New Things for Colourful Living

Fun gifts for girls (or just you)

It’s been far too long since I shared some of my new favourite things with you! This time around it’s all about colourful (although all these things you’re totally allowed to treat yourself to)! There’s a steer towards soft furnishings (blame it on my new cushion obsession), clothing embellishments (it’s been a year-long pin badge affair) and it looks like I’m becoming a bit of a Tupperware lady with my love for all things that you can put other things into.

Without further ado…

Colourful new gifts for foodies in summer. Snacks, bottles and boxes

Colourful gifts for the kitchen

My friends knew my lunchtime habit of stuffing salad into a big colourful sandwich box well enough to know that a matching set of stacking ‘Yay Leftovers‘ boxes would go down extremely well. With 4 very useful sizes, including a ‘Tiny Treats’ thimble of a box, you’ll have no excuse not to keep those last leftover nibbles. (And many of you know how I feel about wasting food…)

Alphabet cookie cutters. What more need I say. I can’t wait for a free weekend so that I can make rude words from sweet, sweet dough and ice them all Insta-perfect like those letter doughnuts everyone’s mad for.

Again, referencing my food post last month, I’m growing up enough to start appreciating Planet Organic. Yes I live in a yummy mummy enough area to be within walking distance from one. These lemon flavoured Rawkin’ roons were first found in an event goodie bag but just as the marketing executive intended, I went straight to the store up on my last bite and paid good pounds to obtain another box. They’re so natural and raw. It worked.


Cute colourful enamel pin badges

Pin it

I can’t ‘pin’ point when exactly enamel pins started resurfacing but I know that on my visit to Australia last summer, I had to get my hands on some Georgia Perry gems. I tracked her down in a cute Melbourne store and nabbed the banana pin and the crossed fingers which, with a double fastening on each item, are the highest quality I’ve seen.

Etsy is a perfect platform for sourcing indie pin-dies. This cute camper van was only a couple of quid, the monstera leaf from This Way to the Circus and the mini RGB colour pin from one of my fave stores, fairycakes. Take a look at her Instagram for some serious pin-spiration. As for the fox, he’s come all the way from Whitsable by brand Dickie Bird.


geometric colourful quality made dot come cushions

 You cushion make it up

It’s happening, I’m obsessing over cushions, my boyfriend has no space to sleep in my bed and I place the blame firmly on my housemate for this enviable array of square squishiness.

Made, who have a beautiful flagship store on Charing Cross Road as well as the iconic online store, sell these excellent geometric styles (Verdon and Sports Luxe) that look luscious with a large palm hanging out beside them. (I’m working on the jungle part). The canvas fabric feels durable and they’re beautifully edged with piping to reinforce their lifespan and their chic look.

For a even more niche perspective, look to indie boutiques who stock small designers. Online stores like Berlins Juniqe (who stock the Never Grow Up cover) and Evermade (pigeon) represent separate brands on one platform so you can pick out something pretty limited ed (Evermade only sell a small run of one product) but with the convenience of any big online brand.

Be sure to find out if you’re getting just the cover or the stuffed cover. If the former, pick up the wadding from H&M home and see your square come to life!


cool design cushions online junique and Evermade pigeon cushion never grow up cushion

Colour Crazy

For those of you who, like me, guzzle gallons of water every day, there comes a point when you tire of re-filling. Enter Aussie brand Typo’s big-ass drink bottle, intended for good times only. (Maybe it’s for gin, who knows). Whilst you have to have a pretty powerful suck to get the water out, it’s clever no-lid lock and vibrant look makes up for it. Just.

Those colourful shapes there at the bottom? Pegs. Yes pegs, the most blocky and colourful to hang your coat on you ever did see. I have absolutely nowhere to put them but one day I’ll have a house big enough and I shall place them on a wall with pride. (Box of 4 from Made).

colourful gifts summer flatlay



One of my favourite online indie stores has to be Ohh Deer. Discovered via ASOS, their ironic slogan products with kitsch motifs never fail to make me save-for-later. My friends gifted me some fruity temp tatts for my birthday which are going on my body asap and those patches and pins are just itching to make a match with my iron. Stay tuned.

‘Ello ‘ello! Is that TWO cute trays I spy? Clearly a trend. Turquoise ‘hello hello‘ is another brilliant Typo find (I first discovered the store on Brisbane’s high street but luckily for us, it’s come to the UK) and ‘Hello sunshine‘ you can pick up on ASOS.

Last, but not least, Spaces Magazine. I can barely put into words how much I’m in love with this publication but I’ll try. These Frankie Press tomes, which I picked up when in Aus, are a delight for the eyes and imagination. Different creative individuals get interviewed in their respective 8-page spreads which feature their beautiful home or work space. The tone is spot on, balancing factual information, storytelling and nostalgia through short paragraphs and full bleed photos, to create a pathway to dream. My hedonistic idea of Australian life is largely fuelled by Spaces and may end up being the blame for my potential packing-up for Down Under. Just saying.


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