New Things! Perfect Xmas Gifts

htc one fisheye camera lens accessories three mobile

htc one fisheye camera lens accessories three mobile

HTC One Fish Eye Lens

Whoop! I can finally start accessorising my HTC One phone – why do iPhone users get all the fun?! I just got these adorable little fisheye lenses that are fab for 180 degree landscapes like those I saw in Switzerland the other month, or macro product shots that will really stand out in your Instagram feed.

Just stick the little round magnet to your phone and then on pops the lenses like this. They’re the perfect gift for someone who sees sights in square, filtered form like me!

Fun Glasses Case and Jewellery

It’s always nice to pick up a souvenir when in another city but instead of Tour Eiffel paraphernalia in Paris, I spotted this piggy glasses case and, well, I bought it without hesitation of course!

I’m currently working on building up my ring collection, what with midi rings being all the rage and all. I can’t justify buying expensive rings hence why the ones I do buy have a short lifecycle; go brown and get replaced. I have high hopes for my Whistles spike ring and my I Love Crafty cat ring certainly isn’t going to rub away.

I grabbed these costume jewellery earrings in the ASOS sale and now can’t wear anything other than massive statement doorknockers!

cute glasses case and jewellery

gold cat ring by i love crafty

white minimal watch

french pharmacy must-haves beauty essentials

anna sui minnie mouse listick beauty on asos

Minimal Watch, French Pharmacy and Beauty Essentials

I usually have two watches on the go – one classic rose gold and one green but now it’s all about the minimal white one because it really does go with everything. Don’t worry, I’ll be wearing plenty of other colours elsewhere!

I didn’t realise that French Pharmacy trip was such a ‘thing’ until I was sucked into the shop on a tidal wave of Bloggers and tourists on my last trip to Paris. Instructions as to what to buy (I’m clueless) were yelled from across the store as bottles and potions were grabbed. I think I followed Elodie’s advice and stuck to good old Bioderma Crealine make up remover and moisturising pore minimising cream. Gotta start somewhere!

Lastly on my rare beauty travels, a bunch of fun new lipsticks: a gold and a deep purple from Revlon in a sample sale and this adorable Anna Sui Minnie Mouse lippy which comes in a cute beauty set tin that I obviously could never bring myself to spoil against my mouth. I was lucky enough to meet Anna herself at the launch of her first European beauty foray on ASOS which was an honour to say the least! She told me most girls buy two lipsticks, one to use and one to keep. Quite right.

Sunday treats

I do like a nice tipple on a Sunday as I prep the roast dinner! Either a Chambord kir or a good old G&T which this week was made all the easier with a Bloom gin with heritage mixers Fentimans bottle. I can’t throw away the empty bottle, it’s just too pretty! I couldn’t stop nibbling at this yummy muelsi chocolate from the Cailler chocolate factory in Switzerland which I eagerly picked up after the factory tour. Shame it’s all gone. Boo.

cailler chocolate and blooms gin and tonic

colourful bold graphic prints notonthehighstreet

colourful bold graphic prints notonthehighstreet

colourful bold graphic prints notonthehighstreet

Colourful Prints

Ooh I was so excited when these came in the post! I love bright, bold art prints and it’s always fun to find one by an artist that you absolutely adore. I’m in love with Moha London on so of course I had to get two prints for my ‘someday London flat’ (never too soon to buy homewares for a house you don’t have!)

If you need a gift for a colourful person like me then you can’t go wrong with a chirpy Smile! print and, well that other one is just Totes Amazeballs. (grab a couple of frames here)

For more gift ideas, check out my wishlist!



  • Katie December 10, 2013 at 7:56 PM

    omg, Lucy! these stuff are so lovely! i have never tried any lenses to iPhone and to be honest i wish i could and i wish these were as good as i dream haha :’) the lipsticks are also adorable so so so lovely, oh lucy, you have such lovely taste in that kind of stuff <3