Shiny Thoughts of #TheBloggersMarket Pastel Paradise

#TheBloggersMarket take 4!

We did it, event number 4 was a success! Let me show you around #TheBloggersMarket Pastel Paradise, the London shopping event that my friends and I held at the beginning of the month. Not heard of it before, let me take you back…

Three years ago, my Blogging pals and I decided enough was enough, we just had TOO many clothes and really needed to do something about it. Instead of all doing a car boot sale, we came up with the idea to invite London’s loveliest ladies to come and browse so that we could be sure our much loved pieces were going to good homes. A sale for a sale’s sake just didn’t feel right to us – we wanted MORE. If we were the ones to hear about about such a sale, we’d hope there was cake at the very least. A hairstylist offering free up-do’s, even better… And so #TheBloggersMarket 1 was born.


#TheBloggersMarket 4 at Camden Collective with Pixers wall stickers vinylsLucys stand at #TheBloggersMarket 4 at Camden Collective colourful clothes for saleRails of colourful clothes for sale at #TheBloggersMarket 4 at Camden CollectiveASOS pom pom silver shoes for sale at #TheBloggersMarket 4 at Camden Collective

3 years later…

Fast forward 3 events and 2 locations later and we’re here at Euston’s creative co-working space, Camden Collective.

Though the former hospital already had a big dose of charm (with pastel coloured tables and peeling paint), we wanted to bring it right into 2017 with a load of #TheBloggersMarket’s signatures. In stepped Pixers – the wall mural specialists – who supported us in printing huuuge lines and paint splatters as designed by Carrie to ‘splat’ around the space. Once we stepped back and admired our work we were in awe, it looked awesome!

A Bloom & Wild flower delivery helped us add a finishing touch to the tables and a last few posters and letters on the walls and we were finished. At 11am, we opened the doors to 400 girls all eager to snap up bargains.

#TheBloggersMarket 4 at Camden Collective clothes for sale

#TheBloggersMarket people shopping for dresses second hand clothes Girls shopping at #TheBloggersMarket 4 at Camden Collective crowds of girls at #TheBloggersMarket 4 at Camden Collective shopping and queuing for the barBloggers taking photos of Bloom and wild flowers at #TheBloggersMarket 4 at Camden Collective

The view over Lucys stand at #TheBloggersMarket 4 at Camden Collective Girls shopping at #TheBloggersMarket 4 at Camden Collective Girls browsing the rails at #TheBloggersMarket 4 at Camden Collective shopping for pre-loved clothes

Food & Drink

We always like to offer our visitors something fancy to quench their thirst after a good few hours flicking through rails and this time was no exception. We loved the idea of supporting the businesses who worked in the location we hosted in so we welcomed sparkling cayenne pepper infused drink brand Nix and Kix and instant smoothie kit brand Packd.

For saccharine sustenance, the lovely Honeywell Bakes whipped us up a batch of adorable #TheBloggersMarket themed iced biscuits and the girls at Sugarsin sweets supplied us with beautiful jars full of gummies and boiled sweets.

Sugarsin sweets and pixers wall stickers at #TheBloggersMarket 4 at Camden Collective
Honeywell bakes biscuits custom designed with #TheBloggersMarket logo in pastel colours

PACKD freshly prepared healthy smoothies in jars on the bar at #TheBloggersMarket 4 at Camden CollectiveEmma Palin and her dog at #TheBloggersMarket 4 at Camden CollectiveGirls taking photos at #TheBloggersMarket 4 at Camden Collective


We’ve upped our game when it comes to ‘little extras’. This time, girls could come along and sign up to take part in some pretty cool free workshops. We were so lucky to be joined by 3 amazing entrepreneurs, each who hosting a different workshop or experience.

Hannah under her alias PupTart started the day with a beautiful mess; hosting colourful pastel marbling workshops much to the delight of a very packed room of ladies! With sheets of marbled paper drying in the corner, it was time to welcome our next guest – Ghenet of Ghenet Actually with her a bullet journal workshop equipped with a big bounty of beautiful notebooks and stationery courtesy of our friends at OhhDeer. They also very kindly hosted an incredible giveaway where you could win £250 worth of OhhDeer goodies! Ghenet is no stranger to #TheBloggersMarket, having attended, helped out and been Head Helper at our previous events! To round off the roster, Insta-famous calligrapher Teri of The Lovely Drawer popped up with her mini-shop and brush lettering station. She had a queue right around the room with people requesting a word or phrase for her to live letter upon their request!

As with every one of #TheBloggersMarket events, a pamper is always on offer. This time we welcomed Boudoir Beauty who kindly created pastel mani’s for everyone who snapped a shot of their new nails.

puptart marbling workshop making pastel marbled paper. Hannah designer maker of Pup Tart London holding up a marbled paper at her workshop at #TheBloggersMarket 4 at Camden Collective Ohh Deer paper goodie bag at #TheBloggersMarket 4 at Camden Collective Ghenet Actually teaching girls how to make a bullet journal at #TheBloggersMarket 4 at Camden Collective Making a bullet journal at our free workshop at #TheBloggersMarket 4 at Camden Collective Asma of Boudoir Beauty pop up nail salon at #TheBloggersMarket 4 at Camden Collective Teri of The Lovely Drawer creating custom brush lettering designs for guests at #TheBloggersMarket 4 at Camden Collective TheLovelyDrawer brush lettering at #TheBloggersMarket 4 at Camden Collective

Some VERY special guests

With our original fifth member Dunya no longer taking part, we felt a little lonely as four. Step in Zoe, Kim and Reem, three of our friends, each with very different styles. Add them to the original mix and we had an eclectic group of girls selling something for everyone. Not ones to rest on our laurels, we want to expand the offering so next time we’ll be sure to broaden the styles and sizes available to cater for even more of you.

Each of us chose to help raise money for each of our chosen charities ranging from Carrie’s local support for the Elderly in North London to my choice to support an environmental cause and the rest of the girls to aid for the homeless. It makes me really proud to see my friends being so generous and helping causes they are passionate about. Thank you to all our visitors for coming along and spending your pennies!

Zoe London and her boyfriend setting up at #TheBloggersMarket 4 at Camden Collective

Lucy, Olivia, Carrie and Kristabel with Special Guests Kim, Zoe and Reem at #TheBloggersMarket 4 at Camden Collective


Photos by me and Miguel Santana Da Silva.

Huge THANK YOU to our helpers Natasha, Hamida, Megan, Elizabeth, Love, Camille & Eve.  

If you’re interested in sponsoring the next #TheBloggersMarket, keep an eye on our hashtag on social for when we open our submissions or sign up to our mailing list for all the latest news.

Big thanks to Pixers for supporting us!


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  1. I so wanted to come but being now a mum …it is not as easy 🙂

  2. Looks great! And was it a coincidence that several of you are wearing gingham???

  3. Ooooh Lucy it was such a wonderful afternoon! Such a shame we didn’t get to chat but I am very much looking forward to the next one hehe. I always get my most treasured gems from these events! Thank you to you ladies for putting time n so much effort into putting on such a fabulous event! It is what really brings the community together. Immy x

  4. This just amazing. I heard so many bloggers talking about Bloggers Market and how much fun it was. Unfortunately I’m not from UK so I can’t participate. But I still hope that maybe one day I’ll get the opportunity. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

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