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I Want You To Know!

Welcome back to my #BlogBabes series to celebrate ShinyThoughts turning 6! I’m so glad that lots of you loved the chat between Olivia and I last week, do give me a tweet or leave a comment if you’ve been enjoying them so far. Now it’s time for Blogger no.2. Straight out of ShinyThougts HQ, she’s addicted to shopping, chicken, the internet and things with the letter K on, it’s none other than Kristabel from I Want You To Know…


Howdy! Please introduce yourself!

KBEL: Hello I’m Kristabel from I Want You To Know. I’m 27. I blog about fashion, lifestyle, travel, just whatever I’m going through!

How long have you been blogging for?

KBEL: About 6 years, 5 months.

LUCY: You’re a veteran then?

KBEL: Yeah I’m an oldie!

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So, the big question is, how did we meet? Now we all know that you definitely remember exactly what happened and you like to make a hoo-ha about how I don’t remember any of it! So how did it happen?

KBEL: I met you at the Tampax Pearl swishing party of course!

LUCY: Ah yes I remember that because it was one of my first ever events I went to!

KBEL: And there are pictures of us together but you forgot that you met me! There was clothes swapping, alcohol, tampax…

LUCY: All the things you need! Yes! I remember I have a photo of our feet dancing. Wait, why was there a drag queen?

KBEL: You were with Carrie and came over and said ‘Hello! I’m lucy from snippetsofshinythoughts!’ and we all got given name badges. I buggered off to New York and then when I got back Fiona organised a Chinese meal at Drunken Monkey and you came over and said ‘Hi! I’m Lucy!’ and I knew I’d met you but I just went along with it!

LUCY: Aagh no! I’m one of those!

KBEL: Obviously our friendship grew because less than a year later, you came up to Nottingham to see me for my end of year knitwear show with Jazmine and Winnie! Gradually we built up our friendship by seeing each other at events and reading each others blogs.

LUCY: Yeah and I stayed in your student house for the first time and we went out in Notts!

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What did you think of ShinyThoughts on first impression?

KBEL: I think I remember your early posts being fun and random, I think there was a video of you dancing or something, you had more of your other interests on your blog then.

LUCY: I remember you’d take photos outside your door and wore patterned tights.

KBEL: Yeah so did you but with more colour! And you had your fringe and your red hair and sometimes you looked a bit like… a circus..

LUCY: *paaaaahahhaa!!!*

KBEL: … or lion tamer! Didn’t you wear a green jacket once?

LUCY: Yeah! That’s when I dressed up and shot some fun photos with Carrie. That’s why my outfits category is called ‘Dressing Up’, because it was more about the show back then. I remember you being very friendly and approachable and as time went by, when we saw each other we could just start where we left off. It was great, we’d see each other and you could just ramble at me and I could multitask – amazing!

best of friends colourful being silly together bedroom

So what did we get up to in the early days then?

KBEL: It’s all a bit of a blur! When I came back to London in 2011, I went to your Christmas Party!

LUCY: OMG yeah, my fated party that Carrie and I threw! We had such high hopes for it, we got cakes and everything and then it bloody snowed but you still made it up to High Barnet (top of the Northern line) from the depths of South London! Did you stay?

KBEL: Yeah It was the first time I came to your house and stayed the night and then I came up two more times for your birthdays.

LUCY: Wow well that showed your dedication to our friendship.

KBEL: Well yeah, If I say I’m going to do something I will!

LUCY: Hear hear! I’m the same!

L and K letter mugs and coasters tea time

What has been the biggest thing to happen in our friendship?

KBEL: Well it has to be moving in together doesn’t it!

LUCY: Yeah that’s a biggun! It was a big step for both of us. As a friend, my reaction to your difficult living-at-home situation was that you needed to move out. Then I had a spare room come up and I just told you you had to move in because that was the best thing for you. Then once it was confirmed I thought ‘Eep, do I want to live with a friend and another blogger?!’

KBEL: Yeah I was worried about whether it would affect our friendship as I’d never lived with another friend. It has changed because now you’re just… around. Well, I mean you’re in your own little zone most of the time: ‘I need to blog, I can’t leave my chair. We can talk about this but next Saturday’ and I’m like ‘WHAT?!’


