5 Ways to Maximise your Mornings in London!

haberdashery crouch end fresh juice

So I’ve moved into my new house in North London. My room is almost as I want it, I’m seeing more friends, cooking healthy meals, heck – I even joined the gym! (That’s really something folks) and now I’m doing my best to make the most of these glorious days by maximising my mornings. After all, when the sun stabs you in the eyes through the blinds at 7 am but leaves it dark and dingy at 12:01, it makes a lot of sense to go to bed earlier so you can rise and shine!

To help motivate you and I, I’ve compiled a little list of ways to make the most of your mornings!:


1 – Wake up Shiny!

SET THAT ALARM: If you know you won’t miraculously rise at the crack of dawn, set it. Sleep cycle apps are said to be brilliant for waking you up when you are most naturally inclined to within a time span. I need to try this out myself!

healthy breakfast tray morning

BREAKFAST: I bloomin’ love the weekends because that’s when I go all-out on breakfast and splash it over Instagram! Out come all the yoghurts, fruits, toppings and teas on a big tray and then it’s tuck-in time. Lately I’ve been trying out yummy MOMA! pots; low-fat Somerset yogurt full of jumbo oats soaked in apple juice mixed with and real fruit. I’ve taken to spooning them over natural yoghurt and topping with fresh fruits for a healthy start to the day!

moma bircher yoghurt breakfast pots and blueberries

pouring milk into tea for breakfast

CALENDAR DATE: If you’ve planned something fun to do in the morning then you’re more likely to wake up positive. Try meeting a friend for breakfast or brunch, or pen-in that class at the gym so that you HAVE to be there. Read on for places and things worth getting up for!


2 – Fitness First!

JOIN THE GYM: Now I assure you that I am NOT one of those people who can get up at 6am, hurl themselves at a treadmill and then saunter into work as perky as kids TV presenter. However, I have (for the first time ever) joined the gym and given a gentle Pilates class a go in the morning. It actually left me feeling energised and ready for action. Who knew?!

gym outfit

FREEBIE PLEASE!: Word has it that if you don’t want to tie yourself into a gym membership, you can get free classes at Nike and Sweaty Betty – natch!

3 – Go for a Stroll in London

alexandra palace

pillars and arches alexandra palace

ALLY PALLY: One thing I’m excited to do is explore the green spaces in my new local area. A mid morning stroll up to Alexandra Palace is the perfect exercise that rewards you with stunning views over the whole of London. Go on a Sunday morning and catch the renowned food market or exhibitions inside the palace.

view over london

REGENTS PARK: Start the morning here and you’ve got loads of options for the day ahead. Explore Camden, take a boat along Regents canal or visit London Zoo. The best bit is that the park’s so big, you can get lost by the lake or explore hidden gardens as if London was a day away. Take a look at my last post for ideas!

camden regents park map

camden barges


4 – Two for a Pund!

NETIL MARKET: Think morning, think market! After a quick google of markets open on Saturday’s I found Netil, right round the corner from the well known Broadway market. I’d never heard of it before and after hearing that there’d be a mix of furniture, food and flowers, I was sold!

best markets in London netil market

best markets in London netil market jewellery

best markets in London

best markets in London australian coffee stall

best markets in London victoria yum cakes brownies

COLUMBIA ROAD FLOWER MARKET: If it’s a Sunday and your home needs a lift – get down early to this East London institution for the best and prettiest flower market in town.


5 – Brunch Time!

haberdashery crouch end all day breakfast

haberdashery crouch end all day breakfast

best london cafe haberdashery

CROUCH END HABERDASHERY: It may be super Hipster but I don’t care, brunch is awesome! (And is basically a way of having a lie-in before breakfast!) I’d heard that I HAD to try Haberdashery and I’m glad I did, it’s so cute plus they do fun things like dinner clubs and ‘bar boots’ too! Though you’ll need time to wait for your home cooked fry-up, it’s worth it. Go for a soda jar or juice – I had carrot, orange and ginger and something classic to eat. Brunch is served all day but there are special deals before 10am!

best london cafe haberdashery

best london cafe haberdashery

THE BERMONDSEY: If you find yourself south then this is the street and cafe to go to. Check out my review here!


So, will you be getting up earlier this weekend? I’ll be off to the market! Keep an eye on my London Fun page for more ideas for things to do in London.

Thanks MOMA! for inspiring me to create this post!

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  • JaseyJade May 31, 2014 at 3:54 AM

    I have really no words for this post! Wonderful!
    btw.. Netil Market is to die for! I wish I could have been there!

  • Saskia May 28, 2014 at 9:34 PM

    How is pilates? I’m thinking of starting to classes, because I’m going through such an exercise rut right now! I’m taking my boyfriend’s kid cousins to the Natural History museum on the weekend to show them the dinosaurs!

    Saskia /

  • Emily May 28, 2014 at 8:41 AM

    Though I don’t live in London this post has definitely inspired me to fix my sleeping schedule so I wake up earlier, and to fit some exercise in while I’m at it! I’ll definitely have to save this post for when I am in London (hopefully not too far into the future) so I can do the rest.