Jamie's Italian

Jamie's Italian

jamie's italian bar cocktails

Jamie's Italian fried pasta nachos

Jamie's Italian sharing platter

Jamie's Italian bright orange metal chairs

Jamie's Italian crab board

Jamie's Italian cured meats

Jamie's Italian restaurant booths

Jamie's Italian steak

Eating out East

Stratford: The home of an incredible shopping centre, impressive Olympic aqua parks, curious red structures that punch the sky so vividly that I can see them from my garden gate in North London, my secret love Tom Daley aaand my bestie Rachel. Who, actually HAS been in the same swimming pool as Tom Daley on her afternoon paddle, so don’t think it ain’t possible my friends!

The only real reason I find myself that end of the central line is for a good gossip with Rach. Not that I’m complaining because there are bountiful restaurants to visit. Last week we gave in to Jamie’s Italian because of their cutely designed menus and nicely merchandised restaurants (but mainly because I can’t wait to get to their fricking fabulous frangipan tart!)


We went the whole hog and gave the biggest sharing plank a go, followed (probably foolishly) with steaks that we sadly couldn’t finish and then, when there was no room left, got our lovely waitress to ensure that that frangipan got seen to. Over the space of about 4 hours we reminisced over our once in a lifetime trip to Morocco and caught up on boy talk over a pink prosecco (or three.) Quite the best evening!

Jamie's Italian

Jamie's Italian

Jamie's Italian frangipan tart


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