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The Red Swimsuit

Byron beach bright red plunge swimming costume

byron beach sunset

white leather Daniel footwear sandals Byron beach

Byron beach kicking up sand

Byron beach backless cossie

Byron beach

glamorous Byron beach outfit

red togs on Byron beach


Byron Bay-watch Red

I’m writing this in my bedroom in London whilst noticing the drops on condensation forming on my windows and the fact that I can barely see the neighbours house for mist. It’s a bit nippy to say the least so putting together photos of me in my near-nudie is giving me chills. That, and the fact that I’ve actually ‘dared’ to reveal my pastey imperfect body in so little fabric. How terrifying. Oh screw it, who cares?!

These red swimsuit shots were taken on the best holiday of my life in a little place called AUSTRALIA. Yep, this little London gal got her first taste of the southern hemisphere last month and she bloody LAVED it. Take me back and all that. I’ve got so much to show you about my 17 day trip but lets start in the most Aussie way possible, with sunsets, beaches and a little bit of Baywatch (who am I kidding?!)in beautiful Byron Bay. Here’s to warmth, no cares and holidays forever! Happy November y’all!


Byron beach sea

in the sun on Byron beach

Byron beach at sunset

red asos swimming costume and gold chain belt

Byron beach air bnb palm tree air bnb

Byron beach sunset golden hour portrait

Byron beach

Byron beach car and palm trees in Suffolk park

Byron beach sunset


What I Wore in Byron Bay:

Swimming costume – ASOS / Chain belt – Black & Brown at ASOS / Sandals – Daniel Footwear / Sweatshirt – Illustrated People (old) / Sunglasses chain – Frame chain / Earrings – Me & Zena


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  1. Beautiful! Just looking through your great pictures makes me wish summer is back 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wit woo, you look FABULOUS with all the capitals!


    1. Thanks Becky! <3

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