KBEL: You schedule me in, I’m understanding your ways haha. But when we’re together… It’s amaaaazing haha

LUCY: Magical things happen!

KBEL: Yeah like little moments in the kitchen in the morning, i’ll pounce on you and tell you about my life.

LUCY: We do have a laugh even though I feel like most of the time I have a go at you or nag you but it’s easy, you tease me too and it’s a straightforward relationship, it’s easy.

KBEL: Yeah, it’s good because you can talk about anything, you have no filter so I can talk to you about everything – I can be myself! And we can share clothes!


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What’s the weirdest story/thing about me

KBEL: You make croaking noises haha! You’re very controlled. ‘I can’t have chocolate because it’s 9 o’clock.’ It’s like you’re your own Mother, you’re very sensible. And then you see my desert and you ask for it!  *haha!*

LUCY: Ha! Wanting other people’s food – so me!

If our blogs went on a date together, where would they go?

KBEL: They’d be getting food. You haven’t been to Brixton have you? They would go to Tooting Bec Lido and take photos by the colourful changing rooms.

LUCY: They’d have to get chicken as you’re the Queen of Jerk!

KBEL: Yeah they’d go to Chicken Liquor.

LUCY: Sounds dreamy…

What’s one thing you know about me that no-one else knows?

KBEL: That we look like crazy old ladies in our dressing gowns! Remember that one time you laughed at me because I had my big blanket wrapped around me and I was carrying a plate of chicken bones around like the emoji-with-the-tray-hand! We’d be wearing the most random things like fake ugg boots and a onesie. We look mental but that’s just normal to us! And then we leave the house and we have to look perfect. But in the house, crazy.

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colourful bedroom shelf ideas

How have we helped each others blogging life?

KBEL: You’re good at visuals and layouts and you know what you’re doing when you shoot me. You know how I want to look and you can direct me. Being around you and Carrie helped me be more confident in front of the camera and bring the best out of me.

LUCY: Yeah it’s been great to see how much you’ve changed attitude when taking photos now, you should be proud!

KBEL: Going away with you to Carrie’s house in Somerset helped me learn how to use my new camera and get tips and pose.

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What makes you kick blogging ass?

KBEL: My organisation, having a schedule and creating SEO friendly list style posts.

If we had one blog together, what would it be about/specialise in?

KBEL: Doors! The doors of London, Instagram secrets haha

LUCY: A behind the scenes of Blogging blog.


LUCY: A ‘behind the kitchen doors’ blog –!

Any catch phrases?

KBEL: *In monotone man voice* BUSEEEEHHHH.

LUCY: haha of course – when my camera picture card is so slow that it just displays ‘busy’ as you’re crouched there and i’m holding a pose. I should really sort that out!

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Quick fire questions:


Who can cook better?


What would you steal from my wardrobe?

KBEL: Your MiH flares

LUCY: Your collection of mini skirts

What trait would you steal from me?

KBEL: Ummm haha

LUCY: You always mention my flirting?

KBEL: haha is that a good thing? I guess it’s good but maybe it stops you focusing haha! I like your visual eye, you knew what to do when I wanted to put my photos us on my wall. You said ‘don’t put that there’. And I just thought OK Dad.

LUCY: Yours would be your ability to get a discount or something for free on every product available in the world! Kristabel can’t answer quick fire questions because she talks too much! Thank you Kbel – you’ve been great! *clinks champers glasses whilst wearing our cashmere cardigans on the sofa*

best of friends colourful being silly together bedroom


Stay tuned for more #BlogBabes interviews! Next up – Dunya from DearestDeer!


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  1. This was such a lovely interview, you two have great energy together!

  2. You guys live together!? That’s very cool – I miss living with girls sometimes! Love the burger jumper, love the gifs, love this interview – you seem to complement each other really well.

  3. Carrie says:

    “You make croaking noises”. This.

  4. Love this! So nice to see how blogging has brought you guys together! 🙂

  5. You’ve never been to Brixton?! and hahaha croaking

  6. This was so lovely to read! I used to live with my best friends and I miss that so much! You are very lucky!


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