Make a World Cup Coco Cocktail!

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Game On!

With an hour to go until the world cup kick-off, you’d best get set with the perfect refreshment. Lucky for us, Brazil isn’t short of delicious cocktails to get inspired by, so I’ve chosen to get into the spirit with a Caipirinha! Mine is made with a good old rum and Brazil’s fave soft drink – Coconut water. Apparently Brazilians will be splurping up 30million litres of  ‘agua de coco’ during the festivities and you can grab a few Vita Coco‘s from your corner shop to join in!

Though Brazil won’t actually be playing in their own final (DON’T mention the Germany game…) it’s still the country’s national sport and had they won this year, the whole nation would have been granted a free bank holiday! Whilst we’re on pop quiz facts, here’s one: instead of saying ‘Just my cup of tea’, Brazilians say ‘Just my beach’! I guess it’s understandable, what with the longest beach in the world spanning a large strip of their coastland!

Caipirinha cocktail vita coco

Caipirinha cocktail vita coco

Caipirinha cocktail vita coco

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Caipirinha cocktail vita coco



Caipirinhas are usually made with Cachaca rum, but with it being pretty tricky to find in your local supermarket, grab a bottle of white rum and you’ve got yourself a Caipirissima instead! Cut up your limes, two spoons of sugar and plenty of ice into a shaker, shake it like a polaroid picture and strain it out into a glass filled glass and top with Vita Coco!

They say Brazilians are the happiest people in the world so grab a glass, get comfy, enjoy the game and get into the spirit!

Caipirinha cocktail vita coco

Thanks Vita Coco for the cocktail idea!



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