#BlogBabes: Dunya from Dearest Deer!

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Dearest Deer!

I hope you’ve all been enjoying my #BlogBabes series so far! In my 3rd post, I’m interviewing my dear friend Dunya, the relative youngest of the blogs but the most brainy of us all! It’s the first time we meet since she moved to Hackney so we meet mid-way at Aussie coffee shop Lantana in Shoreditch. Take a read to see us chat dressing as emos, telling each other we look crap in photos and swapping trainers!


Hey lady! Please introduce yourself!

DUNYA: Hey my names’s Dunya and my blog is Dearest deer! I’ve just gone back to my well known face with my square fringe.

LUCY: Yay! Original Dunners!

How long have you been blogging for?

DUNYA: It’s coming up to 3 years! It’s mainly what I wear, mingled with food and places. 

coffee machine lantana shoreditch coffee shop

So when was the first time we met?

DUNYA: Well I knew Carrie via my ex-boyfriend’s band from outside of the Blogging world but I think the first time I met you we didn’t really talk! I don’t think I got to meet you properly until I become a blogger.

LUCY: Did we meet at a gig? Or Carrie’s birthday?

DUNYA: I don’t know! oh gosh, I don’t know what happened when we met! I think I remember seeing you at a gig dancing loads, really energetically! This is terrible, I have no idea!

LUCY: Haha sounds about right! Carrie and music was involved in some way. I just remember in the early days her mentioning she knew a pretty girl through her favourite band and that this girl wanted to start a blog. She always knew you’d be great at it but apparently you didn’t tell her the website for ages because you didn’t want her to see it until you had a good few posts going, but she secretly found it without telling you and thought it was great!

DUNYA: Did she?! haha She never told me! I better chat to Carrie about that!

What did you think of me and my blog on first impression?

DUNYA: I remember thinking wow that is a LOT of happy for one person! There was a lot of energy that came across. I thought we were basically the opposite and so I didn’t think you’d like me because we were so different. I can say that now cos we’re bessies haha!

LUCY: Well, opposites do attract! I was really impressed by you because you were such a beginner but you had such quality content and a strong sense of style straight away. That’s rare. And I was jealous haha

DUNYA: Well my boyfriend at the time helped me out a lot, I bought a nice camera and really looked up to Carrie and other big bloggers so I thought ‘I need to do a good job, I want her to like it!’ I had a little girl crush with her at the start!

CARRIE: aww! And now you’re like ‘Whatevz Cazza!’

DUNYA: Haha no! We’re all in a lovely little group now.

dunya and lucy bloggers

Even if we can’t remember how we met, we definitely have some ‘early days’ stories!

DUNYA: I remember being really happy to see you at the Dahlia bloggers event because I came up all the way from Brighton! It being my first Blogger thing made me nervous because I didn’t know anyone! I was so pleased you came along. I think I still have the polaroid of us from that event!

LUCY: Aww do you! That’s so sweet!

 *Meanwhile, the table next to us is singing Crazy by Britney Spears*

LUCY: There was also Carrie’s birthday at Facedown – the emo gig night. That was almost two years ago! We all dressed up in black and took family portrait style photos in Carrie’s front room haha!

DUNYA: Yes and then last year we went to Somerset for it, slightly different scene haha.

LUCY: And there was that sleepover when you wore that lilac wig and looked amazing!

DUNYA: There was the trip to Brighton when you and all the blog girls came down to see me!

LUCY: That was a long time ago, that was the first time we all hung out together!

What has been the biggest thing to happen in our friendship?

DUNYA: Working together! and going to Amsterdam together. Going away with friends makes your friendship go up a level. But yes ASOS! It’s so nice to have friend outside of work amongst colleagues. We could talk about anything, topics you can’t really bring up with work people.

LUCY: Definitely, I think if it hadn’t had been for work we wouldn’t be so close now. There was that kind of supporting each other relationship that helped us bond.

DUNYA: Yeah because we hung out at the xmas party, Friday beers, we talked about boys etc haha

LUCY: It’s sad though that we got the closest just before you left last year!

poached eggs on sourdough and rocket with smoothies

What’s something a little unusual about me that others wouldn’t know?

DUNYA: The first time I heard you do that noise with your throat, I literally thought you were having a seizure. No-one was responding, I was so shocked haha!

LUCY: haha! Kristabel said the same thing! Some people get very alarmed! Is there anything else than my piggy noises?

