mushroom leather bag

asos coat mulberry bag burgundy jumper

red hair christmas jumper

 Just a bit of felt and baubles!

Happy Christmas Eve y’all! I do hope you’re all healthy and happy and wrapped up ideally in some sort of fabulously fun xmas jumper like the one I’m sporting in my post today! If not, then you can super easily make one, also like I did! This is what I wore on my wonderful day out around London last weekend. (see my post below – it includes many Santas) as well as to work at ASOS on Christmas-jumper-wearing Day. What a great idea for a day, and even better that it raises money for charity. Plus, even even better that I came 3rd in the competition and won myself a bottle of fantastically yellow-sweet wine! Woohoo!

My jumper started life as a Lodgemead cable knit Barbour, which I wore in this autumnal post. But when I realised (much to my dismay) that I didn’t own an xmas jumper, it became the canvas for my reindeer applique. Simply gather yourself some felt and mini baubles, cut out some felt shapes and lightly tack-stitch them to your jumper like I did in this photo on Instagram so that you can unpick it again come spring.

snowman earrings christmas wreath novelty xmas jewellery

smile rudolph reindeer jumper DIY xmas

I was lucky enough to have been given a deer template at the Rumour Pr xmas jumper party at Brixton East where the brilliant DIY brand Buttonbag supplied us with paper shapes, needles and thread and a whole hog of decorations to throw on for good measure. The abundance of champagne, numerous cheeses and good chitchat weren’t conducive to serious jumper customisation, so I finished it off at 11pm before work the next day but I think it turned out just about alright!

bertie black glitter heel boots and festive tights

Jumper – Barbour / Oversized Coat – ASOS (now in sale) / Glitter Boots – Bertie (now only £55 folks!!)

Tights – Similar at ASOS / Leah Bag – Mulberry / Glasses – French Connection at Specsavers

Thank you Carrie for these gorge piccies!


How to Dress a Christmas Tree – Liberty Style!

Put the baubles down! Step away from the tree and read this first for some tips on how to dress your tree ‘properly’! Christmas has come early for me in the last two years – the first week in September to be exact! I help set up the Christmas shop at Liberty in London – the famous luxury emporium with its, quite frankly, awesome xmas shop! After spending ages last year documenting how we dress our trees for you, I was horrified to discover that I’d lost the photos! So I’ve tried again this year with my Forest Floor tree. Here’s how to properly dress your sapin (yes I didn’t know there was an art to it either, hence why I wanted to share my tips with you!)

How to decorate a christmas tree wire

1 – Pick a Theme

Yep, this is an expensive way of doing things but it does produce the best results! Whether you’d like a modern, Scandinavian crafts theme / a super-classic gold and red with tartan look / or perhaps a celestial textural, all-white creation with plumes! Just pop into Liberty and you can easily shop straight from the huge loosely Dickensian inspired collection, you won’t be able to choose! The more limited your colour palette, the better the overall effect. I dressed mine with a forest flora and fauna theme…

how to dress a christmas tree collect baubles from Liberty

2 – Collect Your Decorations and Materials

Get some wire and cutters – they are your key tools! Start with the lights then choose your string and wrap it up down your tree (no tinsel here!) I chose this berries string.

Next collect your baubles and ornaments! This is the most fun thing for me as I get to go ‘shopping’ in store! Stick to around 10-15 different decoration options with around a third of them being a round classic bauble shape. You’ll need around 4-10 of each of these options. (Yep, that’s a lot of decs!) Also pick up a few fun ornaments – I chose some cute deer and mushroom clusters that you can stuff into gaps at the end.

collect baubles and decorations for your tree mushrooms and deer

3 – Make your Clusters

Cut pieces of wire approximately 10cm long. Collect together 3 or 4 decorations that look pretty and balanced together. I advise having two baubles and two other shaped decorations together. Thread the wire through the metal hoops on the base of each bauble and not the ribbon that allows it to hang longer. You want the cluster nice and tight! Hold it up afterwards to check how they look together. (watch out for those rather phallic looking clusters, you may not want those protruding from your tree… or maybe you do.)

string up baubles together to from a cluster

attach clusters of baubles together using wire on your tree

4 – Tie Your Clusters to Your Tree

Take your cluster and twist the wire round a frond so that it’s nice and tight. you may like to nestle some clusters further in the tree too. You’ll then need to rearrange your cluster so that it looks best. Here I tucked the acorn so the string didn’t show. Add all your clusters to the tree. (about 10-15) Then take some extra decorations that are odd shapes or fun ornaments and hang them close to the trunk and in gaps.

add single baubles mushroom gisella graham at liberty

robin christmas decoration gisella graham

5 – Add Your Ornaments

This is a fun little extra to give your tree that Liberty Look. Take some large but light ornaments and sit them in the branches. These can be peacock feathers, glittery masks, angels that would normally top the tree, bunting, you name it!

stuff in ornaments and objects deer in tree

6 – Finish With a Wreath

What angel? She can sit in the tree with her sisters, it’s all about the wreath here! Hoop it over the top of the tree and Voila!

add a wreath to the top of the tree to finish

christmas forest berries wreath at Liberty christmas shop

Woodland themed christmas tree at Liberty

finished christmas trees at liberty shop london decorations

My Woodland tree on the left and a London themed christmas tree on the right. Make your tree as stuffed as you like. I added a bit more to mine after the photo. Good luck! Here are some more snaps of our beautiful Christmas Shop. Do pop in if you can!

christmas orange dried fruit wreaths in Liberty shop

bowls of baubles glass jars at Liberty Christmas Shop

Grimms fairytales books at Liberty Christmas shop

zoe liberty fox and deer felt busts on wall

My favourite thing – These felt animal busts, aren’t they the cutest! Zoe, my colleague models the advent calendar tree ‘dress’!

christmas pudding baubles liberty

Liberty christmas cards shop

liberty xmas shop sweets in bowls festive