Take10 x Ray-Ban at Shadestation

jumping shot with red hair flying! sunny, summery, bright outfit

mornington street with black railings, brick wall, plants growing up the walls in Camden, London

summer outfit with Aryan sunglasses, black snapsack cap, sporty t-shirt and fun pose!

white boxy structured zara handbag with long strap hanging in black railings

pulling silly and fun poses on the street in a snapback cap and sunglasses

looking up at the sun in rayban sunglasses with jewel earrings, red hair and orange lipstick

 Wayfarer Shady Lady

At last, the classics, the good old Ray-BanWayfarers have found their way on my face! You get the impression that they’re one of those glasses that everyone’s supposed to own and actually I’ll go with that idea now that I’ve tried them. From popping open the case and unfolding the arms, I quickly realised their superior quality (at this point I swiftly stuffed my ASOS rip-offs into the depths of my drawer…)

That comforting weight and rigidity of the frames reminds you why Ray-ban Wayfarers are so trusted and their famous shape that suits every face makes it easy to see why the world and his dog seems to reach for their ‘bans when the sun comes out! Thank you Shadestation for hosting this months Take10 project – this must be the easiest challenge so far!


I went for a sporty look in a mesh stripe top from H&M which carries with it quite a story… I grabbed it from the rail before meeting a friend as I’d got so sweaty travelling and needed to change. Impatient as I am, I tried to pay for the top whilst wearing it. Uncooperative male sales assistant got quite an eyeful at the tills as I whipped off the T-shirt to my undies in order to get the tag off. Don’t make me queue again H&M – aint nobody got time for that!

Other than that, I’m in love with these ombre ASOS trousers that sadly aren’t on the site any more and my new go-to shoe, the Nike Air Max 90’s that I’d lusted over for an age. Thanks to your votes on Instagram, they won a place in my wardrobe!

sporty gold and silver studded snapback cap in black with raybans product still life

bright sporty outfit holding out wayfarer sunglasses

Lucy with big red hair sat down wearing black rayban wayfarers on her head

accessories: white boxy zara bag, black studded cap, Nike air trainers with pink lace trim socks and pink Nike sports jacket

Ray-Bans – Shadestation / Top – H&M / Trousers – Old ASOS / Trainers – Nike Air Max 90s or here / Cap – OMGFashion / Bag – Zara / Pink Jacket – Nike via Oxfam Boutique /Socks – Topshop / Watch – Swatch / Necklace & Earrings – Next

See how the other girls styled up their Ray-Bans!

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Thanks Kim for the collage and Carrie for taking these awesome photos!


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  • kim August 1, 2013 at 2:05 PM

    yehhh your comments are on! absolutely LOVE these photos lucy, perfect!