DUNYA: I just feel like you’re unique in your attitude to talking about taboo topics. You openly talk about everything and that’s great, it’s refreshingly unique! 

If ShinyThoughts and Dearest Deer went on a date together, where would they go?

I think Brighton would be a great place because it’s my uni town that I love but also colourful. There are some great vintage shops. We could discover some sparkly, colourful vintage finds for you and denim and leather for me! After that, we would go to a fun museum perhaps?

LUCY: Something vaguely educational but fun sounds about right!

DUNYA: And food of course although Dearest Deer wouldn’t go for burgers these days. Maybe vegan?

LUCY: oh healthy, yeah I’m down with that! (Just.) Of course there’d be lots of posing in front of doors.

DUNYA: And selfies, Dearest Deer loves a selfie. *Cue us taking selfies*

LUCY: That’s a date.


 Do we have secrets?

DUNYA: YES! But I’m not going to say and that’s why it’s a secret because only I know it, well the the few who knows who it’s about. Say no more.

LUCY: haha ooh yess, girly gossip. That’s all we need to say!

How has being friends helped each others blogs?

LUCY: We were amazing at shooting at lunchtime.

DUNYA: Yes! I miss that so much in my new job!

LUCY: I don’t really have it with anyone else, that efficiency!

DUNYA: Same! We were great at photographing each other because we both worked in the same company and needed to just get it done. It worked because we’re both very honest and if either of us didn’t think the shoot was working then we’d say it.

LUCY: I think we even got to the point once when you said ‘That is shit, no this ain’t happening, move.’

DUNYA: haha! Well that’s the good thing about shooting with other Bloggers, you know what works and you get on with it.

ceramic pots vases coffee shop

best friends blogger friends posing

 What skill would win us a blogging trophy?

LUCY: For you, i’d say you have a strong vision of in what style you want something to look. You always have the same aesthetic because you always know what you want and you’re focused.

DUNYA: I feel like you can walk into a place that doesn’t look that great and you can make it work for shooting in. You move things around, understanding the components of a good photo. When you shoot me, you can direct me, being really clear about what should go where and what angle to shoot from. Like that lovely sunlight when we shot in front of that camera van!

colourful bag vs grey monochrome bag

If we had one blog together, what would it be about?

DUNYA: It would be a fun guide blog on how to be a bit more responsible and environmentally friendly in every day life, breaking it down to make it easy to adopt.

LUCY: Yes, handy tips for practical things. I think as young women, we’re really obsessed with absorbing content but it’s never about anything related to living, things that matter in life or ethics, it’s about celebrities or the aesthetic side of lifestyle. Why not have a blog that looks lovely but also actually helps you out in your life?!

Any catch phrases?

DUNYA: I think you relish in calling me ‘Duny’. Ever since that Jackpad game we did online where it spelt my name wrong…
best friends blogger friends posing

lantana london coffee shop


Quick fire questions:

Who can cook better?

LUCY: No you! You made Kristabel and I that amazing Thai curry!

DUNYA: We all made that together!

What would you steal from my wardrobe?

DUNYA: Your colourful trainers.

LUCY: You have the silver Stan Smiths right? I’d totally steal them – they sold out on ASOS!

What’s your shiny rule to live by?


What trait would you steal from me?

LUCY: For you – you have this amazing ability to look as calm as. No matter what would happen at work, you’d be practically horizontal. You’d come to me saying ‘I’m so stressed, I just cried in the toilet. Worst day of my life’ and you’d be basically floating. 

DUNYA: Hahahaa! I think for you, you can be very pragmatic and don’t get too angry.

LUCY: Nah, I hold grudges.

DUNYA: Great, all those times I thought you were cool with me, you actually still hated me. haha! Ok well you’re just direct and honest and that’s a good thing, I’d like a bit more of that!

best friends blogger friends posing pouting

Thanks Duny, that’s a wrap! Hope you enjoyed your flat white! Now, lets go take some selfies…

My last #BlogBabes interview is coming right up and it’s a bigun, I chat to my best friend Carrie!


  • lesfoliesdemelanie June 3, 2015 at 1:48 PM

    Hello, amazing post and pictures ! I love your universe HAve a nice day

  • Carrie June 2, 2015 at 9:52 AM

    I wish I mentioned the throat noises now, I feel left out 😉 I’ve loved all of these posts! …and I hope I know the secret that you’re talking about, because I don’t feel I know any secrets?! Haha! Kisses to you both! xx