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bbq food trend pulled meat american

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bbq food trend pulled meat american


A Food Journey to The Deep South

If you’re a right foodie like me (i.e have a constantly growing list of new restaurants you want to try, different friends who you call to try different cuisines with and chow down 3 courses in your cities’ new opening at least once a week) then you’ll probably have noticed the unmissable tidal wave of US BBQ inspired food and all its fusions making their way to a street and Time Out magazine near you. Bodeans,  Big Easy, Smokehouse, hell – even KFC have just launched a new pulled chicken range. “Have you tried that new burger/pulled pork/gourmet hotdog/chicken/street-food pop-up restaurant late-night cafe/bar yet?” No? Where HAVE you been?!

I’m fascinated with this trend. Maybe it’s the effect of working in fashion, but I think it’s pretty interesting that we’ve got to have the latest food craze to go with those new shoes to stay cool these days. Ultimate foodies, The Food People explained that all these American style places have jumped on the BBQ trend so if it’s got pulled meat on the menu then that’s at least 8 hour slow-cook BBQ right there.


This obsession is only going to get bigger. We’ll start seeing not only even more variations of meats and cuts being treated to a bit of the pitt, but as we look for something more artisan, it’ll be the type of wood chips used that will get us picking our meals. Hickory, Pecan or Oak anyone? Or maybe it’s all about the slaw or hush puppies? Then there’s the region. Who knew there could be such a variety of pulled meat sauces? From tomatoey molasses in Kansas to thick mustardy tang in South Carolina, a trip around the deep south will seriously get your tastebuds travelling.

bbq food trend pulled meat american

bbq food trend pulled meat american

bbq food trend pulled meat american

My Fave BBQ London Places

caboose pulled pork salad


Pulled pork slow cooked in a Caboose in a street food market off Brick Lane. Check out my Calling All Carnivores! post.

pulled pork and slaw the smokestack


I chanced up on this slow cooked pork, beans and slaw at Smokestack in a cool midcentury setting in East London.

bill and beak burgers square root london soda street food


If you go to a Street Food festival, there’s no chance you won’t find yourself some BBQ goodness. My burger at Kerb Food Market was topped with pulled pork.


Some other places on my London list: Pitt Cue, The Joint, Red Dog Saloon, Dukes Brew and Cue.

A site all BBQ scoffers should peruse: Thrillist. Have you jumped on the BBQ bandwagon?


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  • katie September 28, 2014 at 5:19 PM

    can you believe i haven’t attended any bbq this season?! what a shame! i miss this and you made me want to eat something delicious *goingtothekitchen*

  • Cindy | pee into the wind September 28, 2014 at 5:07 AM

    The BBQ in your pictures look soooo good! It makes me want to hit up a food truck or street vendor!