Take your Mum to… Belgium!

Brussels belgium view skyline

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Mothers Day Trip

Eep! Anyone else not notice that Mothers Day is this Sunday? (Note to self: get that card written on my lunch break tomorrow.) Just me then. For those of you far too organised for your own good, you’ve got the trip booked, tickets tucked in the diary and flowers ordered. If you’re like me then you’ll need to come up with a good idea quick!

Last year I treated my Mum to what sounds like an extravagant trip to Belgium (don’t worry, it was a Birthday present too!) after a tip off from an in-the-know-about-that-eurostar-deal colleague. We stayed in a hotel in Brussels and took day trips to Bruges, Ghent and of course the centre of the capital. I’m absolutely cursing myself for loosing shots from Bruges, one of the most gorgeous and unique cities I’ve visited but am suppressing the thought by looking at these snaps from Ghent.

Visit Ghent

If you’re thinking of visiting, you can get there by train from Brussels Zuid but don’t do what we did and go to Genk, which is in fact located in the opposite direction. I know, this trip comes with it’s curses apparently. Be sure to take one of popular boat tours around the canals for a new perspective on the city.

Next, watch an impromptu musical dance performance under the architecturally impressive Market Hall which mirrors the neighbouring belfry, church and cathedral. We didn’t get time, but if we did, we would have climbed the bell tower and looked over the city. We made up for it though by returning to Brussels, hiring bikes and climbing up to the top of a car park to marvel over the rooftops instead. Mum loved it, so did I. Now, how to beat that this year…?!


bike on the bridge river Brussels belgium

buildings architacture Brussels belgium

turret castle Brussels belgium

3 churches cathedral Brussels belgium

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  1. i don’t have a mother to take anywhere, but i love these photos and i most definitely want to go someday 🙂

  2. How nice are you taking your mum on a trip, my boyfriend and I did a road trip around Belgium in our camper-van last year and loved it everywhere is so picturesque but I especially liked Ghent and Antwerp.

  3. Such stunning photos!! That would be an amazing thing to do for Mother’s Day (I’m afraid my plans aren’t quite so grand!). Maybe next year though?! I did actually visit Brussels with my Mum once, and we had a blast. I’d love to explore Ghent and Bruges too. xxx

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