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ohlala macarons and martini masterclasses with chambord

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 Macarons and Martinis

My partner in kooky things to do in London crime, ILoveLondonTown Rachel and I snuck off into the night last Thursday to attend what felt like a clandestine French masterclass on how to be the perfect fifties maid, with lots of Chambord liquer. It was almost that, but with a bit more booze and very messy hands. Ohlala Macarons, aka the Macarons experts set up by the incredible Meredith, hold pop up events in London where you can find out exactly how you do make those famously tricky French fancies.

ohlala macarons and martini masterclasses with chambord

how to make french macarons at home

ohlala macarons and martini masterclasses with chambord

We were greeted with a martini and a pile of Chambord-infused macarons which set the tone of the evening nicely, thank you! Turns out, macarons are really not that tricky to make at all. They’re far more robust than I imagined – did you know you can freeze them, they keep for ages in tins and before you bake them you have to bash ’em down on a table first? Exactement!

Whilst we didn’t get to actually bake our own, Ohlala Macarons explained exactly how to make them so you can recreate them at home. We did get to fill them though, which turned into a race as to who could make the most and who could create the best decoration. (Rachel’s amazing name-arons are definite winners!) Chambord cocktails arrived at our tables faster than we could daintily sip, so when we came to having a go at concocting them ourselves the series of events becomes a little more blurry but I can vouch that it was lots of fun!

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ohlala macarons and martini masterclasses with chambord

If you fancy your hand at some cocktail and macaron filling then book your place at the next Chambord Masterclass on Saturday 16th November at 2:30 in London!


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  1. Ooh, this looks like such fun – I’ve been tempted to try my hand at making macaroons for a while, but I’m not sure they’d taste as good as the ones from my local bakery 🙂

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