Baking Burgers!

baking equipment: retro red scales, flour and eggs with cookbook

cracking eggs baking

baking at home cupcakes colourful measuring spoons

beating creaming eggs for sponge cake

baking at home cupcakes pouring flour

baking at home cupcakes spooning mixture

baking at home cupcakes tray

baking at home cupcakes rolling pin

baking at home cupcakes icing

baking at home cupcakes glamorous dress

Burger Cupcakes

Is it a burger? Is it a cupcake? Hell, it’s both people and it tastes bloody good! These double-take-needed fairycakes stirred a fair bit of excitement over on Instagram and they blew my colleagues minds when I brought them to work! Whilst they do take a couple of hours to make, there’s not a more fun edible outcome, so let’s get baking!

What better time to give my new retro style baking scales a spin? They’ve been sitting pretty since I picked them up for a mere tenner at London Design Outlet. I managed to nab a set of colourful measuring spoons and the spotty oven gloves for reduced prices too, I was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to use them!

Find out how to win the brand new Sainsbury’s cake book that I got the recipe from at the end of the post. Happy Easter!

baking at home cupcakes

burger cupcakes baking

burger cupcakes baking

burger cupcakes baking

cheeseburger cupcakes

cheeseburger cupcakes

Weighing scales, oven gloves, measuring spoons – London Designer Outlet  / Paper pom poms, cake book and most ingredients – Sainsbury’s / White mug – Cath Kidston / Red mug – Anthropologie / Dress – Glamorous

Thank you Kristabel for the photos (and for helping me devour the cakes!)

Win, win WIN!

Have a go at making these little cuties as well as lots of other fun designs and classic cakes by winning a copy of the cook book I used! Simply comment below letting me know what you’ll be up to this Easter. Maybe you’re baking too? The competition is open to all ShinyThoughts readers and will close on Wednesday April 30th at midnight GMT. Good luck and get the oven on!

sainsbury's cake cook book


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  1. Wow. Love these! I’m going to give them a try x

  2. This Easter I spent most of my time at home baking with my sisters & playing with my mums cats!

  3. wow, lucy it looks like real burgers ! :DD great idea! i must try it at home <33

  4. These treats are adorable and the photos are gorgeous as always! Your blog, outfits, and life in general are always a treat to check out and a huge inspiration. 🙂 Thanks for being so lovely. xo

  5. Ah these are super cute – I don’t have the patience to bake cakes much these days but I really should get back into the habit. These are the best, Love your dress too!!!

  6. Ruth says:

    Those are so cute – I’ve never had the patience to make them in the past but would love to make time to try!

  7. Yum! Got any fries to go with those?!……. I’m going to try these for my daughter’s birthday party next weekend! Thanks.

  8. Whoa there, these look mighty realistic! You had Hollie fooled.“>Buckets & Spades

  9. I saw these cakes on your instagram and have been dying to try them myself!
    This Easter I’ll be revising, blogging, YouTubing, baking little sheep cupcakes, decorating my bedroom and probably sleeping. xx

  10. Lizzy T says:

    Am enjoying trying out different flavours with my basic muffin mix. Yesterday it was chocolate and ginger, today blueberry and pistachio, tomorrow maybe apple and cinnamon. Yum! Must try the burger cupcakes though.

  11. Fern says:

    I’ve always liked cupcakes that look like burgers…or like flowerpots or anything else weird in fact, so this book would be a very welcome addition to my baking book collection 🙂

    This Easter I will mainly be eating . . . eating out, eating roast dinner, and of course eating my own bodyweight in chocolate!

  12. I’ve been wondering how you made these little beauties since they popped up on your Instagram feed!

    I just made a blueberry soured cream cake pre-Easter – but yours looks so much more fun! Nice one!

    Saskia /

  13. I’m looking forward to travelling home to spend the weekend with my parents – which means plenty of cheese, wine and cake! xx

    1. Hey Jess! That sounds like the best weekend – cheese and cake?! I’m sure it was just perfect!

      Congratulations, you’re the winner of the Sainsbury’s cook book giveaway – hooray! Now you can have even more cake and cheese in your life! 🙂 Will be emailing you for details xx

  14. Making hot cross buns & spending time with family and devouring chocolateee! 🙂

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