Discovering Marrakech

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Back to Morocco We Go!

Back to Marrakech! In order to try and show you even a bit of what I experienced, I’m creating two short videos to show another dimension to my multi-sensual adventure. Don’t forget to watch it at the bottom of the post!

This was our first proper day out and about in the town. Even just driving along the beautifully landscaped city roads, my eyes had a literal field day absorbing the beauty of the place. First stop, Le Grand Cafe de la Poste, an old re-purposed post office famous for its fresh orange juices. We guzzled the stuff, I’ve never had any juice so smooth and sweet!

The interior is gorgeous, feeling particularly colonial with it’s tobacco washed and woven mat walls, ferns, hard wood furniture and big slouchy sofas. Do take a wander up the dramatic staircase if you get the chance.

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orange juice and sunglasses at the cafe de la poste in marrakech

piano in the shadows at le cafe de la post in marrakech

Rachel Claire walking down marble stairs at Cafe de la Poste, marrakech

The Marrakech Medina

We then braved it towards the Medina where I’d been warned I might be bowled over by the culture shock. I wasn’t, but the snakes and doves that sit on banjo players’ heads might blow your mind a little!

Through the Medina lie the famous souks; dense paths of market stalls and workshops that are laid out like a maze and throb with hoards of people bartering, moped-ing through, or browsing. We were very lucky to have a guide who ushered us through quickly as if you don’t get a move on, you’ll be roped into buying a geode or wooden chess piece.

It was fantastic to catch glimpses of the artisans carving away in the back alleys. Shouts of ‘You dropped something! … My heart!” and various other bouts of banter made the whole thing feel like a jolly theme park. Shout something witty back and you’ll have a great time.

I didn’t manage to pick anything up this time but Claire bought a beautiful lantern, Lexxi some crystals and a necklace all for almost nothing. I lusted after this pile of beautifully painted side tables but I’m not sure it would have fit in my hand luggage! See my snaps of the things that most caught my eye on my Instagram.

The Medina, Marrakech where local merket traders hang out. Busy and colourful Morocco

the souks are alive with the sound of haggling typographic over photo in marrakech

colourful lanterns in the souks markets marrakech

Marrakech piles of bananas being wheeled around the streets

no motorbikes sign in the souks of marrakech

souks marrakech motorbike on the street

stray cat in Marrakech looking up

russ mcClintock taking photos out of the window in marrakech

A Little Rest Above the Rooftops

Lastly, a much needed sit down with a ornate glass cup of the national drink – fresh, sweet mint tea. I loved the metalwork around the windows of this cafe and the fact that you could climb narrow steps up to the roof terrace to appreciate this incredible view.

Don’t forget to watch the video below to see views out of the bus windows and a man with serious foot dexterity!

view of the rooftops from a cafe in Marrakech

rooftop garden of a cafe in marrakech. man drinking in the corner

group sitting around cafe table in marrakesh

waving man on a donkey in Marrakech


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  1. This is a fabulous post. You’ve really captured the vibrancy & the spirit of Marrakech

  2. Rachel says:

    Looks amazing & the colours are beautiful. I would want to buy everything in that market too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is so AMAZING!

    Well done you! This post is fab. It looks like you had a brilliant trip, and I now just want to run away to Morocco!


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