Geneva Guide: Colourful Places to Visit

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A Colourful Guide to Geneva

I mentioned the ever-so-useful Geneva Girls’ Guide in my first outfit post in Geneva, explaining that if you’re taking a trip to the Swiss city, you had better make getting a Geneva Girls’ Guide your no.1 priority when you step off that plane. Even if you’re not a girl!

I’m sure you like to do a little bit of online research first (aren’t blogs the best places to hear about things to see and do in new places?!) so here’s a taster of what cute and colourful places you can expect to find in the Guide as I went and explored on my latest trip away!


flair 3 vintage shopping geneva girls guide

flair 3 geneva vintage shop gold trainers

vintage shopping geneva switzerland

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Geneva Vintage Shops

It goes without saying that you’ll be on the look out for some cute shops to browse for a no-one-else-has-this item so the GGGuide starts off with a handy shopping section. Geneva provides an eclectic mix of high end boutiques and tiny vintage shops that are perfect for popping in and out of and are neatly tucked away from the bustling center.

Take a walk out to the south of the Old Town along Rue Prevost-Martin in Plainpalais where there are a bunch of cute indie stores. If you’re a vintage maven, start at Flair 3 where the owner Marisa will help you find just what you want!


cool indie record shop switzerland

bonjo joes record shop colourful music shop

string hanging baskets interiors


Bongo Joe’s Record Store

Just around the corner from Flair 3 is the stand-out cabin-esque indie record store Bongo Joe’s. Whilst it’s not actually in the GGGuide, I couldn’t resist a nosey. The shop inside is worth looking in if only for the interior design.

Scratched yellow tables and chairs sit under a mezzanine floor and colourful vinyls, record players, plants and Apple Macs are laid out around the shop adding to it’s eclectic charm.


les enfants terribles colourful design shop geneva

les enfants terribles design shop geneva

cute gift shop childrens toys

les enfants terribles yellow crockery patterned cute


Les Enfants Terribles

There’s no missing the out-of-a-children’s-TV-show facade of Les Enfants Terribles. The colours, along with the name (my dad used to call my brother and I that when we were our most mischievous) had me at ‘ooOooh, heeellooooo!’ So inside we went.

LOOK AT IT! I almost cried rainbow tears wandering around. The crockery, the kids/kidults toys, the super ‘designy’ lamps, the cafe, the wine shop, the fact that the owners work inside a caravan inside the shop and own a workshop where they rework items of furniture, was all a bit too much for me to handle. Make this a must-visit, but bring tissues.


coup de girafe cute cafe lunch geneva

salads best lunch indie cafe geneva

orange typewriter
coup de girafe cafe geneva salads


Le Coup de Girafe

Phew, time for lunch! Hop on the tram and head east towards the hip Eaux-Vives area to Le Coup de Girafe, an adorable brunchy cafe with brightly coloured art on the walls and cosy nooks with mismatched midcentury furniture. If you like foodie places that feel a little like your stylish Nan’s house, complete with said Nan busily buttering toast in the open kitchen while you gossip with your friends, (thanks Nan) then this is the place to have lunch.

Most of us girls chose the various toasts and they didn’t disappoint. No scrimping on chunks of goats cheese always gets my approval!


white balcony houses geneva

childrens pop up book

colourful mugs cups coffee shop colourful

la sixieme heure cafe geneva quirky colourful

la sixieme heure cafe geneva quirky colourful


La Sixième Heure

After a stroll around following the guide towards the Old Town, you’ll be just dandy for a cuppa and a slice of cake. Pop opposite the cute children’s book shop into La Sixième Heure (most appropriate when visiting at 6 o’clock, naturellement) for fresh apple pie or choccie cake and a pleasingly long list of loose leaf teas in pretty green canisters.

The tearoom also doubles up as a bit of a chic flea market. You can walk out with the chair you sit on if you pay for it! I personally had my eyes on those printed trays…


heart metal chairs geneva

Other Things to do in Geneva

STAY: Hotel N’vy – There are plenty of posh hotels in Geneva but all you colour lovers will be at home here.

CHILL: Insens – We enjoyed a heavenly half hour massage here but the GGGuide has a whole spa section if you need to chill out.

WINE: Vins D’Urbain – A lively little joint where you can casually wine taste whilst nibbling the best cheeses and hams and having a right royal gossip.

DINE: L’Adresse – You have to splash out at least once on your trip so make it here where the adjoining boutique will keep you busy while you wait for your top class meal.

SIP: Le Verre à Monique – Go back to the Twenties in this low-lit crystal palace. Order a couple of pots of spiked tea from suited waiters and settle yourselves in to a cosy corner.


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Pick up your own Geneva Girls’ Guide at the Tourist Office.


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  • laura redburn December 5, 2014 at 2:51 PM

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    Dude, imagine how colourful a road with me and you would be. That’s a plan waiting to happen.

    Buckets & Spades

  • Melly November 28, 2014 at 1:53 PM

    I visited Geneva in August and now I have a shiny new list of where to go, during my next trip. I love Switzerland – can’t wait to visit again x

  • End of Lease Cleaning November 28, 2014 at 11:54 AM

    I have never been to Geneva – but judging from your article and the colourful photos will undoubtedly like it.

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    I’m in desperate need of some colour in my life right now, it’s so grey outside at the mo! Looks a wonderful place to visit.

  • Karen November 27, 2014 at 3:28 PM

    Honestly, I would never have thought of Geneva for a holiday destination before, but it looks amaaazing!! Great post, definitely bookmarking it on my long list of travel ideas!

    Karen x