Help! I’m Turning Twenty-Something!

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Turning The ‘Big’ Two Five

Oh god, it’s that time again, a birthday! Noo!

Don’t worry, I’m not a party pooper by any means, hey I love a good cocktail party! Plus, racking up the notifications on social media and getting all the attention IRL is a right ego booster. Still though, I’d rather just be a teenager please.

I know how it is, no matter how much older you get, if you hear someone younger than you complain about ‘getting old’, you’re going to roll your eyes. I’m by no means saying anyone above a quarter century is ancient, quite the opposite in fact. I’m always telling my friends and colleagues that 34 is NOT old and that they can bloody well do anything they want to, their way, without silly rules and expectations. That’s how I’m trying to live anyway!


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Forever Young!

Those silly social expectations are exactly what makes moving into a new age bracket scary. In between silly snapchats of pre-slap ‘I woke up like this’s, creep in fancy brunches with talks surrounding topics such as ‘probably needing to save for a house’ (scary), marriage (even scarier) and soon… I can’t… even… BABIES (pass the bucket.)

OK hold up a minute, what the hell is going on here?! I’ve only just done my final IKEA trip to deck-out my shared rented pad, I was pretty cushy in my straight-out-of-uni job and all my friends know that I hate children right now. (Sorry.)

If I have another birthday, does that mean I’m suddenly going to wake up wishing I was preggers and deciding that bright colours are garish? Please god don’t let that happen.


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Career Curve-Ball

For me, turning twenty-five doesn’t just mean another candle on my Colin the caterpillar cake. This time, life has decided to go and bowl a curve-ball right into my career path. Sadly the site I used to make edits for and Photoshop my heart out on has closed, so suddenly here I am expected to find another job. oh.

A blessing in disguise perhaps as I’ve now decided to bulk up my portfolio and give freelancing another shot. (Hey, if you’re looking for a photographer/art director/social/fashion all-rounder do gimme a call!)


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Daddy, I Want a Pony, and Computer, and and…

So I’m going to need to make money. Hmm. Then there’s travelling, I want to do more, I want to go to Australia, can I afford it now I don’t have regular income? But then I won’t have to take time off work, is that stupid? I want to see more of the world. Who am I? I need a batter camera, more lenses, a better laptop, a house deposit (apparently) and then there’s all the HMRC malarkey to sort out, my pension, Jesus what about that tattoo (that’s going on hold.) Can I even live? Eep!


OK 25, you’re clearly going to be quite a ride. PANIC! I prescribe a holiday (on one as I write, check Instagram,) then I need to sort my life out a bit. I need to prioritise, plan and predict. Maybe this birthday thing has come at a good time, maybe it’s time to have a good think. Hell, maybe 25 could actually be the best year yet!


What do you think? Do birthdays scare you? Are you still 12 at heart? Tweet me or leave a comment below!


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What I Wore at 25

T-shirt – My design made at YrStore (basement floor Topshop Oxford Circus) / Jeans – ASOS / Earrings – ASOS / Lipstick – Topshop


13 Replies to “Help! I’m Turning Twenty-Something!”

  1. I felt the same way at 25 and having just celebrated the next milestone birthday after that (see? I still can’t even type it!) I can say that everything is going to be ok. Growing older is weird. It happens so gradually but its the biggie birthdays that suddenly make us sit up and think, about the future but also what we’ve achieved. It’s a bummer to hear that work as taken a turn for the worse but it’s great to see that you’re using it as an opportunity for a new adventure! 🙂

  2. I’m turning 25 on Monday. It’s both scary, but seems kinda right at the same time. I am turning into my mum these days though…

  3. I spent my 24th at the farm, and all my presents came from children’s stores – absolutely no regrets!
    People always say that you never regret travelling no matter what it costs – so if I were in your position I would totally be booking flights right now! Good luck with everything, and never stop loving bright colours!

    Milli xx

  4. imagine if you were turning 30 this year, yikes…..! What do I do! I haven’t got any of the mentioned, well I have got savings but they haven’t got me very far. I say we hook up on some freelancing things, a group is better than solo. I’m all for working together rather than agaisnt – that’s well silly.

    Buckets & Spades

    1. Haha ah Mat, I would guess you were about 20! 😉 Yes! Lets definitely meet up soon! Would love to hear how you’re getting on 🙂 x

  5. I love it when you share more personal posts! …but yes I definitely know what you mean! I’m only 22, but it’s quite old enough for me. And I daily have the “I’m working freelance but I want to travel and get another tattoo, but I could do with a house – goodness I could do with an income that let’s me simply live” …so yeh, thank you for this post! xx

    1. Hey Alex! Good to hear we’re in the same boat! We’re in an age of wanting everything and it’s a matter of choice between saving for the future and having fun now. Tricky decisions eh! 😉 x

  6. Happy belated birthday!!
    I know what you mean although I’m not 25, I still have a few years to get there and I have just turned 21… I think haha because I don’t even feel that age nor look like a normal 20 y/o. And I don’t even want to think about the future issues that I will have to face at some point, I prefer to go with the flow and hope (I really hope) at some point in the future that everything is sorted out.

    Fashionably Sparkly

    1. Good plan! I’m quite a floater-alonger too just hoping everything will be ok but we do have to do a bit of planning! I say have lots of fun and do silly things for a bit longer yet 😉 x

  7. If it’s any consolation Lucy, you don’t look a day over 20! Your hair is gorgeous and your life as colourful as ever. Heading towards your thirties must be quite a daunting experience but at the same time, it’s just another way of telling you to make the most of your life now. 30 is by no means old but these five years until then can be used as motivation to start ticking things off of your bucket list! Why wait until you’re…wait for it…”middle aged”? There is no better time to travel to that place you’ve only seen on Pinterest, or get that tattoo you’ve been doodling over and over on scraps of paper. There are those who worry about life and those who get on and LIVE. It may be easier said than done but you’re in your prime; healthy and loved with opportunities everywhere if you actively seek them. You’re only old if you let yourself be old!

    With love ♥︎ » Paris by Friday

  8. I turned 25 back in December and it really did feel like a milestone to me. When I was younger and still at school, I’d always wonder what I would be like at 25. I’d imagine myself in a chic little office job, wearing stylish suits and cute heels. In reality I appear to dress even younger than I did back at high school. The colours are brighter and the patterns more bold. I still feel like I’m 16! Age is a funny ole thing, but I think you just gotta be you 🙂

    Sorry to hear about your job 🙁 you’re so talented so I’m sure you’ll have no trouble moving on the bigger and better things!

    P.s. happy belated birthday!!

    1. Hey Charghley! haha in ways I feel like I’m regressing too! I also imagined myself in a cute little co-ord set (i say sat in a t-shirt, trainers and denim skirt). Maybe I’ll just get one anyway for the future… x

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